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10 Best College Dorms in the US: Find Your Perfect Home

Looking for the best college dorms in the US? When studying abroad, one of the things we care about most is the accommodation, which will significantly impact our college life. So today, we will recommend the 10 best college dorms in the US. It is our responsibility to help everyone live in safe and comfortable dorms. 

Do Colleges Have Dorms?

There are many colleges with student housing in the US. Before applying to colleges, it would be wise to do a survey first about the dorms, lest we choose those colleges with the worst dorms. Speaking of the worst dorms, you may wonder what college has the best dorms. It is challenging to gather information, so we have listed the colleges with the best dorms below for needy students. We will consider safety, convenience, facilities, room types and resident satisfaction.

Best Colleges with Dorm Rooms that Will Surprise You

Johnson University Dorms

Johnson University is a well-known institution located in Tennessee, USA. The university is renowned for its excellence in business and leadership education and has cultivated many outstanding business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Johnson University has luxury dorm rooms offering high-quality living conditions. The dormitories are all double rooms with independent bathrooms, two kitchens, and laundry facilities. They are also equipped with Internet, air conditioning, and furniture. In addition, it’s effortless for you to get around. Take a walk to teach buildings, restaurants, student centres, and sports and entertainment facilities! Bicycle parking spaces are provided throughout the campus to provide students with convenient transport conditions.

Johnson University dorms are among the nicest college dorms. They offer students cool dorms, comfortable and convenient living conditions, large and well-equipped spaces, and wonderful facilities. Public transit is also convenient.

University of Texas at Austin Dorms

In many students’ books, the University of Texas at Austin dorms are the best in the US. Austin is also ranked as one of the most incredible cities in the United States. Because of the music and art atmosphere surrounding the University of Texas, students are almost allowed to choose any style of housing they can imagine.

The dormitories for undergraduates are generally double rooms with public bathrooms on each floor. Better yet, the students are free to choose their roommates and room types. For example, students who are fond of quiet environments are eligible to choose single rooms. As we all know, colleges with single dorms are not common. The school provides single rooms at various prices for students with different needs.

Among those dorms, one of the best halls of residence on campus is Callaway House, a high-rise building with more than 750 beds, featuring the amenities of a stylish downtown apartment building, including a 24-hour gym, rooftop pool, hot tub, games room and theatre room. What’s more, staff are available around the clock to meet any of our needs. Regarding transportation, the hall is just one block from campus. The students could walk to campus.

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the universities with the best dorms in the US. It is also more humanized since students can choose roommates and room types according to their needs, which is undoubtedly a striking and warm point.

University of Washington in St. Louis Dorms

Washington University’s St. Louis dorms are especially good, and some students consider them among the best dorms in the US.

It is like a castle, including spacious rooms, beautiful carpets and Tempur-Pedic memory foams. They are cool dorms! Most dorms are suites for 4-6 people with private bathrooms. The school has hired a few responsible cleaning staff to clean bathrooms and toilets. Toiletries are provided weekly, an important detail to make life more comfortable. Freshman and sophomore students are appointed to live in the “South 40 Campus”, a “town” consisting of ten residential areas. This “town” has a fitness centre, dining facilities, technology centre, conference rooms, on-campus fields, basketball fields and sand volleyball courts, recreation and game rooms, and music practice rooms.

Washington University in St. Louis is one of the colleges with the best dorm rooms. It is also humanized since each dormitory has different characteristics, traditions, and activities, attracting different students. This formal rule ensures that students with similar preferences live in the same building. In this way, students will have a harmonious relationship. Everyone is easy to find his/her best friends here, helping each other in study and life and making each other progress.

FAU Dorms

FAU dorms are rated as one of the nicest college dorms. Dozens of dorm buildings comparable to high-end apartments are scattered around the campus. There are also various options to suit the needs of all types of students. As for facilities, the college provides the students with a wealth of cultural, sports, entertainment facilities and social spaces, some even having their own swimming pools and beach volleyball courts.

The university offers bright and spacious apartment-style dorms with high-quality foams. The residence hall has four private room suites, equipped with extra-long beds (with extra-long mattresses), desks, chairs, dressers, unlimited Internet access and cable TV service. Freshmen must live on campus for the first two years of college life. A multi-purpose room with a large-screen TV and laundry facilities is also held. In addition, the cleanliness of the common areas in the dormitory building is also highly praised by students.

Florida Atlantic University provides students with the best dorms in the US in many students’ books. The luxury dorm rooms are comfortable and convenient.

