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47 Trivia Facts About the University of Warwick


  1. The full name of the University of Warwick is The University of Warwick;
  2. The University of Warwick is 55 years old this year;
  3. The University of Warwick’s motto in Latin is Mens agitat modem, into English as Mind Over Matter;
  4. The primary colour of the University of Warwick logo is purple;
  5. The current Logo of the University of Warwick was in 2015 at great expense to the university;
  6. The University of Warwick is a university that is not in the named city;
  7. The University of Warwick is a goddess school, but the actual ratio of men to women is 1:1;
  8. Warwick also has a lot of foreigners, and the colder the major, the more;
  9. Warwick’s scoreline will always be high, anyway, is “dead and not expand”, dead points control of the control. 13!
  10. The University of Warwick rowing team is the “originator” of the nude charity calendar. Since 2009, they have been shooting nude charity calendars every year. 14;
  11. The only two colleges on campus with money – WBS and WMG;
  12. Inspired by The Guardian, Warwick’s school newspaper, The Boar, coined the word ‘Woxbridge’, meaning Warwick, Oxford and Cambridge.


  1. You will never know how studious Warwick’s schoolboys are;
  2. There has been a history of a class failing 35 friends from different countries in one exam;
  3. The salary level of Warwick graduates five years after graduation ranked 6th in the UK;
  4. The small shelf outside the UG office of the Department of Economics has all the materials for the class. If you miss out on which class, you can go there to get the materials;
  5. Most of the teachers at Warwick are moderate; there are some great ones, and some are a little bit watery;
  6. WBS was the first business school in the UK to achieve triple business school accreditation;
  7. WBS offers quasi first-class Support in the European region;
  8. Warwick doesn’t have exams for every subject, but quite a few WBSs are mad with exams;
  9. WMG provides free printing ink, but you have to bring your own A4 paper;
  10. Moodle is a must-use website for submitting assignments, but it’s very messy;
  11. Initially, I had no idea what the teacher was talking about. I had no idea what the teacher was talking about in class. I had to guess the teacher’s expression through the recorded words and examples. 39;
  12. The most daunting thing about WBS is that there is always endless Reading;


  1. All kinds of animals in Warwick are not afraid of people;
  2. The university does not provide accommodation for the week after the language course;
  3. The Warwick Arts Centre has discounts for students;
  4. In summer, if you are lucky you can see Warwick ducks queuing up to cross the road;
  5. The winter graduation ceremony is held at Butterworth Hall in Warwick Arts Centre;
  6. Excellent student accommodation near the University of Warwick, uhomes the site to find a house.
  7. Piazza Square, which is the first choice for taking graduation group photos;
  8. Although the pressure of studying can break you down, what’s wrong with being nostalgic after graduation?
  9. IELTS listening full marks, the very beginning of the class still feel like a scum;
  10. Besides the Business School, why are there so few Career Events in other colleges?
  11. Protect your belongings in the UK, especially in crowded places, and don’t take libraries lightly;
  12. If you plan to go out for Christmas, get a Schengen visa in advance!!!! It is important to choose a good country and make good plans;
  13. When you are approaching the Final, you will be living in three points: school, flat and library;
  14. Warwick is rich in resources, so don’t waste your tuition fees; use the Career and Language centre.
  15. Don’t get sick! Don’t wait too long to get an appointment to see a doctor in the UK…
  16. Please treasure every student who can cook;
  17. The view home from school is great, a little more quiet compared to the busyness of London;
  18. Spring in Warwick is also beautiful, it’s the winter that’s a little bit long;
  19. Don’t just be a nerd, rich extracurricular activities are also important;
  20. Although I haven’t lived there for long, I always feel that Warwick has become my second home;
  21. Only in Warwick, when it’s late at night and you can’t sleep.
  22. School background is important, but if you don’t work hard yourself, you’ll feel unproductive reading Oxbridge, right?
  23. No one who graduated from Warwick has ever regretted it;
  24. Want to be a goose in Warwick. When I’m happy, I swim in the river; when I’m unhappy, I go ashore and bite.

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