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5 Best Supermarkets in the UK?

More and more students have arrived in the UK, such as cities like Sheffield, Coventry, and Leicester.  When it comes to shopping, everyone must have the same worries. That is, should I bring this? Can I buy it in the UK? Give you a list of these ordinary supermarkets in the UK. Come here to buy everything you need for your life. Those are all well-known chain shops in the UK so that you can buy all the necessary consumables. And the price is very affordable! Let’s take a look.

Supermarkets in the UK

1. Boots

Boots can be found in cities large and small across the UK and is the most commonly used health and beauty shop chain in the UK. Whether it’s medicines, household products, or beauty and skincare products, you can buy them at Boots. Ordinary toiletries are available in all major supermarkets. And for more specialised toiletries and beauty brands, Boots is the place to go.

And, in the bigger Boot shops, you can also buy Fenty Beauty, Chanel, and Dior, among other counter lines of beauty. Remember to get a student loyalty card from Boots if you’ve got a student card. You’ll get 10% off and points every time you shop.

Supermarkets in the UK

2. Superdrug

This is the UK’s second-largest chain of general merchandise shops, with over 800 shops. Carrying a similar category to Boots, there aren’t as many outlets as Boots, but they sell a good range of things. Everything from health and skincare products to cosmetics are included, and some products will be branded differently.

Supermarkets in the UK

Also, Superdrug has its membership card. Sometimes, members-only discounts and rewards such as double and triple points exist. Superdrug has many affordable goodies, with products under £10 abounding, from Avène sprays to Staph cleansers, E.L.F concealers to Revolution eyeshadow palettes. All sorts of popular open-shelf products are available here at great prices.

3. Primark

This is a brand from Ireland called Penneys in Ireland because its positioning is affordable, similar to the British version of H&M, very suitable for students to go shopping, and the price of goods is shallow! And the stuff here is also very complete; from bedding and living supplies to clothes, shoes, and bags, everything is sold here!

Supermarkets in the UK

Boys who are unaware of the clothing brands may wish to visit this place. £ 50 can bring back a lot of good goods. In Primark, you can often see a scene where everyone’s hands carry a big bag home. Because it is too cheap, do not buy it as if sorry for themselves.


IKEA will be very familiar to you. There are five of them in London. There are also five in London and major cities such as Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Southampton. With the same wide range of products as IKEA in China, you can buy all the necessities of life in one visit.

Supermarkets in the UK

However, due to IKEA’s remote location and the inconvenience of transporting large items home on your own. For those new to the UK, you can still shop online, and Ikea is available as a paid home delivery service. However, we must remind you that IKEA’s delivery speed is not fast. If you need to, we recommend that you shop in advance so that you can live your dream life as soon as possible after moving in.

5. Argos

Argos is a shop without shelves, and many chains in the UK have affordable prices. If you don’t have an Argos near your flat, you can shop online, but you must have a UK bank card to pay online.

At Argos such a great Supermarket in the UK, you can buy everyday household items, tools, sports equipment, standard parts, decorative materials, household appliances, stationery and furniture, jewellery, photographic equipment, books and magazines, and so on. Besides, except for the lack of food, Argos carries a wide range of products at very affordable prices.

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