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Best Areas to Live in Newcastle: Moving to Newcastle

You’re all set to make Newcastle your new home, but are you a little bewildered among the hip streets and lively squares? No worries, you’re in the right place!

Regardless of whether you’re already a resident of Newcastle upon Tyne who is looking for a new area to relocate to or a student considering a move to the city, this place has something to offer everyone. Newcastle was previously chosen as the “Happiest City in the UK” in 2017, so you can be sure you’ll find a place that meets your demands. Check out our guide on whether Newcastle is a nice place to live and the list of the best areas to live in Newcastle below.

Is Newcastle a Good Place to Live?

Anyone can live happily in Newcastle. The city is full of history, culture, and a strong feeling of belonging. Living in this recognisable city in the Northeast has an inviting, inclusive culture that makes you feel at home, along with excellent schools and amiable residents. Although there is crime in Newcastle, the city is generally safe, and public safety is maintained by municipal authorities.

Best Areas to Live in Newcastle

Ask anyone who lives in Newcastle, and they will say that there are countless enjoyable things to do in Newcastle. With Grey Street being recognised as one of the most spectacular Georgian streets in the UK, the historic Grainger Town neighbourhood offers a stimulating blend of dining, shopping, and architectural splendour. Coupled with this, if you’re a nature enjoyer, you will feel at home in the surrounding Northumberland countryside, which features breathtaking vistas like Hadrian’s Wall. And Northumberland National Park is an excellent location for hiking, outdoor pursuits, and historical site exploration.

best places to live in newcastle

This article serves as your personalised roadmap for locating the best places to stay in Newcastle, UK. Newcastle’s house prices are slightly lower than the UK average, which is good news for anyone looking to buy or rent here.

Below, we’ll be spilling the beans on the 10 best places to live in Newcastle, from affordable dining options to exciting nightlife and all in between. Hoping to help you choose the best Newcastle areas to live in comfortably. Now, let’s get started!


Ideal For: Green Getaways and Community Sentiment

best places to live in newcastle: fenham

Fenham may not be on every traveller’s map, but it’s one of the best places to stay in Newcastle for people who enjoy a lively, real atmosphere. Come say hi to the welcoming people, check out the hidden treasures, and see why Fenham’s is swiftly taking over as everyone’s favourite hangout. You may have discovered your new favourite location! With its charming local stores, hip cafes, and bars, this is indeed among the good places to live in Newcastle. And you know what? The neighbourhood is friendly, the rents are reasonable, and there’s a hint of urban flair that adds excitement.


Best Places to Visit: Sandyford, Heaton, and Quayside

best areas to live in newcastle: chopwell

Looking for some peace but want to relocate to one of the best areas to live in Newcastle upon Tyne? Chopwell is the only place to look! Let go of the city hustle in favor of rolling hills and welcoming pubs, which are only a short hop away. This place is ideal for nature enthusiasts and those who prefer a leisurely pace. With rustic charm, enjoyable family outings, and the ultimate Newcastle suburb atmosphere, Chopwell is one of the best areas to live in Newcastle. If you want to relax and get some fresh air, you can take a walk in Chopwell Wood or have a picnic in the Derwent Valley.


Best Places to Visit: Jesmond Dene Park, The Chillingham

best areas to live in newcastle: sandyford

For young people who love to party, Sandyford is one of the greatest neighbourhoods in Newcastle to reside in. Imagine reasonably priced accommodations, dining options available late at night, and lively bars brimming with young people, all conveniently located near Newcastle University and Northumbria University. The student accommodation in Newcastle is also affordable with plenty of quality options. While Sandyford may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s an ideal place for individuals who enjoy living on a budget, experiencing late-night adventures, and being surrounded by students. Get to know new people, groove to the tunes, and take in the lively vibe of one of Newcastle’s best suburbs.


Best Places to Visit: Victorian terraces, Heaton Park, and Jesmond Dene Park

best areas to live in newcastle: heaton

The name Heaton means “high town” and refers to the area “on the hills above Ouseburn, a tributary of the River Tyne”. The area is divided into South Heaton and High Heaton, which represent the north. This lovely area has a slow pace and a strong sense of community; it’s like a picture-perfect postcard coming to life. Although Heaton is quiet, the city centre is only a short distance away. Find out why Heaton is among the best areas of Newcastle to live for families and individuals who love a touch of character.


Best Places to Visit: Quayside Market, Gateshead Millennium Bridge

best areas to live in newcastle: quayside

The next one in the best areas of Newcastle to live in is Quayside, which is all the more so for students. It is recognised by many as one of Newcastle’s most excellent suburbs, with a lively and welcoming environment for students. It’s the ideal area in Newcastle for students to live because of the cheap cost of living, easy access to universities, and vibrant social scene. The neighbourhood is perfect for student living because it is full of amenities, including stores, cafes, and recreation areas. It is well deserved that Quayside is regarded as one of the best areas in Newcastle, offering a friendly and secure environment conducive to academic success.

Choosing Quayside means choosing one of the good places to stay in Newcastle, UK, where students can lead a balanced life while pursuing their studies.


Best Places to Visit: Gosforth Park, Osborne Road

best areas to live in newcastle: gosforth

If you ask the question, is Newcastle a good place to live? One answer may be Gosforth is Newcastle good place to live. Imagine pleasant streets, serene parks, and all the amenities you need, all within walking distance of the bustling metropolis. It’s among the best areas to live in Newcastle, particularly for families and anyone looking for a laid-back atmosphere. Gosforth has everything you need, whether you’re a foodie searching for eateries or a culture vulture searching for museums. Life is easy here when supermarkets, clubs, and shops are all nearby. Additionally, excellent transportation connections also enable quick access to the city centre.


