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Why does everyone love Middlesbrough, UK?

Everyone has a unique perception. However, the recollection of a city might stem from a brief visit marking a reunion with an old friend or even from a meticulously planned long trip. Hence, for Middlesbrough, each student harbours varied memories. In these recollections, it has exhibited hundreds of different characteristics. Indeed, after arriving here to study and life, everyone affectionately calls it “Boro“, associating it with all things good whenever they look back.


Teesside University is situated in Middlesbrough – a city vibrant with life. It has been recognised by BBC Radio 5 as a region with the highest happiness index in the UK! Moreover, Middlesbrough is set within the Tees Valley in Northeast England, where the cost of living and accommodation is highly cost-effective. Additionally, the surrounding areas offer stunning coastal views, pastoral landscapes, historical landmarks, and other sightseeing attractions. Truly an experience not to be missed.


City Landmark

The Tees Transporter Bridge is not only responsible for transport on both sides of the river. Moreover, it provides the perfect place for bungee jumping partners. As a result, this is one of only a few places in the whole of the UK where you can bungee jump from a bridge.


Industrially Developed

Middlesbrough is now a world centre for the chemical and process industries. And it was once one of the world’s industrial centres. Supplying the world with vast quantities of steel.

Birthplace of Gourmet

When you think of British food, it seems that you think of fish and chips. In Teesside, parmo is recognised by the locals as ‘national food‘. 

Football Club

For many students who love football, all they know about Middlesbrough starts with its football club. Thus, Middlesbrough FC gives people here a sense of pride. It gives those who come here a sense of belonging.

Middlesbrough FC

Entertainment and Leisure

Baker Street caters for your shopping and leisure needs. It has many independent boutiques, coffee shops, hair and body salons.

Teesside University

The University of Teesside in the UK is more than the most crucial reason why people love Middlesbrough—one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and world-leading teaching facilities. So, it attracts local and UK domestic students to study here, and international students from over 100 countries have travelled across the ocean to study here. Many have fulfilled their dreams of studying here. As a result, they have a different feeling towards Fort Rice.

Artistic Vibe

MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) is one of the mainstream contemporary art museums in the UK. Located in the centre of Middlesbrough, it is a practical museum. It organises major exhibitions of modern art. It is now co-founding the MIMA Institute of Contemporary Art with Teesside University. The MIMA Institute of Contemporary Art provides an excellent learning experience for students and nurtures essential talents for the future.


Middlesbrough has been the origin of numerous notable personalities. Teesside University, in particular, has a plethora of famous alumni. This list includes influential figures like Jamie Dornan, the lead actor in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘, Marek Reichman, the Chief Designer of Aston Martin, and Chris Newton, a bronze medalist in Olympic Cycling.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Convenient Living


Durham Tees Valley Airport is located 13 kilometres from Teesside University. There are direct flights to Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands, a central hub for international flights. There are also flights to domestic and other international airports in the UK. There is also a skydiving programme at Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Durham Tees Valley Airport

Railway Station

Middlesbrough railway station is part of the UK National Rail network. From here, you can reach all major railway stations in the UK. These include the cities of London, Newcastle, Manchester and Edinburgh, as well as London Heathrow and Newcastle airports.

Middlesbrough railway station

Red Car is a seaside resort in North York, England. It was historically part of the North Yorkshire Ride. It is located 7.5 miles (12.1 km) east-northeast of Middlesbrough on the North Sea coast.

Red car has picturesque beaches and an endless coastline. The stunning scenery makes Red car a truly idyllic seaside resort! What’s more, Red car was once a fishing village. There are a range of museums, galleries and monuments that showcase the town’s rich history and heritage.

In 2006, Redcar served as the filming location for the movie adaptation of the novel “Atonement“. Some of the scenes at the beach were shot in Redcar. The filming took place over three days in August 2006.

Student Accommodation & Security

Among the many factors in choosing to study abroad, many of you may first consider the ranking, geographic location, cost, etc. The primary factors that parents are concerned about may be more about student accommodation in Middlesbrough and security! uhomes puts the student at the centre of everything they do, so the student’s personal safety is regarded as a primary concern.

student accommodation Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough’s enchanting blend of rich history, cultural diversity, and stunning landscapes make it a place loved by many. The future of Middlesbrough holds infinite potential, with a vision of growth and innovation shaped by its lively community. So, whether you’re a student studying here or a local, there’s always something to fall in love with in Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough is extremely accessible to other famous British cities. Distance from York (50 miles). If you want to get to know York, check out the following posts when you have a moment.

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