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How to Rent a House in Brisbane: Tips and Advice

One thing can directly determine or even affect your future study and living time when studying in Australia! One of the things that you need to be very careful about is how to rent a house in Brisbane. Whether you’re studying at home or abroad, renting a house is an exhausting endeavour. After all, good or inadequate housing conditions directly determine the mood of life, happy or sad. Below are some tips on renting a house in Brisbane, including location factors, room types, prices, and the atmosphere of each neighbourhood.

How to Rent a House in Brisbane: Pick-Up Tips

Due to the lack of transparent information, agents charge many of my friends more than $100 for the distance from the airport to the school. For this reason, I would like to tell you how to solve the problem of picking up from the airport to the school or housing when you first arrive in Brisbane.

The distance from the airport to UQ is not very far, just 30 minutes by car, so the price will not be too high; here are 4 ways to share with you:

  • School pick-up service: Search for International student airport welcome and shuttle service in my UQ. Enter the register page to register. You will receive an email after you make a successful reservation, and then you can find a school volunteer to show you the email after you get off the plane.

Note: Take the S1 semester as an example. The school’s airport welcome and shuttle service is only available from 1.29-2.18 from 7 am to 8 pm, so if you are coming to the school later, please check the official website for the time in advance! Link: https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/student-support/accommodation/accommodation-overview/international-student-airport-welcome-and-shuttle-service.

  • Look for pickups on social media, such as freshers groups, second-hand groups, or xhs. They are usually around $40.
  • Downloading an Uber and getting picked up in real time is just over $50.
  • There is an air train from the airport to the city, and then you can take a bus from the city to housing, which is basically around $20, the most economical way. The last point is that the train may not be too skilled to come to Australia’s partners for the first time. Still, for those who have already mixed well in the village, this is the most recommended, after all, to the airport is not so far, the train is only 30 minutes, and the Uber is also 30 minutes.

How to Rent a House in Brisbane: Room Types

We generally roughly divide housing into student flats and social housing. Social housing is divided into landlord-direct rent and agent agency (serviced flats are also divided into this part) according to the management of different owners.

The houses in Bujumbura are divided into the following categories:

◆Student Living Apartment

◆Student Living Apartment


◆ House & Townhouse

Generally, houses are divided into whole rent and sublet. Whole rent takes an entire set of houses together by several people. A sublet is a house where several people take a whole house together. A sublet is where several people take a whole house together and rent a room to other guests. However, a few landlords are willing to rent the house separately. The price of an entire house must be lower than a sublet, which is why many second landlords split up the rooms and rent them out, so that the other tenants can pay the rent for themselves.

Student Accommodations in Brisbane

Student accommodation

Similar to hotels, student flats are flats with several single rooms on one floor; different types of rooms correspond to different prices; a single room (including kitchen and bathroom) is the most expensive; there are also double rooms or multiple rooms, the most prominent advantage of student flats is the geographic advantage and is only available for students to live in (student COE is required), and the convenience of the students is also particular, close to the school, downstairs is the bus station, there are surrounding Supermarkets, double to triple gates, high security.

The facilities in the student residence are also relatively complete, with a gym, study room, laundry, cinema, barbecue area, communal kitchen, pool table, table tennis table and so on in the recreation area. The front desk is on the ground floor, just like in a hotel, so if anything happens, the front desk will help you out. Since the building is full of students, you can organize activities such as hot pots and board games. However, there are also shortcomings of the student flats, the first drawback is the small size of the room, and the second price is not low.


Ordinary Apartments

They generally have a living room, a kitchen, a balcony, N bedrooms, and N bathrooms, often referred to as 1b1b, meaning one bedroom and one bathroom.

Suite area is undoubtedly significant, lives up to comfort, and supporting facilities depend on the configuration of the flat; high-end configuration will be higher, and the price is certainly not low, but there are a few partners who share a suite or relatively cost-effective, ordinary flats are not restricted to keep pets if you want to be a shovelling officer, it is recommended to live in the flat.



Unit is the downgraded version of an Apartment; the house is mainly low-rise, and everyone shares the front yard and public facilities. Newer Units are getting lifts, but older Australian properties don’t have lifts. Moreover, the unit has no access control system, and a key can open the door. Although the condition is not as good as the apartment building, the brick Unit is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and the price will be lower.

