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User Experience on UK Price Comparison Websites: What Sets the Best Apart?

It is widely acknowledged that the United Kingdom is renowned for its high cost of living, with study cities like Manchester and Glasgow being costly. However, by employing specific strategies, students can effectively manage their expenses. For instance, utilizing reputable British price comparison websites can prove advantageous. These platforms offer comprehensive categorization of goods and services along with detailed price comparisons, enabling individuals to tailor their budgetary requirements and ultimately save both money and time. This blog aims to recommend a selection of invaluable British price comparison websites that encompass various aspects of daily life, such as shopping, insurance, loans, credit cards, travel arrangements, as well as utility bills, including electricity, gas and mobile phone subscriptions.

UK Product Price Comparison Sites


The website was established in 2000 and is headquartered in London, UK. Kelkoo operates in various locations, including Paris, Grenoble, Vilnius, Oslo, and Milan, serving customers across 22 countries, such as France, Germany, and the United States. Utilizing advanced technology, Kelkoo analyzes millions of products from thousands of retailers within seconds to provide users with the best options.

Kelkoo website UK

The website operates based on three fundamental principles:

  • Cost-effective: helping users save an average of 15% by finding the lowest prices
  • Efficient: swiftly identifying the latest deals through fast search capabilities
  • Precise: filtering out irrelevant information and focusing on user objectives.


The PriceRunner service website was launched in Sweden in 1999 and is currently headquartered in London, UK. It offers comprehensive coverage of various aspects of life, including digital products, electronics, home appliances, games, clothing, beauty, sports, health and more.

By combining website information with retailer-provided documents and utilizing a fuzzy logic automatic matching system or manual administration by administrators, the website ensures accurate quotations for its users.

Pricerunner website uk

UK Financial Services Price Comparison Sites


GoCompare is a UK financial services comparison website established in 2006 in Wales. It provides detailed information on financial products, including car insurance, home and pet insurance, and sub-insurance. It also provides comparison services for travel insurance, gas and electricity, broadband, loans, credit cards, mortgages, and other financial products through providers such as Energylinx and Experian, comparing which companies are cheaper and have better value.

If a student in the UK is buying insurance, click Student Insurance in the Insurance Property column at the top. This International student insurance covers various issues: illness, tuition fees, personal expenses and passports. Even if your family comes to the UK to visit you if you are sick, the insurance company will reimburse the travel costs of a relative.

Compare The Market

Comparethemarket.com is a UK-based price comparison website established in 2006 and operated as part of the BGL Group. The platform also facilitates co-branded or comparative services for other online companies to offer their customers. It ranks as the third-largest price comparison website in the United Kingdom now. 

Comparethemarket enables users to compare prices across a diverse range of products, encompassing car insurance, travel options, and utility network comparisons. Moreover, energy tariffs, broadband plans, and digital TV packages are frequently compared items on this platform. If you are considering purchasing social housing in the UK, you can search for available options by entering your postcode on our website.

search broadband deals  UK



Moneysupermarket.com was one of the first aggregator websites launched in the UK in 1999 and has become one of the largest and most successful aggregator websites in the UK, with a market capitalization of over $200 million. The business model enables customers to compare a wide range of financial products, including insurance, loans, credit cards and various other services, including gas, electricity, broadband, mobile phone, travel, etc., as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can make an informed choice about the products they want to buy.

For insurance, customers fill out a form and get quotes from different insurance companies, enabling them to compare and ultimately select and purchase the policy/product. As the quotes are stored on the insurance company’s servers, customers can return to complete the purchase later. In addition, Moneysupermarket also works with over 900 companies to allow users to manage their household finances online.

Moneysupermarket uk website

UK Express Comparison Website


ParcelCompare has been providing comparison rates for express delivery services since 1985. The website offers a direct price comparison from top-rated delivery companies in over 220 countries worldwide. Utilizing our unique Smart Booking technology, you can effortlessly save up to 60% on next-day deliveries from the UK to any destination globally. 

Additionally, we also offer comparisons within Europe for shipments originating outside the UK. Simply input the sender’s and receiver’s postcodes, along with package dimensions and weight, and our system will automatically calculate prices from various delivery providers.

UK Travel Comparison Website


Britain’s premier online travel and leisure platform boasts a staggering 1.65 million weekly visitors. It offers an all-encompassing booking service, including flights, tickets, accommodations, car rentals, musicals, and travel agents, among others. 

The website frequently unveils enticing hotel and travel package deals that combine flights with top-notch accommodations at unbeatable prices. These packages guarantee exceptional value for money as they feature hotels of a 3-star rating or higher – equivalent to the luxury of a star-rated hotel at the cost of a cosy B&B.

flight and hotels in uk


The MoneySuperMarket platform stands out as a beacon of consumer respect, renowned for its comprehensive approach that can be applied across a diverse range of products, including insurance, utilities, and financial services. With transparent and honest evaluations, it not only offers in-depth comparisons but also provides user-friendly navigation and insightful advice to foster deep-rooted trust among users.

By leveraging the potential of data and the capacity to negotiate collectively, comparison platforms possess the capability to provide deals that individual searches may not uncover.

Kelkoo is a leading comparison shopping service that enables consumers to make informed purchasing decisions through the provision of comprehensive product information, reviews and price comparisons.

The core essence of Parcel Compare lies in its user-friendly system, which aims to facilitate the comparison of diverse express delivery services, thereby enhancing transparency and efficiency in the package-sending process.

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