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International Student Rental near Australian National University

Australian National University in the capital, Canberra, because of the high cost of school accommodation, many students choose to rent their own. If you study at the Australian National University, the homestay price is generally 200 yuan, which typically includes all the food and accommodation costs. School dormitories, housing older, directly opposite the University of Melbourne, average prices between 230-350. Nowadays, many university students choose to rent apartments off campus, and the students admitted to the Australian National University are no exception. The reason why students decide to rent outside is straightforward. The reasons are as follows:

The rent of an off-campus apartment is much cheaper than the housing price on campus.

The conditions of off-campus accommodation are more comfortable than those of on-campus accommodation.

Therefore, from the perspective of comprehensive cost performance, most students will consider renting outside the Australian National University. Anu’s off-campus rental areas are mainly concentrated in the Inner North, Belconnen and Gungahlin if you want to rent an apartment off-campus.

Australian National University Off-campus Rental Area

Inner North

Many of the university’s students rent in Inner North because it is close to the university, just a few minutes walk away. This area includes Action, Ainslie, Braddon, City, Dickson, O’Connor, Turner, Reid, etc. Each location has its characteristics.




Dickson, a residential area, attracts many college students to live here because the housing price here is reasonable, and there are many Chinese restaurants around the area, among which the Chinese cuisine is complete and is deeply loved by diners.

In addition, there are many supermarkets and shops near this area. If students want fresh vegetables and cook them themselves, they can buy fresh ingredients in the market. So living here is very convenient!

Price: The rental cost in this area is generally 200~250 AUD/week, and sometimes the price will be adjusted not to exceed 180 AUD/week.



With its malls and shopping streets, Ainslie is not as good as Dickson, but it has its character. For example, there are more small restaurants here, and the waiting time is not long, so dining will not waste diners’ time too long. And there are pharmacies around, so students can walk a few steps out of the residential building to reach the pharmacy. Although there is not always a bustling market here, there is a Gorman House Market every Saturday and Sunday from morning to afternoon. Students can use their free time to buy their daily necessities here.

Price: The rental price here is low, generally 160~220 Australian dollars/week.

Action, Braddon, Turner, City, Reid

The most significant advantage of renting in these areas is saving students’ daily distance to school. Students can get to school quickly from here on foot or by bike. Even if students are late after self-study from school, they can soon return to the accommodation area. This can also significantly save the student party’s daily transportation expenses. It is close to the school and surrounded by the City centre of Canberra. There are Woolworths, Aldi and other supermarkets. It is also very convenient for students to buy some daily necessities. However, the room rate here is not so cheap; it is higher in different areas of the room. So students who come to live here need to consider the price.

Price: 200~250 AUD/week.



Students who choose to rent in this area can rent a suitable room type and find a place to work here. So another reason that attracts students to live here is the ability to work and study here. At the same time, if students want to buy daily supplies here, they can also go to the shopping centre Westfield, where things are not only complete but also the price is not high. Students who want to buy Fresh fruits and vegetables can also come to the Belconnen Fresh Food Market, where the fruit trees are cheap, and the ingredients are fresh, which is perfect for students to shop here. In addition, transportation is very convenient, and it takes less than 20 minutes to get to the school by bus from the Belconnen area.

The overall housing price of the Belconnen area is not expensive, and the surrounding area is also well-connected. There are some newly built houses here, which also have independent bathrooms. So this area, from the room’s price to the surrounding living environment, is very suitable for students to live here.

Price: The general price in this area is 130220 AUD/week, but Kaleen and Giralang’s prices are lower.



This residential area is far from the school, but the number of students entering the dormitory has not decreased. In common with Belconnen, students have many opportunities to work and study. Therefore, students who come to live here can not only live here but also have the chance to work and earn money, which will undoubtedly attract many students to stay here. Another feature here is that there are many supermarkets, pharmacies, Chinese restaurants, speciality snack shops, video stores and other shops, such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Big and other lifestyle supermarkets, and they can significantly facilitate the daily needs of students.

Franklin and Bonner are residential areas available for students who live within a 20-minute walk of Gungahlin Town Centre. Students who want to go to school can also take 58, 57, 52, Red Rapid 200, or other buses; you can take more than 10 minutes to reach the school.

Price: 150~200 AUD/week.

In addition to the residential areas just introduced, there are still many residential properties in Kingston, Barton, Red Hill, and other places. They are near the supermarket, post office, and bus stop. So, if students want more housing information, they can pay attention to these areas.