Single Row/Townhouse

Single Row/Townhouse

In Australia, there are mostly country houses with high and low configurations, but high enough to have private pools and private gardens, which is not a good choice for those who need (body) and (no) security (text).

This site is mostly a relatively old-fashioned building; the following are two house photos. From the geographical location analysis, whether it is convenient to live in a house depends on the location of the house; the nearest school in the St. Lucia district is out the door to the school within 10 minute’s walk, but also from the bus station is particularly far away at the same time from the school is also particularly far away.

The first advantage of a house is its abundance of greenery. There are usually flowers and trees around the house, but relatively speaking, there will be more bugs. The second advantage is that it is cheap. Compared to flats, the price of a house is relatively low, and homes in remote areas cost as little as 100 knives.

Of course, the disadvantages are also prominent. Firstly, security is an important issue, and the security measures in houses are not enough, which is also why there are many break-ins and robberies in houses. The second is that houses are generally located in remote areas. Thirdly, most houses are made of wood, and there is no air-conditioning so that it will boil in summer, and the termite problem will be more serious. Apart from St Lucia, which is nearer to UQ, all the other houses are farther away. Overall, the house is a cost-effective choice.

Best Suburbs to Rent in Brisbane

The quality of the house and its location are important factors.

For us students, five points are the most important.

  • Distance from school: The closer the housing is to the school, the better; after all, the closer the school, the longer the time to go to school is much shorter you can get out a lot of time, and the content will also be centred on the school to start.
  • The convenience of life: There must be restaurants and supermarkets around the housing, so it is convenient to buy all kinds of food and drink supplies; so in each area, you will be marked out the key supermarkets or shopping malls, including Coles and Woolworths, which are Australia’s Top 10 supermarket chains, including Target, Kmart, which are Australia’s Top 10 shopping malls for daily necessities. In addition, there will be the Asian supermarket (Asian Market) marked out; Asian Super can also be understood as a Chinese supermarket, which sells Asian food, Lao Gan Ma, hot pot base, and so on that can be bought. Here, pay attention to the fact that different areas of the same brand with the same goods may not be the same price; the general price of the South District will be lower, and City prices will be higher.
  • The convenience of transport: Brisbane bus is an essential means of transport where the primary bus can be, so we will mark out the critical bus stops accessible for guys looking for a house compared to the distance to the bus station.
  • Price: Who does not want to rent a cost-effective house? Grease gives you a summary of the price of each room type in popular areas after the regional introduction for reference.
  • Safety: The safety of the area where the house is located is also an essential factor that you must consider; the oil bar first gives you a first-hand data query method!

There are three prominent universities in Brisbane: the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and Griffith University (GU). Given that the majority of our mates are at UQ, this focuses on UQ.

Below is a screenshot of a map of the surrounding area centred on the school.

Brisbane map

The following regional explanation mainly divides the Brisbane River into east and west. The west side (St. Lucia, Toowong, Indooroopilly) is relatively independent; each area has its business district and restaurants, entertainment is less, more to City to go shopping and play; the east side (Southbank& SouthbrisbaneWestend, Wollonggabba, Parkcentral, and even Sunnybank and Westfield in the Southern District) are conveniently located, with more frequent buses,. Most of the entertainment is in City or Sunnybank (the Chinese district), and all districts have their own shopping malls and restaurants, with strong linkages between the districts. Each district has its shopping malls and restaurants, and the districts are strongly connected. To go to Eastfield, you must transfer from the City or school.

St. Lucia in Brisbane

St.Lucia is an old suburb; most of the houses are old-fashioned buildings, and the most famous place in the area is the University of Queensland.


The most significant advantage of living here is the proximity to the school, which is within walking distance. However, St. Lucia is not that small, and those who are farther away will have to walk for about 20 minutes to the school.

Those who live in St Lucia mainly live in the north and south areas; the north side has a small black market and is very convenient to Toowong; the south side is mainly close to the IGA and restaurants.


Life is not very convenient. There is only one Chinese supermarket and some small food shops nearby. You need to take a bus to other areas to buy daily necessities. However, the transport is very convenient. There are direct buses to Toowong/City. It is suitable for those who have just arrived in Brisbane and are studying a language programme; after all, the class is more critical ~.

Room Types

St. Lucia is a suburban area with many houses and units but relatively few flats. Although it is theoretically a suburb, it is only about a 20-minute bus ride from the city, so there is no obvious boundary to distinguish.

