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Tips for Studying at Auckland University

Auckland With beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, tourist attractions, rich natural resources, and a world-class education system, what is the experience of studying in New Zealand, one of the world’s most beautiful countries?

Auckland University

The sooner you know, the better it will be for you! Get to know the University of Auckland

Baggage Preparation


It is pretty convenient to buy daily necessities here in New Zealand.


Electrical Appliances: Bring a multi-functional rice cooker if you have space in your suitcase.

Living Goods: intimate apparel, sanitary napkins (if you are used to the brand, you can bring more over here ~ there is not much choice here, for example, I haven’t seen it over here), good-looking clothes, rushing clothes (the most practical and fashionable items).

Living goods

If a family member has requirements for pillows, such as latex pillows and buckwheat pillows, you can bring a pillow from the country that is compressed and does not take up space; this side of the pillow is a little bit expensive and unsuitable for sleep.

Documents After Landing

Bus Card in Auckland

Bus card

you can buy Britomart; after the purchase, you can download AT Mobile to bind the card to the app and then fill up the money in the app top-up or go directly to the convenience store to top up. Britomart is also a railway station; you can take a small train. 

Now students are half price oh ~ and then the students are half price. Some stations include several platforms (ABCD), and the buses stopping at different platforms are also other! Be sure to wave your hand to indicate. Otherwise, the bus will drive away without looking back. You must swipe your card once to get on and off the bus. You need to pay attention to the direction and destination of the inner and outer links!

Bank Card in Auckland 


This side of the most used should be ANZ and ASB. If you want to do the card, you must make an appointment beforehand!

Documents to prepare: passport, visa, proof of address. PS: different banks may need some extra information; please visit the official website for details!


ANZ: The waiting time is the longest, but it is also a bank that many international students choose; like the short time of the school year, you may have to wait 1-2 months after making an appointment, but I heard that if you are lucky, you can walk in and get the card directly.

Auckland bank

ASB: Waiting time is shorter than ANZ; you can walk in and hand in your documents and get a fast card (you can swipe your card every day, but you can’t shop online).

Campus Life in the University of Auckland

Commencement Ceremony in University of Auckland

Usually, there will be an orientation week, including international student and faculty orientation. Orientation is usually to familiarise you with the campus environment, and sometimes there will be free snacks~!

Student Card in University of Auckland

Auckland university

You have to upload your photo on the official website and wait for the email from the school before you can get your student card.

Where can I get my student card? —- is on the first floor of the IC building of the school.

What is the use of the student card? — Generally, not much use; exams and printing need to use the student card; some places in the school need a student card to access.

School Meals 

There is no canteen at Auckland University. There is a small square next to the Auckland University Library where you can get sushi, burgers, chow mein and so on if you are in a hurry to class. If you bring your food, you can heat it in the microwave on the first floor of the ic.

School Resources/Services

There are student hubs on each campus, and the one in the City campus is on the ground floor of the general library. If you have any questions, you can come to them, and if you need advice on choosing a course, you can also come to the degree advisor.

Printers: There are printers in many buildings on campus, but they charge a fee; I usually go to the library to print ~ you need to set your student card on the official website, swipe your card at the printer, and then select the document you want to print on your mobile phone and print it directly.

Food & Drink in Auckland


Chinese Food: Chuan Shang, I haven’t had any authentic Chinese food. But the taste is delicious, hahaha. I went to eat it many times.


Japanese Food: Go Ramen, the don. The ramen at Go Ramen is very generous and very filling. The don has a sukiyaki for one person.



Korean: Bannsang, pocha: The cold noodles are enormous, and the fried chicken at pocha is delicious! But this restaurant is very crowded, so make a reservation in advance!



Italian: Archie’s restaurant: pizza is super delicious!


French food: The chef: perfect duck legs and French escargot Oh!

Holiday Travel in Auckland

Auckland Sky Tower


Auckland Sky Tower is the landmark of Auckland City and one of the towers in the southern hemisphere. Visitors can take the lift to the top of the tower to enjoy the panoramic view of Auckland City. In addition, there are restaurants and cafes in the Sky Tower, providing visitors with food and resting places.

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland art

Auckland Art Gallery is one of the art museums in New Zealand which collects a large number of contemporary artworks and traditional cultural artworks. Visitors can enjoy art treasures from all over the world and learn about the cultural and artistic development of New Zealand.

Auckland Zoo

Auckland zoo

Auckland Zoo is one of the zoos in New Zealand, with many animals, such as koalas, kangaroos, penguins and so on. Visitors can see these animals up close and learn about their ecological habits and conservation status.


Auckland Beaches

Auckland beach

Auckland has many beautiful beaches, such as Queen Street Beach, Miami Beach and Ponissonby Beach. Visitors can enjoy sunny beaches, surfing and beach food and participate in various water sports and coastal adventure activities.

Mount Edmunds, Auckland

Auckland mount

Auckland Mount Edmund is one of the peaks in Auckland city centre and one of Auckland’s climbing and hiking destinations. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of Auckland city and harbour and activities such as mountain top barbecue and camping.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Auckland


Auckland St Mary’s Cathedral is one of New Zealand’s oldest and largest churches and one of Auckland’s cultural and historical heritage. Visitors can learn about New Zealand’s religious and cultural history and participate in various religious and cultural activities.


Studying at Auckland University can be a rewarding and enriching experience. Tips include creating a consistent study schedule, taking advantage of the university’s resources such as libraries and study groups, and balancing academic work with leisure activities to maintain well-being.

Time management is critical to academic success. Consider using planners or digital apps to organize your tasks and deadlines. Prioritize your workload, break down larger tasks into manageable chunks, and incorporate regular breaks to keep your mind fresh.

Yes, Auckland University offers a range of support services, including study groups, one-on-one tutoring, and academic workshops. These resources can provide valuable assistance in understanding complex concepts and improving academic performance.

Finding a balance is crucial. Take time each day for relaxation and self-care activities such as exercise, hobbies, or socializing with friends. Remember, it’s not just about studying hard, but also about maintaining your mental and physical health.

Don’t hesitate to seek help. Contact your professors during office hours or the university’s academic support services. They are there to assist you and provide guidance when needed.

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