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Top 22 Useful Websites for Students in the UK

In the dynamic world of education, knowledge is a beacon that guides us towards a brighter future. As you embark on your academic journey in the UK, let’s explore the landscape of digital resources that will illuminate your path to success together. This article will introduce you to some of the most invaluable websites in the UK, meticulously chosen for their authenticity, reliability, and visionary approach to learning. These useful UK websites cover all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transport, and I’m sure you’ll use them in your studies in the UK.


UK useful websites

Amazon is a platform we are more than familiar with, and it can also be said that Amazon UK is equal to Taobao China! If you are a student who has just arrived at your residence halls and wants to buy something new, you can sign up for a student membership to enjoy PRIME’s next-day delivery service.

Argos is the UK’s largest online electronic department store, offering a wide range of products, including household goods, electronics, baby products, children’s toys, beauty and skincare, men’s and women’s clothing, etc. It’s a one-stop shop. “Beyond its daily retail, Argos actively offers an online shopping experience with an offline pick-up service. It has also forged a cooperative relationship with eBay, enabling many eBay products to be conveniently picked up from an Argos’ offline shop.”

NIKE,ADIDAS,H&M,Nandos …… A variety of clothing with shoes, hats, bags, daily necessities, restaurants, etc.. To get the promo code and then go to the official website to buy, you can also save a few discounts. A lot of holiday discounts can even be discounted! Two or three discounts can buy domestic regular price but also vital things.

Superdrug & Boots
Superdrug&Boots is a chain of pharmacies, cosmetic shops, food shops, and opticians in one all-around shop, and you can get a free membership card. You can even get a lot of holiday discounts!


UK Transport websites

Uber is the UK’s version of Drip, available in basically every city. After all, taxis in the UK are costly, and Uber is much cheaper in comparison, making it a popular choice.

Google Maps
Google Maps is a must for overseas travel. It can accurately tell you all the travelling routes.

Training & National Rail
Similar to 12306 in China, you can check and buy all train tickets in the UK directly through these two software; even Tranline can also purchase bus tickets.

Citymapper & Tube map
If you live in London, these two apps are essential; they have all the bus and tube information in London, and even if you don’t have a signal, you can still use them.


UK Travel websites

Skyscanner is all you need to buy a plane ticket! Choose the time and place of all flights automatically compare prices to provide you with the best options and all the routes to choose; you do not have to spend time shopping around.

“Audemars Piguet” I believe we have heard of; if you want to go out to travel to live in a bed and breakfast, this is the largest platform; of course, if you want to live in a hotel, it can be used for booking.

Trip Advisor
“Embrace the global applause! When you spot this small owl symbol on a restaurant door, step inside for a culinary adventure. In the right frame, you can find reviews of hotel catering and entertainment, guiding you towards an enriching dining experience!


UK Entertainment websites

No one knows how powerful YouTube is; there is no longer a need to worry about the network card. It is very convenient! You can watch all the videos you can watch at home and the pictures you can’t see at home; whether it’s the latest TV series and films or knowledge sharing, you can be updated for the first time.

Netease Cloud, due to regional restrictions and copyright, there are still some songs in the UK that can not be listened to; it is necessary to download Spotify, and almost all the songs can be searched. The free version has a few seconds of adverts when you listen to a few songs, and if you want to upgrade to a member, there’s a 50% discount for students.

Facebook & Twitter
Powerful social platforms, if you want to integrate into local life as soon as possible, join local community organisations, second-hand market, you must be inseparable from “Facebook”, and Twitter will be more like domestic microblogging.

Instagram is a social software mainly for young people, and we often say “ins style” comes from this super good-looking filter.

Finding Job

UK finding job websites

If you want to find a job, you can use the school’s official Career service, but of course, if you are good at doing things on your own, you can get closer to success. LinkedIn can not only help you find a job to find alums but also, according to the settings, to help you recommend professional related companies, as well as executives and staff; networking should be established in advance to be one step ahead of others to find a satisfactory job.

In addition to job opportunities, the most extreme is that the candidate’s interview questions will also be listed before the interview to see the Glassdoor comment section of the discussion will become confident and really high transparency; many employees personally evaluate the company to share, so that unscrupulous companies have no place to hide.

Targetjobs clearly categorises numerous graduate scheme positions along with their respective deadlines, and it actively indicates whether they can provide visa sponsorship or not.


UK food websites

BBC Good Food
One of the most popular food websites in the UK, BBC Good Food, offers a vast collection of recipes worldwide. This website covers everything from quick and easy meals to gourmet feast ideas. Their step-by-step instructions and helpful videos make it easy for even novice cooks to create delicious meals.

The Happy Foodie
The Happy Foodie is a food website that is all about celebrating home cooking. It features recipes from some of the UK’s most beloved chefs and cooks and kitchen tips and tricks. This website also offers book recommendations for those who want to expand their culinary knowledge.

Great British Chefs
Great British Chefs is the perfect website for those looking for more advanced and adventurous recipes. This site features recipes from some of the UK’s top chefs and provides stunning food photography to inspire your creations. It also offers in-depth articles about ingredients, techniques, and cooking trends.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver needs no introduction to food websites in the UK. The celebrity chef’s website offers diverse recipes, from quick and easy meals to more challenging dishes. It also features articles on food sustainability and healthy eating.

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