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15 Best Places to Live Near London: Enjoy Bliss Within Easy Reach of London

Where are the best places to live near London? What are the best areas that are pleasurable to live in but still offer a decent commute to London? If you are planning to find your home near London, the perfect balance between peaceful living and convenient city access is important. We’ve listed the 15 best places to live near London in 2024 to help you make a decision.

Reasons to Live Near London

While a large number of people are searching for the best places to live in London, England, choosing to live in areas outside London presents advantages that may better suit specific preferences and lifestyle choices. Here are several reasons why living near London can be appealing:

Life Costs

Housing prices and the general cost of living outside London are often more affordable compared to the city centre. This can result in a higher standard of living, larger living spaces, and more disposable income for leisure activities or savings.

Less Crowded

London is known for its bustling crowds and busy streets, which can be overwhelming for some individuals. Living outside the city provides a quieter and less congested setting, ideal for those seeking a more peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.

Closer to Nature

Many areas outside London are surrounded by picturesque countryside, parks, and nature reserves. These locations offer easy access to outdoor activities, fresh air, and scenic landscapes, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Community Feel

Smaller towns or villages outside London often foster a strong sense of community where neighbours know each other and local businesses thrive. This tight-knit environment can provide a supportive network and a feeling of belonging that may be harder to find in a big city like London.

15 Best Places to Live Near London in 2024

We have compiled a selection of top residential areas outside London in 2024, aiming to assist you in choosing the ideal location for your home.


best places to live near london: reading

Reading is a historic town in Berkshire, just over 40 miles from London, which has been considered one of the best commuter towns for many years. Reading is perfect for those itching to escape the bustling city life but still want plenty of entertainment. The town itself is vibrant and offers fantastic shopping and leisure opportunities. As one of Berkshire’s largest towns, it has everything you need, so you don’t need to travel into London on your days off unless you choose to. Many smaller villages and suburbs, including Sonning, Tilehurst and Caversham surround reading. Having the longest railway viaduct in the UK, Reading offers well-connected transport links, whether you prefer to travel by bus or train. It’s also pretty close to major airports. Trains run regularly into London Paddington Station and take just 25 minutes.


best places to live near london

Kent’s Sevenoaks is and has always been a popular choice for London commuters since the 1860s. With famous public and private schools and beautiful Kentish countryside, the area is a perfect choice for commuters who can afford its hefty price tag. If you’re considering moving to Sevenoaks, you’ll have an excellent commute to London, with about a 30-minute train ride to London Charing Cross railway station. You’ll also find plenty of options when going out to eat or looking for entertainment. From bars and pubs to local theatres, you’ll never find yourself bored in this town.


Twyford is a quintessential Berkshire village. The range of local schools on offer is excellent, as is the choice of property. The bustling centre, with its busy restaurants, bars, and large Waitrose store, makes it a superb place to live for families wanting to enjoy village life and an easy commute to London. The Elizabeth Line is now at Twyford station, and trains run every 2.5 minutes during peak times into central London. Twyford may be the perfect place if you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle but still want to be close to the city.


best places to live near london: Guildford
Located in the heart of Surrey, Guildford is ideal for those looking to experience the best the country offers. Set in leafy Surrey against the backdrop of the North Downs, the cobbled streets of Guildford might seem like a world away from London, but the journey to the city only takes just 35 minutes. With everything you could need conveniently located in one compact area, the area is home to many good schools, including the University of Surrey. The UK’s most outstanding educational establishments and rich local amenities are perfect for family fun. Whether you’re a professional couple seeking a better work-life balance or a large family, Guildford is appealing to various people.


best places to live near london: Hitchin

Hitchin, a town in Hertfordshire, is an attractive town that regularly features in the lists of the best places to live in England close to London. Hitchin features a cobbled marketplace that offers a diverse shopping and entertainment experience with various gift shops, cafes, and restaurants. Hitchin is a popular choice with families due to the many excellent schools in the town. Hitchin boasts numerous attractive properties on beautiful tree-lined roads within easy reach of the town centre, train station and local schools. There are direct trains from Hitchin to London St Pancras, which take just over 30 minutes.


best places to live near london: Epping

Epping is an ideal spot for many buyers, renters, or commuters looking to live in the Essex area. Epping is a historic market town full of shops, restaurants, open spaces and high-quality schools. Epping is ideally situated for anyone wanting to have the lovely green space of Epping Forest on their doorstep but still be close enough to London for an easy commute. Epping is on the Central Line, with journey times to Bank Station around 38 minutes. As it is the last stop on the line, you are pretty much guaranteed a seat.


best places to live near london: Brighton

As the backyard of London, Brighton is one of the best cities near London to live in, attracting people from all walks of life, from young professionals and creative types to city workers. The area features busy markets, music venues, and nightlife. Its lively energy and excellent transport links to London are permanent. It’s also a trendy area with a strong sense of community and diversity. Brighton is also a considerable choice if you want to but can’t find student accommodation in London.


