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Cheapest Phone Cards and Packages in Australia

Introduction to Australian Telecom Operators

Basic Operators

There are about 50 mobile operators in Australia, among which Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are the three giants of Australian telecommunication. They divide the telecommunication market and network coverage in Australia and mainly operate fixed lines, home networks, mobile networks, mobile phone packages, etc. Most of them are postpaid plans. Most of them are Postpaid plans; you need to sign a contract ranging from 1-3 years, and if you end the contract early, you need to pay an early termination fee, which is not cost-effective for many Chinese and international students in Australia.


As Australia’s largest mobile operator, Telstra’s network coverage is perfect; the signal and speed of the network are great, and generally will not be disconnected, but the price is relatively high; usually speaking, Telstra is more suitable for office workers or only for speed of the Internet does not care about the cost of the tycoon.



Australia’s second-largest operator and the most cost-effective, the signal is worse than Telstra’s. Almost in the city, the signal is not a problem, as long as you do not go to more remote places generally no problem. This is also the most favoured by international students in Australia.



The most significant advantage of Vodafone is cheap packages, and playing international long-distance is very cheap; network coverage, although it can not be compared with Telstra, can still be spelt out with Optus; the general remote areas may signal it is not good. But also because of the cheapness, Vodafone is the most popular choice in the student circle.

Network Coverage

The coverage of the three mobile networks in the capital cities is generally similar for commuters and students. The only caveat is that Telstra’s signal performance is poorer underground.

For donkeys and people with specific job requirements, such as tour guides, long-distance drivers, and holidaymakers, Telstra and Optus have better coverage in more remote areas.

Click here to see the mobile coverage for Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.

On the other hand, most of the small carriers use online contracting or purchasing agents (e.g. mobile phone shops, supermarkets, etc.), and once after-sales service is needed. Usually, only telephone communication is available, which requires a certain level of English proficiency and patience on the part of the consumer.

Virtual Operators

Apart from these three basic operators, there are also virtual operators. The virtual operator is also a mobile network operator, but it doesn’t own the network; it just buys the right to use the network from the network provider and then operates in the market under its brand, so the price is usually lower than those three operators. Virtual operators in Australia are much more developed than in China, with more than 200, so many international students choose virtual operators.

Virtual carriers offer cheap prepaid plans that do not require credit checks. You don’t need to sign a contract; you need to pay the monthly phone bill and don’t pay if you don’t want to use it. They also provide relatively more data traffic, and many packages offer the benefit of free international calls, generally free unlimited calls to mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United States and other countries. And, of course, there’s no need to worry about network signals, as they all use these three basic Australian network operators.

Virtual carriers are great options for a cheap Australian mobile phone card package!

Virtual Carrier Advantages:

Generally speaking, smaller virtual telecom operators’ phone cards are more cost-effective:

  • You can keep your phone number, switch with your number at no extra charge, receive your SIM card and activate your new network, usually within 4-24 hours of a successful switch.
  • They are usually cheaper at intervals, include more data and many packages include unlimited international calls.
  • Smaller phone companies generally offer SIM-only cards with monthly payments, which is very flexible. If you don’t need it anymore, stop paying at any time and leave.
  • These phone companies usually have better customer service than the big phone companies; the big basic ISPs have generally worse customer service, while the smaller phone companies typically have better customer service than the big companies to keep their customers.
  • They use the same network: these virtual phone network operators use the same primary network, connect similarly and get the same data speeds.

List of Well-known Virtual Operators in Australia

Types of Mobile Phone Packages in Australia

Pre-paid (prepaid package)

This is a temporary phone card; pay first and use later, charge as much as possible, and call as much as possible. You must go to the business office or pay online before using it, and you can deactivate or replace it at any time. There are two types of cards: regular cards (call + traffic) and prepaid-only cards.

SIM Only Plan

This is a contracted plan, usually for 12 or 24 months, but you need to provide a visa that is valid for longer than the contract period and cannot be changed during the contract period. This is cheaper than the paid plan; you usually pay after using it.

Phone Plan (contract mobile phone package)

This is what we often call a contract mobile phone, and we have the same contract mobile phone in China; every month, we charge a certain amount of fees, phone bills, and purchase fees are in it. The mobile phone contract package is also divided into 12 months and 24 months. The package content is similar to the above SIM-only package, but according to different models, you will be charged a different monthly purchase fee; this is more suitable.