Toowong in Brisbane

Located west of UQ, Toowong is an inner suburb of Brisbane and a dirt-cheap neighbourhood. It started as a suburb of mainly detached houses and large courtyards owned by the upper-middle-class urban working elite, so house prices in this district are higher than others.


There are direct buses to UQ from Toowong Village’s bus stop, and it takes almost 15 minutes to get there.



Toowong Village and its surroundings is the centre of Toowong, also the commercial area, most of the shops are nearby, so many of you will choose to live close to the centre of Toowong, close to the school and no shortage of food and entertainment. However, Toowong is relatively far away from the city, at least 20 minutes by car. Going to Sunnybank will take you more than an hour by bus because you have to go to school or the city to get back on the bus.

●Room Type

Toowong is a relatively large area, and the flats are concentrated in the centre of the business district, where several student flats are located. Most of the other places are houses, and there are fewer flats.

In the picture above, if you are considering staying in Toowong, you can look for houses around Toowong Village. Unilodge Toowong and Scape Toowong are both near Toowong Village.

Indooroopilly in Brisbane

Indooroopilly, Brisbane’s old white business district, covers a large area on the west side of UQ.



Indooroopilly is not too far from the school, but it is not too close either. It takes more than 20 minutes by bus. The bus from the Shopping Centre to UQ has many stops in between, so Indooroopilly’s location is disadvantageous compared to a district with 4 stops.


Like Toowong Village, Indooroopilly has a large shopping mall and an Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, the centre of the whole district. The mall offers a variety of places to eat, drink, and be merry.

●Room Types

Indooroopilly primarily houses, not many flats, and they are concentrated around the shopping centre, and there are fewer student flats. Indooroopilly is the place for those on a tight budget and with the patience to wait for the bus. (For those who are carsick, don’t stay here; it’s very hilly, or you’ll get carsick every time you take the bus…)


The Woolloongabba district is located on the east side of UQ, which is like a crossroads everywhere.


● Distance

The dotted line in the diagram above divides Woolloongabba into upper and lower zones, mainly because the school bus routes differ between the zone’s upper and lower halves.

In terms of proximity to the school, the lower half of the district is better than the upper half. The difference in distance can be seen in the route maps, which are almost 10-15 minutes to the school for the upper half of the district and nearly 6 minutes for the lower half.


The map above shows the location of shopping malls, including Buranda Village, which has many restaurants and shops, including Woolworths, Target, etc. It also shows the locations of major bus and train stations, so you can pay attention to the distance from your house to these places when renting an apartment, making your daily life much more convenient.

Room Types

The upper half of the city has more houses and flats, while the lower half has more student flats. Unilodge Park Central, the starting point of the picture on the right, is one of the student flats.

City in Brisbane

City is Brisbane’s CBD and is one of the busiest and most vibrant districts, with a high concentration of skyscrapers and many attractions. The city has a large number of shops and brands, so if you like to go shopping, you can come here.


The city is not too far from the school; it takes about 20 minutes by bus. The following two roadmaps are from different directions to UQ, and the time is about the same.


In the picture above, Grease lists some leading shops; others are not listed here; there are large shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and luxury shopping gatherings. You’ll know it all when you come over here and spend a day wandering around.

●Types of Housing

The houses in the City are mainly flats, and a river-view house is definitely the best place to live, but the price is definitely not low anymore.

In addition, QUT is located in the City, so living in the city is a good choice for those who go to school there. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk across a few streets.

South Brisbane & South Bank in Brisbane

South Brisbane South Bank is the cultural district of Brisbane. Many of you will see the place South Bank on the rental app. In fact, South Bank is the name of a station, and it is included in South Brisbane.


It takes about 12 minutes by bus to travel from South Brisbane to UQ. Cruise ships also leave Brisbane and take passengers to UQ, although it takes about half an hour to get there. So, if you want to take a slow trip, you can experience it.


Brisbane is home to the Brisbane Convention Centre and Cultural Centre, which includes the Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, the State Library of Queensland, museums, and the Performing Arts Centre. Also in South Brisbane is one of the most popular tourist attractions—the beautiful South Bank Park, which is surrounded by restaurants and cafes serving a variety of local cuisines.

This area is most popular because of the beauty of the environment, but it is also lively; many people come to picnic on the riverbank on weekends, but also from time to time to organise a variety of activities, not too busy to take a walk along the river, and those who like sports can also run along the riverbank.

