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West 27th Place, Los Angeles

Student Accommodation

530 West 27th Street, Los Angeles, California(CA) 90007

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Property ID: S00018092
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Gym 24 hours security Furnished Pets allowed Parcels collect Now leasing for Fall 2024

161 Beds

Highest Floor 7

Built in 2011

【Apartment Information】
The student apartment built in 2011 has 7 floors and 161 units. It is located near the University of Southern California. The apartment is well located and well-equipped, and is also close to the city center.
The apartment is only 0.9 km away from the University of Southern California, and the school can be reached within a 13-minute walk.
The apartment is located in the DPS patrol area of Southern University, and the surrounding life is convenient, which can satisfy students' diversified clothing, food, housing and transportation.
Supermarket: Within five minutes of driving, there are many large supermarkets such as Trader Joe’s, Ralphs.
Restaurant: A variety of restaurants, Chinese, Korean, Western, etc. gathered within five minutes of driving to meet the various requirements of students
Shopping: Many large shopping malls around, such as Western Plaza Shopping Center, THE BLOC
【Inside the Apartment】
Fully furnished
Indoor washer dryer
Walk-in closet
Fully equipped kitchen
Large flat-screen TV
【Public Utilities】
Includes 24-hour fitness center
24-hour computer room with MAC computer
Swimming pool with hot tub
Group and private study rooms
Community patrol staff
Parking lot and bicycle storage
Professional site management and maintenance

House Rules

Cancellation Policy


No cancellations allowed. If you can't move in after signing, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Subletting may have additional fees determined by the apartment management.
Application Policy

Required Documents

Passport Sample

I-20 or DS2019 Sample

Pets Policy

Pet allowed

West 27th Place FAQs

Is the apartment furnished?

The apartment is furnished with bed, table and chairs, sofa, dining table, chairs. Kitchen features include refrigerator, gas stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher, in-unit washer and dryer. Although basic furniture is available, tenants need to prepare personal items such as bedding, pots and pans, and toiletries.

What do shared and private in XBXB mean?

The naming method of American apartments is XBXB. The first B refers to the number of bedrooms, and the second B refers to the bathroom, that is, the number of bathrooms; for example, 3B3B refers to the apartment type with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Marked [single] or [private] refers to a single bedroom, and one person lives in one bedroom; in the house type name, if there is a mark [shared] or [double], it refers to a double bedroom, that is, one bedroom 2 people

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What I rent is a single bedroom, does the bedroom opposite must also be a single bedroom?

Not necessarily, if you signed a contract for a single bedroom, you can only be sure that your bedroom is a single bedroom, and the bedroom opposite may be a single bedroom, or it may be a double bedroom for 2 people, depending on what the roommate opposite is renting single bedroom or double bedroom

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Student Accommodation in Los Angeles

What do the utility bills cover when renting an apartment in Los Angeles?

Utility refers to the water, electricity, heating, garbage and wastewater treatment fees, security fees, Internet and cable TV fees and other miscellaneous expenses that the tenant spends every month. Some landlords will include all these costs in the rent and require tenants to pay them together.

When renting a house in Los Angeles, can I cancel the lease at any time after signing the lease?

You may not. Generally speaking, the lease will take effect immediately after it is signed, and neither party can terminate the lease in advance. According to the relevant laws of the United States, if the tenant has signed a long-term lease, he/she shall bear the rent for the entire lease term. Even if he/she is forced to move out, the landlord still has the right to require the tenant to pay all the rent.

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Can I go to Los Angeles and see the house before deciding to sign?

Try not to. It is best to move in directly after arriving in the United States. Then, the closer the school starts, the higher the rent, and there is no good housing left around the school. Therefore, students, please decide the time you sign according to your actual situation.