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Study at Trinity College: Dublin Best Chinese Restaurants and Supermarkets

In Dublin, you may miss your hometown food from time to time. There are many Chinese restaurants and Asian supermarkets in the city centre, within walking distance from Trinity College Dublin. Here’s a list of affordable and delicious Chinese restaurants.

Chinese Restaurants

Oh my street food

Location: 4 Westmoreland St, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 W951 (diagonally opposite the school gates)

This restaurant serves classic Chinese and Taiwanese snacks, such as beef noodles, hot and sour noodles, and lo mein rice. The overall taste is sweeter and more suitable for southern people’s taste. It is also a trendy milk tea shop. There is a wide selection of milk tea, such as the classic pearl milk tea, black sugar milk tea, rare cantaloupe milk tea, watermelon milk tea and so on. In addition, the shop also has a very delicious ice cream for everyone to choose from. So, if you like to drink milk tea and eat snacks, don’t miss this shop.

Xian street food

Location: 28 Anne St S, Dublin, D02 DX39 (five minutes walk from the side entrance of the Arts building)

This is a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Xi’an snacks. It has classic mutton buns, meat buns, cold skin, knife-shaved noodles, dan dan noodles, and so on. In addition, there are many other homemade dishes such as Braised Eggplant, torn cabbage, kung pao chicken, Mapo Tofu, and many more to satisfy our Chinese tummies.

Lee Kee

 Lee Kee 李记

Location: 100a Parnell St Dublin City 1 Dublin

Lee Kee is the place to go if you’re looking for Northeastern food. Some of its more classic Northeastern dishes include hui-pot pork, pot-boiled pork and dry-fried fat intestines. The chef also makes a variety of homemade dishes with Northeastern flavours, such as aubergine in fish sauce, beef fillet stir-fried with black pepper, chicken in a big pot, braised pork, and various kinds of fried rice, all of which are delicious and plentiful. In addition, the staff are amiable, so if you want to eat something not on the menu, you can ask, and they will try to satisfy you.

Good world

Location: 18 South Great George’s Street Dublin 2

You can’t go wrong with Chinese food without the classic Cantonese morning tea. At this restaurant, you can experience classic rice noodles, chicken in lotus leaf, tiger skin phoenix claw, beef rice noodles, Hong Kong-style milk tea, etc. The main course you must order is double/triple platter rice. The generous barbecued pork, roast duck and chicken portions will satisfy your appetite.

Fortune Terrace

Location: O’Connell Dublin DUBLIN 1 Co.

This restaurant is one of the best value-for-money restaurants I’ve seen. It has a Chinese buffet on the ground floor and a hot pot buffet on the first floor. The stir-fry dishes in the buffet are very homemade and much to our liking. They are like homemade braised tofu, large pieces of beef, pork ribs, chicken nuggets, etc. There was also a variety of fried rice, fried noodles, fruits, cakes and sushi. The buffet is currently priced at €10 per person for students and €7 per person for packaged food, which is affordable in Dublin. The hotpot buffet on the first floor is currently $15 a head, with a wide selection of meat and vegetables.


Location: 15 Fade Street, Dublin, D02 E197

This restaurant specialises in Hong Kong-style roasted meals, including Hong Kong-style roast duck, barbecued pork with honey sauce, crispy barbecued pork, Cantonese black bean sauce chicken, and noodle soups such as shrimp wonton noodles, Hong Kong-style beef brisket noodle, and fish egg noodle. The owner is said to be from Hong Kong, and the flavours are more authentic and are given in large quantities. If you like Cantonese food, you can try it out. It’s very close to the school.

Rongcheng Chinese Restaurant

Hibiscus Chinese Restaurant, renowned in the Irish Chinese food scene, is the Irish Chinese Ceiling Boutique Restaurant. Hibiscus Chinese Restaurant is meticulous in every aspect of its design and matching, whether the interior lighting and lighting design or the matching of tables, chairs and wall colours. Even the tableware is cleverly arranged and designed. You can see the elegance, luxury, and high-end atmosphere everywhere you go. If you sit by the window with a few people, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dublin Bay.