Signing up for a mobile phone package is usually more cost-effective than signing up for a SIM-only plan or Pre-paid! It helps to reduce the short-term financial pressure caused by a sizeable one-off expenditure. Ideal for those who want the latest mobile phone from a big-name brand (Apple or Samsung). Currently, only Telstra, Optus and Vodafone offer contract mobile phone packages. There is almost no difference in the cost of purchasing the same mobile phone model between the three companies.

Recommended Cheap Phone Cards and Mobile Phone Packages in Australia


Mate is an Australian virtual mobile provider using Telstra 4G and 3G networks, covering 98.8% of the Australian population.


  • Packages do not require a contract and can be cancelled at any time.
  • Bring your own mobile phone and number portability.
  • Unlimited international calls to 15 countries, including China.
  • Provide data banking; you can save the unused traffic for future use.
  • SIM card will be sent to your home for free.

Official website and address] https://www.letsbemates.com.au/mobile/

Package and Cost Details

Mate offers six SIM card plans, all providing unlimited local calls and texts in Australia. And it comes with data banking, which can store unused data volume for later use. This is very humane. Please note that if you downgrade your package, the traffic in the data bank will be zeroed out.

Plan Data Traffic/GB Local Australia Calls and SMS International Calls + SMS TIDAL Music Member Data Banking/GB Price (per month)/$
good mates 10 Infinitely None None 150 20
better mates 20 Infinitely Unlimited 15 countries Yes 200 25
great mates 30 Infinitely Unlimited 15 countries Yes 250 30
best mates 40 Infinitely Unlimited 15 countries Yes 300 35
soul mates 50 Infinitely Unlimited 15 countries Yes 350 40
elite mates 70 Infinitely Unlimited 15 countries Yes 400 50

Mate’s cheapest calling card is $20 monthly with 10GB of traffic. 20GB+ packages include free unlimited calls and international texts to 15 countries, including Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. A 12-month TIDAL Music membership is available.

Note: Mate does not provide international roaming services for countries outside Australia.

Extrabux rebate] Through the Extrabux rebate network to the Mate website to buy mobile phone cards and packages, you can get a consumption of up to $ 9 cash rebate!


Amaysim is currently Australia’s largest MVNO, using the Optus primary network. The network coverage in Australia is about 98.5 per cent. Amaysim has a fixed subscription rate, and you won’t be charged for exceeding your subscription data allowance.

Although Amaysim is relatively cold because they bought an Optus signal, it is also more stable; the data signal is not very expensive, more suitable for infrequent phone calls, fixed Wifi, occasional use of traffic and has specific requirements for the signal of the partners!


  • No need to sign a contract can switch packages at any time.
  • You can bring your mobile phone.
  • You can bring your number or buy a new one.
  • Some packages offer international calls.
  • Provide international roaming.
  • Provide a 3-in-1 SIM card.

Official website and address] https://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/mobile-plans/

Package and Fee Details

Amaysim offers five kinds of mobile phone package plans; all packages are paid monthly; there is no need to sign a long-term contract; the package will be automatically renewed at the end of 28 days; if you do not want to use it, cancel your auto-renewal.

Plan Data Traffic/GB Local Australia Calls and SMS International Calls + SMS Price (per month)/$
UNLIMITED 2GB 2 Infinitely None 12
UNLIMITED 6GB 6 Infinitely None 20
UNLIMITED 30GB 30 Infinitely 42 countries unlimited SMS 30
UNLIMITED 88GB 88 Infinitely 42 countries unlimited SMS 40
UNLIMITED 80GB 80 Infinitely Unlimited calls + texts to 42 countries 50

Above 30GB, you can make international calls to up to 42 countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

When travelling overseas, you can use an Amaysim SIM card for international roaming and enable it on its mobile app. Amaysim SIM card supports travel and roaming in more than 50 countries/regions, but the cost is high; for example, roaming in China costs $1/minute for incoming calls and 50c/text messages, and receiving is free. Data roaming is 50c/MB.


Tangerine Telecom is an Australian broadband NBN provider and a mobile telecom company that offers SIM-only phone cards. It also uses the Telstra base network, covering 98.8 per cent of the Australian population.


  • No contract is required, from 1 month.
  • Bring your mobile phone.
  • Own number portability.
  • Support paid international roaming.

[Official website and processing address] https://www.tangerinetelecom.com.au/mobile/sim-only-mobile-plans

Package and Fee Details

Tangerine offers 7 SIM-only plans, which provide unlimited local calls and SMS to Australia. The cheapest SIM Only plan is the 1GB SIM Only plan.

