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The Most Complete Australia Post Guide

Living in Australia for a long time must have the experience of helping their loved ones at home to buy milk powder, health care products, etc., to send back to China, as well as international students who are about to return home after completing their studies in Australia, they may also want to mail their luggage back to their home country, and at this time, they need to find a reliable international logistics company in Australia. Is the freight expensive? How is the timeliness? Today, we recommend a few individuals who feel good from Australia to send pieces back to the courier company; there are details of the sending process to share with you; interested friends, remember to collect. 

Australia Post

Australia Post is the official post office of Australia. The service covers the whole territory of Australia, with the option of arriving on the same day, on the second working day, or for a more extended period. The price is mainly based on the size and weight of the items to be sent. Enter the weight of the box online to calculate the approximate cost.

Australia Post

Australia Post International Courier Types and Rates

  1. International Economy: Non-urgent letters and documents and low-value parcels weighing up to 2kg are expected to arrive in more than ten working days. Letters and documents from AU$2.30, parcels from AU$10.20
  2. International Standard: Traceable for non-urgent parcels with a maximum weight of 20kg and expected to arrive in more than ten working days. Price from AU$15.20.
  3. International Express (International Express): Ideal for urgent parcels, letters, and documents. The maximum weight of parcels is 20kg, and the maximum weight of letters and documents is 500g. Expected to arrive in 2-4 working days. Tracking is available via SMS and email. A signature is required on delivery. Letters and documents from AU$28.30, parcels from AU$30.20.
  4. International Courier: Ideal for super urgent parcels, letters, and documents. The maximum weight of parcels is 20kg, and the maximum weight of letters and documents is 500g. Delivery is expected in 1-2 working days. Trackable via SMS and email; signature required on delivery. Prices from AU$85.20.

The Extensive Express Delivery-DHL

DHL’s advantage lies in the comprehensive coverage of its network, which can reach 220 countries and regions worldwide. At the same time, DHL’s price, service and clearance capacity are more assured, DHL, relative to FedEx and UPS; clearance capacity is not inferior at all, and preferential prices make it relatively cost-effective, especially the 20-70kg section of the goods. In Australia, DHL is very advantageous compared to other homes.


DHL International Express Delivery Types and Charges

  1. International Express Delivery: Express delivery can generally be delivered on the second working day and has a maximum weight of 70kg. 2.
  2. International Parcel Delivery: The parcel can be delivered in 3-14 working days and has a maximum weight of 20kg. 3.
  3. International Mail: The maximum weight of a parcel is 2kg, generally taking 3-14 working days. It can be delivered, affordable, and suitable for low-weight products and international transport.

For specific charges, go to DHL’s official website and enter the destination, parcel weight, length, width, and so on to get a quick quotation.

The International Express Delivery-FedEx

FedEx is an international courier group founded in 1971, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, under the U.S. Federal Express Group (FedEx Corp). It is the world’s largest express transport company; as the “originator of the express industry”, FedEx provides fast, reliable express services for more than 220 countries and regions worldwide, providing customers with comprehensive services covering transport, e-commerce and business operations. FedEx provides overnight express, ground, heavy lift, document copying and logistics services.


FedEx International Express Types and Rates

  1. International First (morning delivery) and International Priority: delivery within 1~3 working days according to destination, with online tracking. The maximum weight of the parcel does not exceed 68kg, the width does not exceed 274cm, and the length does not exceed 330cm.
  2. FedEx International Economy: generally delivered within 2~4 working days, with online tracking. The maximum weight of the parcel does not exceed 68kg, the width does not exceed 274cm, and the length does not exceed 330cm.

The price of sending different items varies. To get an estimate, visit FedEx’s official website.

 The World’s Largest Express Delivery-UPS

Founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. UPS is the world’s largest express delivery company, providing parcel and freight transport, international trade facilitation, deployment of advanced technology, and various solutions designed to improve the efficiency of global business management.UPS has business Locations in more than 220 countries and regions worldwide.


UPS International Express Type and Charges

  1. UPS Express Critical: It will be delivered by the nearest general flight. The delivery time will be confirmed at delivery and will apply to urgent cases.
  2. UPS Worldwide Express and Worldwide Saver: According to the specified delivery time, UPS Worldwide Express and Worldwide Saver can be delivered within 1-3 working days, divided into several levels of choice.
  3. UPS Worldwide Expedited: This can be delivered in 2-5 business days.
  4. UPS Standard Delivery: UPS Standard Delivery is the most economical international shipping method and is ideal for less urgent items.