South Brisbane has supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths and a bank, Commombank, so it is very convenient to buy things.

Room Types

South Brisbane is flats or hotels. The student flats are gathered in the marked area in the picture above. If you want to live in South Bank’s student flats, you don’t have to think about the location because these flats are neighbours, and there are all kinds of discounts for new students at the beginning of the school year.

In addition, if you are studying at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), this is the best place to live. Walking across the bridge takes less than 15 minutes, you don’t even need to take a bus, and you can enjoy the riverbank scenery along the way~.

Sunnybank in Brisbane

Sunnybank is a Chinese neighbourhood in Brisbane. For new students, I suggest you don’t need to consider living here.

The most significant disadvantage of living in this area is that it is far from the school. It takes at least half an hour to get from Sunnybank to UQ, and there is only one direct bus. Imagine if you have an 8 a.m. class. Counting the time you have to wait for the bus, you need to leave home at 7 a.m. and get up at 6 a.m. I am sorry for the inconvenience.



The advantages of living in this area are obvious. Sunnybank is a Chinese area, and there are big shopping malls. The most exciting thing is that this area is full of Chinese restaurants, shops, barbecues, hot pots, and hot pot buffets, which is the first choice for a weekend dinner date with friends. In addition, there are also KTVs in this district, and the price is not expensive, so if you want to get high, you can send the car!

●Room Types

Sunnybank houses are much cheaper, close to the food market, and a good place for shopping (goods are complete and cheap), but the security in Sunnybank is not as good as City, so you should consider carefully before choosing.

Upper Mount Gravatt-Garden City in Brisbane

Upper Mount Gravatt is located in Brisbane’s Southside, close to Sunnybank.


Garden City is not too far from UQ, about 20 minutes by bus, but it’s still far compared to a few other districts.

Upper Mount Gravatt-Garden City


Garden City Shopping Centre is a big mall in the area, so you can get everything you need there.


There are a lot of houses and apartments in the area, and the prices around Garden City are not too expensive. There are also a lot of flats at medium prices. However, you must check the distance to the bus stop before renting an apartment. Some flats are a 15-minute walk from the bus stop in Garden City.

Some apartments are a 15-minute walk from Garden City station. Those who choose to live in Garden City mainly go to Griffith University, which is less than a 10-minute drive away.

Price Summary

Here is a summary of the main price ranges in the above areas, using data from Realestate and Domain.

Brisbane International Student Rentals Main Area Price Ranges
Location House/Studio House/Master Bedroom Unit/Studio Unit/Master Bedroom Apt/Studio Apt/Master Bedroom Ensuite
St lucia 180-300pw 220-380pw 220-310pw 260-380pw 240-300pw 300-400pw 350-450pw
Toowong 180-320pw 210-360pw 230-320pw 260-350pw 250-360pw 270-420pw 400-550pw
Indoor 200-260pw 240-330pw 230-300pw 270-350pw 270-330pw 300-370pw 370-400pw
City / / 230-320pw 260-360pw 300-400pw 3350-460pw 430-700pw
South bank&South Brisbane 280pw up and down 320pw up and down 260-320pw 290-350pw 300-400pw 3340-460pw 500-700pw
Woolloonggaba 200-240pw 250-300pw 230-320pw 260-350pw 300-360pw 330-380pw 380-500pw
West End 170pw up and down 200pw up and down 250-320pw 280-370pw 300-400pw 350-450pw 400-500pw
Sunnybank 150-220pw 200-270pw 200-280pw 230-310pw 220-280pw 260-350pw 310-390pw
Upper Mount Gravatt 220pw up and down 200-270pw 220-300pw 290-330pw 300 up and down 350 up and down 330-400pw

How to Rent a House in Brisbane: Experience and Processes

Experience of Renting a House in Brisbane

Firstly, compared to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane has a relatively abundant stock of houses. There are 3 types of houses according to different belongings:

1. Chinese Landlords

Chinese landlords usually follow the study wave, the school year cycle. School starts in February and goes on holiday in June; school starts in July and goes on holiday in November. Therefore, the months of December, January, February, June and July are the peak seasons for housing turnover; one household comes in, and one household goes out. Generally, Chinese landlords like to rent for 1 year, and half a year is rare. So, if you are renting for half a year, remember to calculate the time and find yourself a rental period that is more convenient for you to find your next home and change your home.