Coordinates: No 7 Rockhill, Main Street, Blackrock, co Dublin, Dublin A94 E8R6 Ireland

Tel: 35315559991

Hang Dai

The very unique Hang Dai is also known as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin for an evening out with friends. The atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxing, with neon lights and live music.

Their speciality is roast duck with apples, but they also have other delicious dishes such as steamed aubergine and asparagus spring rolls. Crispy duck dumplings are on their menu, and there is also a well-crafted cocktail menu to enjoy.

While the roast duck and dumplings are their mainstay, the music and cocktails are not secondary. A bespoke sound system, DJ booth and acoustically treated room mean that after dinner service, DJs will be spinning until the early hours with an elaborate cocktail menu.

Coordinates: 20 Lower Camden StreetDublin 2, Ireland

Tel: 015458888

M&L Szechuan Chinese

M&L Szechuan Chinese, also known as Ba Shu Ren Ren, is an award-winning restaurant where you can savour delicious traditional Szechuan food.

M&L Szechuan Chinese is arguably one of Dublin’s most-reviewed Chinese restaurants, with over 856 Google reviews giving it a rating of 4.3/5. The menu is also very varied, with boiled beef, shredded pork with fish, sliced husband and wife lungs, and red oil copra …… authentic Sichuan cuisine, and an elegant décor that seems to transport us back to Chengdu, the culinary capital of the South West.

According to Mobilink Abroad, the M&L Sichuan Chinese Restaurant has been honoured as one of McKenna’s 2014-2017 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland. They are dedicated to bringing the most authentic Chinese food experience to Ireland.

Coordinates: 13-14 Cathedral Street Dublin 1 D

Tel: 35318748038

Chinese Supermarkets

Asia market

Location: 18 Drury Street Dublin D02 W017

This supermarket should be the most complete in Dublin. You can find the most popular snacks, drinks, and food at the Asia Market. In addition, we can also find Chinese spices and dry goods, household items, frozen food, fresh vegetables, seafood and meat. This supermarket is near the school, and the walk is about ten minutes. So, it’s a great way to relax after class and stock up on some snacks to take home from Asia Row.


Location: 157 Parnell St, Rotunda Dublin 1

This supermarket is arguably one of the most convenient and well-stocked Chinese superstores. They have a WeChat app, so you can place your order online and get free delivery up to a certain amount. It’s also worth mentioning that they offer luggage storage.

Oriental Emporium

Location: 30/32 Abbey Street Upper, North City, Dublin, D01 DE00

This supermarket is located in Dublin 1’s Commercial Street and offers various goods. It’s worth mentioning that they also offer Chinese fast food boxed lunches, with a la carte dishes, for €6-€7 per meal.

Han Sung Asian Market

Location: 22 Strand Street Great, North City, Dublin, D01 K8E8

This supermarket is next to the above Oriental Row, mainly dealing with Korean food and seasonings, but also operates a variety of Korean cuisine in the shop, students who love Korean food can also go to try!


Certainly! Dublin boasts several Chinese supermarkets that stock a wide range of authentic ingredients, from Sichuan peppercorns to premium oyster sauces, allowing you to recreate traditional Chinese recipes at home.

Absolutely. Dublin is home to several Chinese restaurants specialising in dim sum, offering a variety of bite-sized delights perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Most Chinese supermarkets in Dublin open around 10 am and close around 7 pm, but it’s always best to check specific opening hours as they can vary.

Definitely. Many Chinese restaurants in Dublin have embraced the digital age, offering online ordering through their own websites or third-party delivery platforms for your convenience.

Authentic Chinese restaurants in Dublin stand out by offering traditional dishes prepared with genuine cooking techniques and imported ingredients that reflect China’s diverse culinary heritage.

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