For more services and prices, you can go to the UPS website.

The World’s Top Courier and Logistics-TNT

TNT (Thomas National Transport) is the world’s top courier and logistics company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They offer good service and fast speed, support door-to-door pickup, and other services.TNT Express can provide nine o’clock delivery, midnight delivery, NEXT DAY delivery, payee express, and other service content for different customers’ needs. Like UPS, TNT is also volumetric weight rather than actual weight billing within a specific volume of random loading.


TNT’s customs clearance is firm, but the price is a little high, and there are more restrictions on sending items, so it is more suitable for those more expensive items that need fast customs clearance. You can estimate the shipping cost online before placing an order, and you can check the TNT website for more services and prices.

Of course, in addition to these significant logistics companies in Australia, there are many Chinese courier companies, such as Blue Sky Express, Polar Express, Jieanda Express, Orient Express, etc.; these courier companies send parcels and baggage from Australia to the domestic channel, the price is lower, generally in the area where the Chinese are gathered in the shop, for the English is not very good for the Chinese and the new international students is still more convenient.

The Process of Sending Parcels from Australia to China

Step 1: Prepare a Cardboard Box

Boxes can go to the post office (Post Office) to buy various models and sizes directly, but the price is very high. A small box is calculated to be three or four pounds. You can also consider purchasing a Cardboard box or Mailing Box from Amazon or eBay; choose Double wall (double wall cardboard box) when you buy. When you buy a box, you must pay attention to the size of the international express shipping based on the weight and volume pricing, which is bigger than the other. In addition, if the box is too big, there are too few things inside, and too much space will make the items unstable and easy to shock during transport.

Step 2: Packing Reinforcement Materials

The most common packing materials include Bubble Wrap, Wrapping Film, and Packaging Tape, which can be bought in Australian supermarkets. However, if you want to reduce the cost of packing, we suggest you buy them on Amazon or eBay. 

Step 3: Choose an International Courier Company and Place Your Order

To your needs, choose a fast logistics company with a good reputation and a relatively reasonable price. The recipient’s address and contact information should be written accurately on the waybill. There is also a customs declaration (CN23) for international express delivery, on which the mailed item’s name, quantity, and price must be written, as well as whether insurance is required. Australia to China: On this line, some Chinese agents of the logistics company will generally be cheaper than going directly to the Australia Post Office, where the official order is much cheaper. This is because these companies can be direct when signing the agreement for large quantities of goods, making it much more affordable than the official price.

Step 4: Payment and Print the Order

For international parcels, there is an essential part to stick the single (a parcel has three documents, including Australia within the pickup barcode, international courier tracking barcode, and customs declaration CN23); not only that, but it also needs to be written on the box Chinese address, recipient and phone.

Step 5: Send the Parcel to the Post Office

You don’t need this step if you go to the post office to send the parcel directly. If the order is placed online, the parcel is picked up. After finishing the parcel at home and waiting for it to be sent out, you can send it to the post office or local collection point, or you can pick it up from the courier company’s door. There are some international courier companies you can pick up the parcel from the door for free.

Step 6: Track the Parcel

Each international parcel will come out after the issue of a corresponding tracking number unless you use the courier, which is not Track. If you use the Australia Post Office’s ordinary courier, it is not tracked to the domestic transfer of surface mail, cheap, but the time is slower, but also can not track the parcel information.

Step 7: Domestic Delivery and Signing

All international air parcels are door-to-door (Door-To-Door) deliveries and must be signed by the consignee. Some places also need to show ID cards to check their identity. As Australia Post belongs to the universal postal system, domestic parcels are delivered by EMS as long as there are China Post outlets that can be delivered, so even if it is a small, remote township, you do not have to worry.


 Australia Post provides a wide array of services, including letters and parcel delivery both domestically and internationally, bill payments, banking, and retail merchandise.

You can track your parcel using the tracking tool available on the Australia Post website or mobile app by entering your tracking number.

Delivery times vary based on the service chosen and the destination. Domestic parcels can take 2-6 business days, while international delivery times can vary more widely.

Yes, Express Post is available for domestic and international shipments, offering faster delivery times at an additional cost.

Size and weight limits vary depending on the service used. Generally, parcels can be up to 22kg and not exceed 105cm in any one dimension.

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