2. Beisbane Rental Markets

Many local websites and apps exist about the rental system for all tenants. The rental system here is relatively mature and complete, involving the rental period, viewing, packing, and rights protection.
Some points worth noting here are:

  • The local market has the most extensive property stock, meaning many properties can be found on local websites.
  • The local housing market does not follow the study abroad wave. Still, it is the migration of the local population. However, this is not a major conflict for the international student market. How do we understand this? For example, Australia will have a significant labour influx after Christmas, so there will be relatively more listings in January. However, if it’s the international student market, according to the graduation and enrolment seasons, June is the minor graduation season. December is the big graduation season, and the listings will be empty in these two months. Therefore, the overall housing supply should be increased from December to January (December is the market for international students, and January is the market for local housing), with cheaper student flats in December and more social flats in January.
  • The local market is more transparent, including viewing, contract, maintenance and duties to be performed after signing the contract. Therefore, most of the houses in local areas are unfurnished and not included in the bill, which makes the operation cleaner.
  • Brisbane is a tourist city, and landlords prefer to use many houses for Airbnb rather than for medium—and long-term rentals. Therefore, the rental options are mainly apartments/hotel flats in the more central areas. This creates a situation where houses are distributed closer to the centre, making it harder for international students to rent them.
  • Every family in the Llocalharea has a car, so the house may not be in the ideal transport location for students, near a bus stop or far from a supermarket.

3. Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Student flats are unique because, apart from the influx of international students, there is competition between platforms and flats. Additionally, student flat specials don’t necessarily appear before the start of the school year but in large quantities in front of the best-selling LEASE from the previous special. For example, if a student property launches a comprehensive sale for leases of 44-52 weeks, it would be expected that specials would appear after 44 weeks, but they should not be as large or as strong as the initial ones. Brisbane’s student accommodation chains are Scape, Unilodge, Student One, and Iglu, and the university also has its properties, International House and UQ RES. The rooms and facilities are similar, with all utilities included and communal spaces and facilities available.

Process of Renting a House in Brisbane

1. Rental Channels

Website: https://en.uhomes.com/
Recommendation of housing information by consultants with experience in overseas study. Reservation and rental of flats for international students, matching of needs and rental of overseas B&Bs, and matching of needs for homestay. If you want to study in Australia and renting an apartment is a big problem, uhomes.com offers a vast range of affordable and comfortable student accommodation for Australian students at the cheapest student flat rentals! You can rent luxury or budget suites, studio flats, and private and shared rooms with various amenities at student accommodations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane.


2. UQ Official

Uqrentals is UQ’s rental website, which can only be used if you get a Student ID. This channel is relatively safe, but the location may not be ideal. The website address is https://rental.uq.edu.au/Accommodation.

Roommate Selection When Renting a House in Brisbane

This one is a bit more complicated to give a standard, but it must be said that finding someone with similar background, habits, and ideas will make you more comfortable together. Everyone should prepare some questions based on their habits before deciding on a roommate and get a clear understanding before making a decision!


when renting a house in Brisbane, knowing the different room types and areas is vital. By familiarising yourself with the various options available, from shared flats to private studios, and identifying the characteristics of each neighbourhood, you can make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and study needs. Remember, choosing suitable accommodation is not just about finding a place to live; it’s about creating a favourable environment for your study journey.


The Brisbane rental market is still competitive, and apartment renting is becoming tough for international students. Be prepared. Ensure you provide all the necessary rental information – ID, proof of income, school acceptance letter, etc.

The cost of rent in Brisbane varies significantly based on location, type of property, and amenities provided. On average, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre could set you back around AUD 1,500 per month, while the same apartment outside the city centre might cost closer to AUD 1,200 per month.

Submit your rental application as quickly as possible – the sooner, the better. Make sure all your information is relevant and accurate.

Brisbane is a vibrant city with a variety of neighbourhoods that cater to different lifestyles and preferences.

  • New Farm, which is known for its lush parks, trendy cafes and proximity to the city centre. It is ideal for young professionals and families.
  • Paddington, with its charming old mansions, boutique shopping area and lively atmosphere.
  • Bulimba, on the other hand, has a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere, excellent schools and beautiful river views. Each of these neighbourhoods distils the essence of Brisbane and is the perfect place to call home.

Burbank is one of Brisbane’s safest suburbs. According to crime statistics from the Queensland Police, Burbank recorded just six criminal incidents in the past quarter, placing it at the top of the safest suburbs list.

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