Best Places to Visit: Theatre Royal, Osborne Road, St. James’ Park

best areas to live in newcastle: jesmond

The next one in the best places to live in Newcastle is Jesmond, which has everything you could possibly need, whether you’re a foodie searching for Michelin-starred restaurants or a bookworm searching for quaint cafes. There are countless things to do, including visiting art galleries, seeing a performance at the Theatre Royal, or treating yourself to a luxurious spa. Osborne Road is the core of Jesmond, where local stores sell interesting items and hip cafes serve up delectable brunch fare. It’s a great place to win and eat with friends because it serves fancy cocktails and late-night meals. Take the metro or a brief bus ride, and you might find yourself at St. James’ Park, attending concerts, or touring museums.


Best Places to Visit: Castle Grounds & Tynemouth Priory

best areas to live in newcastle: tynemouth

Tynemouth, the best area to live in Newcastle, combines a lively urban life with a relaxed beach atmosphere, all encased in coastal charm. Think studying to the sound of the waves, having lunch by the sea, going surfing after class, and relaxing with a pint at a cosy beachside bar after your exam – Tynemouth lets you mix student life with beach activities. Moreover, with a distinctive seaside feel, Tynemouth’s local cafes and pubs provide the ideal combination of study fuel and nightlife fun. Discover why students who long for a little sand between their pages will definitely consider living in Tynemouth, one of the best places to live in Newcastle area.

Whitley Bay

Best Places to Visit: Spanish City and Panoramic Views of the North Sea

best areas to live in newcastle: whitley bay

Whitley Bay is ranked among the best places to live in Newcastle for students. It is regarded as the best area to live in Newcastle upon Tyne for individuals looking for housing in Newcastle because of its pleasant neighbourhood and atmosphere, which are also ideal for students. Whitley Bay is one of the best places to live in Newcastle upon Tyne because it offers the ideal balance of affordability and convenience, as well as beautiful coastline views and a relaxed environment that make it a tranquil haven from the bustle of the city.

Whitley Bay’s position as one of the best places in Newcastle to live for students is further cemented by the area’s close proximity to educational institutions and an assortment of cafés, which provide a pleasant and well-rounded living experience.

North Shields

Best Places to Visit: Tynemouth Park Aquarium, Spanish City complex

best areas to live in newcastle: north shields

Embrace the seaside appeal of North Shields, another best area in Newcastle to live for families and beach lovers. This place has everything you would expect, including friendly residents, clean coastal air, and a strong feeling of community. The museums, nightlife, and historic charm of Newcastle are all easily accessible from North Shields with a short metro journey. Experience why North Shields is among the greatest areas of Newcastle to live by saying hello to the welcoming residents and taking a stroll along the sandy beaches. It may become your new favourite spot by the sea!


There are various best areas to live in Newcastle. The city’s vibrant nightlife, abundant cultural diversity, and easy access to stunning natural surroundings make it an ideal place for many people to live. By the same token, there are many reasons why Newcastle is a stimulating place to call home when you consider the welcoming atmosphere and excellent educational possibilities. Hopefully, our list of good places to live in Newcastle may help you make your moving decision.

Especially if you’re a student aiming to look for the best area in Newcastle upon Tyne, finding the best place to live in Newcastle can help ensure that your study life is free of worry and pressure.

FAQ About the Best Places to Live in Newcastle

It is usually thought to be cheaper to stay in Newcastle than to live in many other cities in the UK, providing a reasonable balance between the cost of living in Newcastle and the quality of life. For instance, the cost of living in Newcastle is about  £2100 per month, including accommodation rent, food and groceries, transportation, and entertainment, while the amount may be £2500 in Leeds. With affordable accommodation and daily expenses, Newcastle is a nice place to live.

There are some areas to avoid with higher crime rate in Newcastle upon Tyne. Generally, the worst areas to avoid in Newcastle are Benwell, Scotswood and Cowgate to the West and Walker to the East. If you are alone or with your family, make sure to pick places to stay in Newcastle upon Tyne carefully, avoiding the Newcastle areas mentioned above.

Yes, Newcastle is a relatively safe place to live in. Compared to other cities in the UK, Manchester, for example, the crime rate is lower and the anti-social behaviours are decreasing with time. For students who study abroad in Newcastle, student accommodation providers like uhomes.com offer 24/7 security to ensure their living in Newcastle safe and sound.

Newcastle operates various transportation methods, such as trains, metro, bus services, and ferries, and there is also the Newcastle International Airport in the vicinity. For trains, Newcastle Central Station is a significant railway hub that connects to Edinburgh (30 minutes), Manchester (2 hours 30 minutes), London (3 hours), and Birmingham (3 hours 45 minutes). The trains also serve passengers to other towns and cities in the area.

Newcastle is renowned for its passion for football, and Newcastle United’s black and white uniform is well-known worldwide. Go to a game at the renowned St. James’ Park with the locals. The city is well known for its exciting nightlife, and the well-liked Quayside neighbourhood offers a variety of pubs, clubs, and dining options. A few cultural must-sees are the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, the Sage Gateshead concert venue, and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

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