Recommended Off-campus Student Apartments

Students who are not familiar with the housing around the school can consider off-campus student housing. There are Academie House, UniLodge On Gould and MacKillop House. The characteristics of these apartments are entirely able to meet the needs of students while living conditions and other aspects of the campus dormitory are also comparable. If you are a new student and don’t know your neighbourhood, consider living in an off-campus apartment.

Y Suites on Moore

Y Suites on Moore is one of the best student accommodation in Canberra. The flat is brand new online on June 23 and has up to 16 floors with 733 beds. Located in the north-west of Canberra’s CBD. The flat is next to the university, and The Australian National University is 13 minutes’ walk away. The flat has various student room types: Twin Studio, Ensuite, and Studio. Facilities in the flat include a shared kitchen, dining area, and study area. The city centre is about 5 minutes away, with shopping centres, supermarkets, malls and other amenities.


Y Suites on Moore is a 16-storey apartment building that has 733 beds available for rent, including Studio Premium, Studio Deluxe Queen, Studio Deluxe, Studio Twin Share, Studio Twin Share King, Ensuite Premium senior suite, Ensuite Twin Share suite double room. It is an ideal student apartment for studying in Canberra, highly cost-effective and fully furnished. The public facilities here are rich, including a barbecue area, bicycle garage, cinema room, shared laundry, games area, gym, outdoor terrace, study area, pool table and table tennis table.

Price: Utilities and gas are included in the price of the apartment building, which costs $312 to $390 per week.

Address:  Y Suites on Moore, Canberra, ACT 2601

UniLodge @ UC – Guginya

The UniLodge @ UC-Guginya is an excellent student housing in Canberra, where you’ll find a range of comfortable accommodations and convenient amenities in a serene location near nature reserves and parks, creating an ideal living experience for students, all while being just minutes away from the University of Canberra and other attractions, making it easy to explore and enjoy everything the city has to offer. The student flats offer 1-, 2-, and 5-bedroom apartments to suit various needs. The neighbourhood is conveniently located within walking distance to the theatre, sports grounds and multiple restaurants.

Price: 196 AUD/week.

Address:  Telita St, Canberra, ACT 2617


The UniGardens is a boutique student housing in Canberra. It offers a range of stylish and comfortable apartments and rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, and convenient proximity to universities and popular attractions, providing students with an exceptional living experience.


UniGardens offers three levels of boutique self-contained budget student accommodation comprising furnished studios in various configurations, fully furnished 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments of the highest calibre in design and comfort, totalling 75 flats, where each unit’s bedroom and sleeping area can accommodate either two single beds or one king-size bed. These apartments and rooms can be shared by several students or rented privately by one person. Additional amenities include a shared basement laundry room with washing machines, dryers, irons, and common areas such as a fully equipped study room with a free-for-all exchange-based library, billiard game table, gym, table tennis, and a TV lounge area. The Australian-style barbecue (BBQ) area is organized on the ground floor terrace for all students and tenants living in UniGardens to enjoy. In contrast, all standard area doors, apartments, and bedrooms are accessible only by a resident’s personalised security card and 24/7 CCTV security cameras recording and monitoring entrances and activity in the building’s common areas.

Price: 180 AUD/week.

Address: 101 Hennessy Street, Belconnen, Canberra, ACT 2617.

Australian National University Rental Notes

1. Security and environmental issues exist in the area where the house is located. You can go online to Baidu, the area’s name, see the evaluation of students in the area in the past, or contact your senior brothers and sisters in Australia to ask about the surrounding environment and security issues.

2. Is the house transportation convenient and close to the train station or bus stop?

3, whether the rent includes utilities, gas and Internet charges.

4, the deposit problem: students will be asked to pay a deposit after choosing a house. Usually, a 1-2 week deposit is required. However, due to the shortage of homes around the school, I often encounter unreasonable demands from landlords who need a 4-week deposit. In this case, the first step is to observe the landlord’s behaviour, see whether he is a liar, and second, discuss with the landlord how to pay a two-week deposit.


International students have various accommodation options near the Australian National University, including studio apartments, shared flats, and homestay opportunities, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

We offer properties at various distances from ANU, ensuring you can choose between closer locations for convenience or slightly further options for a quieter environment.

Lease durations are flexible, with options ranging from short-term stays to year-long leases, accommodating both semester-based and whole academic year needs.

The process is streamlined and supportive, requiring basic documentation such as student ID and visa status. Our team also guides you through every step, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

To aid in your transition, we collaborate with various community organisations, offering language support and social events, helping you integrate seamlessly into your new environment.

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