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Dressing Styles of UK University Students

Do you remember what your favourite thing to wear during your university days?

That being said, British university students have to be relatively simple to dress up. They usually have some standard everyday wear that shows off their casual youthfulness everywhere.

Here’s a list of 10 of the most everyday items that UK university students wear.

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University Hoodies

In the university, of course, is to wear the university hoodie so as to highlight the identity of a student.

It is not uncommon to see college students walking around campus wearing hoodies with their university’s name on them. Almost every university has its own hoodie with its logo on it.

Wearing a hoodie is casual and simple, and there is a kind of sports temperament, the youthful vitality of college students is perfectly embodied. University hoodies can be seen on the name of the university, a look at wearing this kind of are British university students.



British university students are super fond of wearing hoodies.

Mainly because the UK has a lot of rainy days, and hoodies are just the right thing to pull over your head to protect it from the rain, which is more convenient. It turns out that there is still a balance between practicality and aesthetics in clothing.

British college students with hoodies are more casual; girls occasionally wear a vest inside and can go out. Hoodies are mainly very convenient and comfortable, college students wear feel more convenient and simple.

If you are a working person, you will seldom wear a hoodie because it will look unofficial.

wearing hoodies



Pyjamas for UK Students

Yes, don’t be surprised, it’s pyjamas! You’ve spent the day in the hostel without dressing up and freshening up, and you want to go to a nearby retail shop to buy snacks? Shuttling out in your pyjamas becomes the quickest way to get there.

I think every college student has experienced this. Looking back, college was a wasted time when you could be lazy and spontaneous.

Sales clerks are usually not surprised to see you dressed like this. If you can go shopping in your pyjamas, you can probably guess that you must live nearby.


Flip Flops

How can you live a lazy college life without flip flops?

It’s super convenient to wear them in the dorms, for dinner, on a date, when you’re out getting high, when it’s sunny, when it’s raining.

They are a must-have, you just don’t know how to walk without them. Especially in UK universities, students dress very casually and you can see a lot of people walking around in flip-flops.

Flip Flops for UK University Students


Fancy Dress

UK university students have a colourful social life, and parties happen almost every day. College students will inevitably participate in a variety of masquerade balls.

British university students usually dress up as various funny characters, such as 90’s TV stars, animals and so on, depending on the theme of the party.

I’m sure every British university student has a funny fancy dress costume in their back pocket.

Fancy Dress


Sports Team T-shirts

There are so many college students who wear these t-shirts. Either they are really super into working out and are fitness freaks, or they are just too lazy.

Either way, you can see this kind of attire when you walk around campuses in the UK.

However, the British are really more athletic and very muscular. Their aesthetic is all about being strong, and they think it looks sexier.

Sports Team T-shirts UK


Super Short Skirts

Don’t forget, Britain is the birthplace of the short skirt, and Mary Koon, the mother of the mini-skirt, was born on this hallowed ground.

Ultra-short skirts are really the most everyday dress for female college students, which is excellent and convenient. It can modify the curve of the hip and show youthful vitality.

Girls love this kind of hot dress-up, and it is a must-wear when you go to a nightclub to play—being young means showing off your hot body.

Super Short Skirts


Tights With Holes in

Words like “hole” and “tight” conjure up images of punk.

Punk has always been associated with youth and is a favourite of British college girls.

They often wear trousers with many holes in them to feel calmer. If they are a bit tighter, it will emphasise the body’s curves. If they are a bit tighter, it will emphasise the curves of the body, and if they show some flesh, it will make them look sexy and attractive, which is what college girls love to wear.

Tights With Holes in


UGG Boots

UGG snow boots are very comfortable. It’s pretty cold in the UK in the winter, so you’ll be most comfortable in your snow boots.

It’s mainly because the brand is so famous, comfortable to wear, men and women can wear, simply devastatingly indistinguishable from the rest of the world.

British university students in the winter will be stuffed in the UGG snow boots inside the wind like going out.

UGG Boots


Waterproof Shoes

With the rainy climate in the UK, equipment like rain boots are a must.

All UK university students must have a pair of rain boots to cope with bad weather. Sometimes, even bags and other small daily objects are equipped with waterproof material.

Waterproof Shoes

Summarising the above, British university students’ dress pursues the natural personality of the clothes, which are mainly based on comfort level.

Friends of the study abroad party, do you get to the essence of the dress to study in the UK?

FAQs of UK University Students

While there is no universal dress code for students at UK universities, the prevailing style tends to be casual and comfortable. Students often opt for attire that supports their daily activities, from lectures to library sessions. It is not uncommon to see a mix of jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and trainers on campus. For certain events, such as presentations or interviews, business casual dress may be encouraged. It’s about choosing clothes that reflect individuality while respecting the occasion, symbolising the diverse and inclusive spirit of the UK’s higher education institutions.

Given the UK’s variable weather, layering is a key aspect of student fashion. Waterproof jackets, versatile scarves, and practical footwear are staples in a student’s wardrobe, ensuring preparedness for rain or shine. Changing seasons invite students to adapt their style while maintaining individuality, whether it’s incorporating a statement umbrella or sporting stylish boots.

UK universities generally require strong A-level results or the equivalent in other qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate or Scottish Highers. Specific grade requirements can vary widely between courses and universities. Some may also ask for additional tests or interviews as part of their selection process.

Yes, numerous scholarships, grants, and bursaries are available for UK and international students. These can be provided by the universities themselves, government bodies, or external organisations. It’s important to research and apply early, as competition can be intense.

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