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Top 9 Supermarkets Near the University of Liverpool

Are you embarking on a journey to the University of Liverpool? Let’s make that experience even more enriching for you. If you’re someone who cherishes the simple pleasure of fresh produce, the delight of a well-stocked pantry, or the comfort of a home-cooked meal, then this guide is just for you. We understand that grocery shopping plays an integral part in your daily life, especially as a student living away from home. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to explore the best supermarkets near the University of Liverpool. This blog isn’t just about pointing out locations on a map. Moreover, it’s about connecting you with authentic shopping experiences, trustworthy choices, and visionary sustainable practices these supermarkets offer. So, let’s take a step towards making your university journey easier, brighter, and full of flavour.

Aristocrats Supermarket


M&S Food Hall

M&S Food Hall is a favourite and preferred supermarket for many international students and is located in Liverpool’s lively city centre. The prices are a bit expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, and the homemade products and bakery section of M&S are unforgettable for international students, such as strawberry tarts, scones, etc. Apart from the Food Hall, M&S also has a small department store on the ground, first and second floors, where you can find clothes, shoes, bed linen, tableware and cosmetics. You can find clothes, shoes, bed linen, crockery, cosmetics and so on. Besides, M&S also has some small food shops. There is one in Liverpool Lime Street station. You can sign up for a Marks and Spencer membership to get vouchers and other discounts.


Waitrose is a British Royal Household brand usually found in high-end residential and commercial areas. Liverpool’s Waitrose is located in Formby, which is far away from the city centre, so some people choose to travel underground. In contrast, many others order online (Waitrose’s online ordering is available for a date and period). The prices are high, but the quality of the produce is fantastic, with fresh beef and seafood or unique home-grown produce: the famous Beef Short Ribs, Brioche Loaf, Bonne Maman’s puddings and many more. Sign up for a Waitrose membership and get discounts on some items, plus a discount code sent out every month. 

FairPrice Supermarket



Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, is located in the streets and lanes of large and small cities in the UK. Various sizes of supermarkets are available, equivalent to the domestic family and Rosen. From the size and geographical location, it is divided into four kinds of shops: Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstore, Tesco Metro, and Tesco Express.
Tesco Extra: the largest Tesco supermarket, it is more geographically isolated and generally not in the city centre. It also sells a more comprehensive range of items, including electrical appliances, clothes and household goods at the lowest prices.


Lidl is a German supermarket brand that sells brands from Germany and other continental countries, so it may seem strange to sell. In the UK supermarkets, its moderate price and high quality have won the hearts of many people! For example, £1.49 for 15 eggs, just not too cheap! You can also buy delicious Polish sausages and so on! In addition, Lidl often organises Asian food festivals.

The nearest Lidl supermarket is at the University of Liverpool North Campus. We recommend getting a Lidl membership card, which gives you £10 cash for every £200 you spend monthly. There are also discounts on some items after 6 p.m.


There are two Iceland supermarkets in Liverpool, one downstairs in St John’s in the city centre and one in a more suburban location. As you can tell from the ‘ice’ in its name, this supermarket specialises in frozen food, and the prices are low! Frozen pizzas, fried chicken, corn, green beans, Chinese spring rolls, roast duck, everything is available! Satisfy your little ones’ Chinese stomachs.

For those who are always on the go for dues and deadlines and don’t have time to cook, you can buy some and put it in the fridge for emergencies. The price of drinks in this supermarket is almost half that of other supermarkets and are in large capacity sometimes the student card also enjoys a 10% discount.


Aldi is similar to Lidl in that this is Liverpool’s affordable supermarket. It’s not a big supermarket, but it’s always full of customers. The nearest Aldi to the University of Liverpool is in the city centre, which is an easy walk. It also has everything, mainly unknown small brands, and the prices are cheaper than Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Vegetables and fruits here are often more affordable than other supermarkets, but the quality is also quite good. Therefore, it’s suitable for thrifty partners.


Based on its name, you can tell it’s a pound shop. Poundland is the domestic equivalent of a ten-dollar shop. In addition to not selling fresh food, other things, including tableware, paper towels, laundry detergent and other daily necessities, biscuits, chocolate and other snacks, can be found in Poundland. And the price is only one pound, some big things are more expensive, but most of the price is very reasonable. When the epidemic broke out in the UK, Dew disinfectant and disinfectant wipes were sold out in other supermarkets, but Poundland still has a lot of varieties. It is an excellent value-for-money supermarket.

Chinese Supermarket


eJoy Asian Foods 

eJoy Asian Foods is near the Vine Court Apartments on the University of Liverpool’s South Campus and is one of the richer supermarkets for Chinese food in Liverpool. In addition to some Chinese food, there are also many small shops and restaurants inside the supermarket, selling spicy hot pots, lo mein rice, pancakes, etc. The taste and portion size are good, and it will make students feel the era of domestic canteen in minutes.


SIDA has three shops in Liverpool, both on the North and South campuses of the University of Liverpool. It has a good range of Chinese and Korean food, perfect for your daily needs. Some beef rolls, lamb rolls and dumplings are cheaper than at Ezekiel. Payment can also be made through Alipay. If you pay more than 45 pounds, you can leave your address, and the supermarket will help you with free delivery to your home, which is very convenient.


Tesco is well-known for its broad product range, competitive prices, and convenient location near the University. It offers an extensive selection of international foods, vegan and vegetarian options, and even has an in-store bakery for freshly baked goods.

Yes, Aldi and Lidl are known for their budget-friendly prices without compromising on quality. These supermarkets offer a good range of products at lower prices, making them popular among students.

Most supermarkets, including SIDA  and Tesco, offer home delivery services. You can order your groceries online and deliver them right to your doorstep, making it a convenient option for busy students.

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