Farnham is a market town and civil parish in Surrey, around 36 miles southwest of London. It is within the magical golden hour of London commuter-land. This town has a well-established public service system, educational facilities, and a transportation network. Farnham borders the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the North Downs Way long-distance path starts here. Alice Holt Forest is nearby, as are Frensham Ponds and many heaths and downland scenery. Waverley Abbey, the first Cistercian Abbey in England, is open to the public.


best places to live near london: Lindfield
Lindfield is a village and civil parish in the Mid Sussex District of West Sussex, one of the most livable areas outside London. The name “Lindfield” means “open land with lime trees”. It is classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The village stands on high ground above the upper reaches of the River Ouse. It is situated close to the natural beauty of the High Weald and Haywards Heath, with its amenities and station on the main London-Brighton railway line. It only takes 46 minutes by train from here to London.

Saffron Walden


Saffron Walden is a market town in the Uttlesford district of Essex, 43 miles north of London. It is known for its pastoral scenery and ancient architecture. Many well-preserved medieval buildings can be seen everywhere, exuding a quaint beauty. The magnificent Gothic church of St. Mary’s Church is also a highlight of the town. It is very suitable for people who want to enjoy rural life but need to commute to London regularly. Saffron Walden is only 40 kilometres from Luton Airport, making it very convenient for business travel. Saffron Walden is among the best areas outside London that lets you enjoy a leisurely and peaceful daily life without being too far from the bustling city.


best places to live near london: Cambridge

Cambridge is a city full of academic atmosphere, with the world-renowned University of Cambridge. The buildings here are ancient and charming, and the entire city exudes a breath of knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, Cambridge also has many museums and art centres, which fully nourish your cultural cultivation. Transportation from Cambridge to London is very convenient, with 276 trains per day travelling from Cambridge to London. It takes an average of 1h to travel from Cambridge to London by train, over a distance of around 49 miles.


Henley-on-Thames is a picturesque market town famous for the Royal Regatta, which takes place four days every June. Though the property there is relatively expensive, the landscape of the area and its excellent state and independent schools make it one of the best places to live near London. The town does have a station, but no direct trains going into London. Instead, commuters can drive or catch a train to Twyford (15 minutes away). There are fast trains from Twyford to London Paddington and regular Elizabeth Line trains to Bond Street. Travel time to London is about 1 hour.


Slough, a bustling town situated just 22 miles west of central London, stands to benefit greatly from the imminent arrival of the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail), which enhances accessibility and commute times to the city. Noteworthy landmarks in Slough include popular tourist destinations like Windsor Castle, Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre, and Tummies, a vibrant restaurant in the heart of the town. Beautiful architecture, well-equipped facilities, and convenient transportation make it one of the best places to live outside London.



Horley, a small town between Brighton and London and close to Gatwick Airport, is one of the most popular areas outside London. Horley is especially popular with Londoners wanting to get more for their money and families looking for rural living but with close proximity to good schools and leisure activities. Southern services on the Brighton Main Line to London Victoria call at Horley half-hourly during peak times, with frequent Thameslink services off-peak.

St. Albans

best places to live near londonst-albans

Another of the best cities near London, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, offers a brief commute into London St Pancras of only 20 minutes, a twice-weekly market, and many excellent schooling options. St Albans is a bustling town with a rich history and a stunning cathedral. There are shopping centres, restaurants, parks and leisure activities all within walking distance. The city is surrounded by beautiful Hertfordshire countryside littered with picturesque green space. There is a range of housing, from quaint cottages to big Georgian homes, as well as several new-build developments.

Find the Best places to Live Near London

Finding the perfect home in areas outside London involves considering what matters most to you. Whether it’s the commute time, local schools, community vibe, or access to the countryside, here are a few tips to guide your search:
  • Consider Your Priorities: Whether you are looking for private properties, shared rooms or student accommodation, knowing your priorities will help narrow down your options. If you need professional help finding the best places to live near London, uhomes.com is an excellent choice. We provide high-quality and affordable housing rental services with complete facilities, thoughtful service, safety, and convenience. 
  • Research and Visit: Start by conducting online research to identify potential areas of interest, but make sure to visit them in person, too. Remember that nothing beats the experience of physically being in a location. Immersing yourself in the environment can provide valuable insights that might not be captured through virtual exploration alone.
  • Think Long-Term: Look beyond the present moment and think about how the area you’re eyeing may change in the future. Consider factors such as upcoming transportation upgrades or urban developments that could significantly impact your living experience.
  • Connect with Locals: Use social media platforms or community forums to get insights from people who live in the areas you’re considering. Their firsthand experiences and perspectives can offer invaluable guidance as you navigate your relocation journey. Then you’ll be well-equipped to make a well-informed decision about your new home.


The best place to live outside of London depends on personal preferences. However, areas like Cambridge offer a mix of historical charm, academic excellence, and a strong sense of community. Guildford boasts picturesque surroundings, cultural attractions, and good transport links. These locations provide a high quality of life while remaining close enough to London for convenience.

Towns within a 45-minute journey from London include Reading, Sevenoaks, Guildford, Slough, etc. These towns provide a convenient commute to London while offering unique local experiences, making them attractive options for people seeking a balance between city accessibility and a suburban lifestyle.

Determining the safest place to live near London involves considering various factors such as crime rates, community services, and overall quality of life. Areas like Richmond, Kingston and St. Albans are often regarded as safe and family-friendly with low crime rates and good amenities.

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