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Top 9 High-Paying Jobs in Melbourne

Are you looking for a job? Or about to graduate from college? This blog will introduce the top 9 lucrative jobs in Melbourne. I hope this information is useful



Surgeons are the pinnacle of the medical profession, with their skills and expertise rewarded generously. Their responsibilities encompass diagnosing illnesses and performing intricate surgeries to treat various health conditions. In Melbourne, surgeons earn a staggering AU$ 394,303 annually, nearly four times the average income.


Closely following surgeons in the earnings stakes are anaesthetists. These medical professionals play a pivotal role in operating rooms, ensuring patients are safely anesthetised during surgical procedures. Their vital function earns them a spot among the highest-paid professions in Melbourne. A full-time public anaesthetist typically earns about AU$ 300,000 to AU$ 450,000 per year.

Internal Medicine Specialist

Internal medicine specialists are the detectives of the healthcare world, specialising in diagnosing and treating diseases in adults. Their comprehensive knowledge and ability to handle complex health issues make them highly valued in the medical field. The average internal medicine salary in Australia is $154,716 per year or $79.34 per hour.

Financial Dealer

Financial Dealer

The world of finance presents lucrative opportunities for those with sharp analytical skills and deep understanding of financial markets. Financial dealers, who buy and sell securities, commodities, and other financial assets on behalf of clients, are among the highest earners in Melbourne. The average financial dealer salary in Australia is $130,000 per year or $66.67 per hour.

Equity Partner (Legal)

Equity partners in law firms share ownership of the firm and receive a portion of its profits. It’s a position that requires years of experience, commitment, and exceptional performance in the legal sector. In return, equity partners enjoy significant financial rewards. Most equity partners in Australia’s top 25 firms will earn over $1 million in 2022. But they are working harder than ever, and their job will be more challenging.


Dentistry is another lucrative career choice in Melbourne. Dentists diagnose and treat issues related to patients’ teeth and mouth, earning an attractive salary. The average salary for a Dentist is AU$ 163,116 per year in Australia.


Solicitors provide advice and represent clients in legal matters. Their expertise is rewarded with a high income. The average solicitor salary in Australia is $115,810 per year or $59.39 per hour.

Construction Manager

Overseeing building projects from initiation to completion, Construction Managers earn a high salary, reflecting the complexity and responsibility of their role. The average annual salary for Construction Manager jobs in Australia ranges from $165,000 to $185,000.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

For fresh graduates, becoming an Aerospace Engineer is a high-paying option. These professionals design aircraft and propulsion systems, and with experience, can earn a substantial income. The average annual salary for Aerospace Engineer jobs in Australia ranges from $135,000 to $155,000.

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