Plan Data Traffic/GB Local Australia Calls and SMS International Calls + SMS Price (per month)/$
1GB MOBILE SIM 1 Infinitely / 9.9
3GB MOBILE SIM 3 Infinitely / 14.9
5GB MOBILE SIM 5 Infinitely Infinitely 19.9
15GB MOBILE SIM 15 Infinitely Infinitely 29.9
30GB MOBILE SIM 30 Infinitely Infinitely 34.9
60GB MOBILE SIM 60 Infinitely Infinitely 59.9
100GB MOBILE SIM 100 Infinitely Infinitely 69.9

The 15GB SIM Only plan and above offers unlimited calls to 15 countries and territories, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Germany, India, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Greece, Ireland, Indonesia, Thailand, and the USA.

Suppose you activate the phone outside of Australia. In that case, it will automatically activate a 24-hour subscription for $12, unlimited calls to the country you are travelling to and back to Australia within 24 hours, and includes 200Mb of traffic/day.


As one of the three major supermarket chains in Australia, in the supermarket in the past two years, it also began to operate a mobile phone business. Aldimobile has shown its distinctive speed of development.ALDImobile uses the Telstra primary network, covering 98.8% of the Australian population. It’s cheap and it works.


  • There are no contracts to sign, and you can switch packages anytime.
  • You can bring your mobile phone.
  • You can bring your number or buy a new one.
  • International calls are free.
  • Traffic accumulation.
  • Provide a 3-in-1 SIM card

[Official website and processing address] https://www.aldimobile.com.au/

Package and Fee Details

Data Traffic/GB Local Australia Calls and SMS International Calls + SMS Price (per month)/$
3 Infinitely / 15
20 Infinitely Infinitely 25
40 Infinitely Infinitely 35
65 Infinitely Infinitely 45

Aldimobile offers pre-paid packages with four sizes, valid for 30 days. All packages include unlimited calls and texts within Australia. 20GB+ packages provide unlimited calls to 15 countries and regions.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is Australia’s only mobile network operator with access to Telstra’s complete 3G/4G network, which covers 99.4% of Australia’s population and is the first Telstra MVNO to gain 5G access.


  • No contract is required.
  • Bring your number.
  • Bring your mobile phone.
  • Unused data in one month can be carried forward to the next.
  • Free SIM card delivery.

Official website and address] https://boost.com.au/

Package and Fee Details

Boost all packages provide unlimited Australia calls and SMS, and $30+ packages provide unlimited calls and SMS to 20 countries and regions; these countries include Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Data Traffic/GB Local Australia Calls and SMS International Calls + SMS Price (per month)/$
5 Infinitely / 20
45 Infinitely Unlimited calls to 20 countries 300 minutes in selected 30 countries 30
60 Infinitely Unlimited calls to 20 countries 300 minutes in selected 30 countries 40
70 Infinitely Unlimited calls to 20 countries 300 minutes in selected 30 countries 50
100 Infinitely Unlimited calls to 20 countries 300 minutes in selected 30 countries 70

Boost Mobile previously paid to support international roaming, though it no longer does.

In addition, Kogan mobile, Lebara, and Vaya, generally Australian students, are also more commonly used; some recharge conveniently, and some are cheap; we choose the correct operator according to their situation.

How Much Data Traffic Do You Need?

  • 1-10GB: If you like to browse social media and the web, send and receive emails, listen to music, etc., while you’re out and about, this level of traffic should be sufficient.
  • 11-50GB: This level should be more than enough for the vast majority of users and is generally good value for money. Feel free to listen to music, download and enjoy social media videos.
  • 51-100GB: Ideal for super users who use a lot of traffic. It can also connect your phone to other devices as a Wifi hotspot, watch HD videos and download large files.


There are several providers of cheap phone cards in Australia, including Lebara, LycaMobile, and Amaysim. The prices vary depending on the services and features offered.

Value for money can depend on your specific needs—however, providers like TPG and Circles. Life and Boost Mobile generally offer competitive packages.

Not necessarily. Many affordable phone cards provide excellent call quality. However, reading reviews and understanding the provider’s network coverage is essential.

Some providers may charge additional fees for services like international calling or data usage beyond your package limit. Always read the terms and conditions carefully.

 Comparison websites can help you compare plans based on price, data allowance, call minutes, and other features.

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