University of New York Dorms

The University of New York has the most expensive dorms in the US. All dormitories at New York University have unique and excellent views. There are 22 dormitory buildings and 2 graduate living communities. Approximately 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students live in the cool dorms each semester. The freshman dormitories include Brittany Hall, Founders Hall, Goddard Hall, Lipton Hall, Weinstein Hall, and Rubin Hall.

The best halls of residence must be Founders Hall and Weinstein Hall. The best college dorms in Founders Hall are spacious suites with private bathrooms. The students can spend time in the library or the common areas. The dormitory even has a courtyard for outdoor activities, which is unimaginable in New York, where land is at a premium. We can walk to several nearby restaurants and the subway station. That is, it is easy to get to other places. Weinstein Hall, also one of the best halls of residence, has three room types: single, double and triple rooms. As mentioned, colleges with single dorms are unusual. The activity rooms, laundry rooms, and study rooms are also held.

University of Utah Dorms

Freshmen at the University of Utah must live on campus. Most dorms at the University of Utah are gender-inclusive, while single-sex dorms are also offered. There are three room types for students: single, double, and triple rooms.

One of the best halls of residence is Chapel Glen, located in the eastern part of the campus. It is very close to the Legacy Bridge and the taxi station. We can spend only a few minutes walking to the University of Utah bus station. The transportation is very convenient. The residence hall is equipped with a living room, study room, kitchen, laundry room, computer room and gym, which are operated around the clock. If you encounter any problems in the nicest college dorms, you can consult the dormitory teachers.

Best College Dorms in Most Students' Mind

University of Arizona Dorms

The University of Arizona dormitories, one of the colleges with good dorms, are not small and crowded because they have to accommodate many students. It has 23 residence halls with various room types, including single, double, triple, and suite-style rooms. One of the best college dorms, Babcock, is located on the northeast side of campus near Speedway Blvd. It is a dormitory with a swimming pool and has single and double rooms.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Dorms

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, located in Terre Haute, Indiana, is one of the best university dorm rooms in the US, offering various living options for students. Freshmen must live on campus, while upperclassmen are allowed to live on or off campus. The university has the best hall of residence with private bathrooms, which offer basic furniture like air conditioning, vending machines, laundry machines, and ping-pong tables.

University of Dayton Dorms

Located in Ohi, the University of Dayton residence halls are offered for students of varying grades. First-year residents can live in four different buildings, most of which have bunk-style beds and close access to dining halls. Other students can only stay in some of the same buildings, with bigger dorms, common areas, and private bathrooms. That’s why the University of Dayton is one of the colleges with the best dorms!

Vanderbilt University Dorms

Vanderbilt University housing, one of the colleges with the best dorm rooms, offers everything, including air conditioning, vending machines, custodians, free cable and WIFI. There are also security cameras to monitor the buildings’ exterior doors. What best college dorms they have!

Kansas State University Dorms

Kansas State University is located in the city of Manhattan. The school has ten different residence halls, all of which are equipped with dining areas and convenience stores. Students are also allowed to access sand volleyball, basketball courts, study spaces, computer stations, tutors, game rooms, and lounge areas while living on campus.

What Are the Types of College Dorm Rooms?

  • Traditional dorms: single rooms, shared rooms, triple rooms and quad rooms
  • Suite-style dorms: bed suites with bathroom
  • Apartment-style living: studio private apartment and studio shared apartment

No matter the college dorm room types, they generally have relatively small spaces and shared bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. If you pay more attention to independent space and living quality, you could find an apartment off-campus through uhomes.com.


10 best college dorms in the US with their highlights are listed in the blog! Which college has the best dorms? You may have your own answer now. Actually, they are more luxurious, featuring more spaces and enough facilities than the general dorms. In addition, getting around is also easy. Each dorm has beautiful surroundings and responsible, warm services. Among them, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Texas at Austin are more humanized. The University of Texas at Austin students could randomly choose different room types and roommates. In contrast, the students at Washington University in St. Louis could choose dorms with various characteristics, traditions and activities.


As we all know, the dorms in US colleges cost much, probably even more than the house of the same type out of campus. Therefore, living off campus will reduce our living costs, especially when renting a high cost-effective apartment. By the way, there are various low-price and well-furnished houses in uhomes.com, which is highly recommended.

  • Most dorms can just provide students with small spaces, some lacking basic facilities.
  • Living in a dorm is usually more expensive, the total cost higher than off campus.
  • There will be less privacy in on-campus housing between roommates.

Therefore, it would be wise to find an apartment off campus through the platform uhomes.com, which will offer more spaces and full-appointed facilities in a lower price.

It depends on the situation, such as different colleges’ policies. It reflects the college’s values and commitment to creating a supportive and respectful living environment for all students.

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