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A Superb Guide to Australian Bedding Sizes

If you are going to study in other cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, you should know this information.

Australian Bedding Sizes

Australian Bedding Sizes

Commonly Used English Words for Australian Bedding

Bedding: Bedding, Bed Linen or Manchester
Quilt Covers
Pillow Cases
Pillow Cases
Fitted Sheet
Sheets: Flat Sheet
Pillow: Pillow
Pillow Case: Pillowcase
Quilt Cover Set / Bed Sheets
Typically consists of a Flat Sheet laid directly on top of the mattress;
One Bed Sheet (Fitted Sheet): set on the mattress. Aussies usually wrap the Fitted Sheet around the mattress as a bed sheet, and the Flat Sheet serves as a layer separating the quilt from the body.
One or two pillowcases or a four-piece set if you need more pillowcases at home.
Mattress protectors and pads: Protectors & Toppers: if the mattress is too hard, that is to say, you can add a layer of Toppers on top of the mattress.
Blankets & Coverlets
Cushions: Cushions
Bedspreads: Coverlets
Decorative Blankets: Throw Rugs

Tips For Buying Bedding in Australia

In general, Bed Sheets, three or 4-piece sets (sheets, shams, pillowcases), Pillows, and Quilts/Doona are essential ~ add as much as you like.

Bed Sheets

There are two types of Bed Sheets: Fitted Sheets and Flat Sheets.

In Australia, Bed Sheets are Fitted Sheets + Flat Sheets + 1 or 2 Pillow Cases. In Australia, the custom is to put a bed sheet on top of the mattress, a sheet on top of it, and then a comforter.

Flat Sheet is more like the traditional Chinese bed sheet, a rectangular piece of fabric that can cover the whole mattress. The American flat sheet is used between the bedspread and the quilt. The person sleeps between the two layers of sheets so that you can only wash the sheets and not the quilt (similar to the hotel usage). There is a wit to it!


  • Putting another layer of Mattress Protector (mattress protector) under the bedspread is recommended to prevent dust mites and even waterproof and protect the mattress.
  • If you find the mattress too hard, add a layer of Mattress Topper with memory foam.


A quilt is a quilted thin quilt (traditionally, at least one of the sides is a pattern of many fabric scraps appliquéd together), generally a little thicker than a coverlet but thinner than a comforter/duvet. The quilted style is called Quilted, a quilted coverlet, a quilted sham and so on.

Comforter / Duvet Insert: A comforter quilt is a thicker, warmer quilt (but the inner layer can be cotton, polyester fibre, down, etc.), primarily refers to the cotton quilt in English is 100% Cotton Filled Comforter; duvet is a comforter.
The key to selecting a comforter is mainly the material ~ different materials will bring different levels of comfort.

There are two types of fillings: natural fillings and synthetic fibre fillings.

  • Natural fillings: Down > Silk > Camel hair > Cashmere > Wool > Cotton.
  • Synthetic fibre: hollow fibre and microfibre.



  • Common natural filling materials: Down (down), Feather (feather), Cotton (cotton), Buckwheat Hulls (buckwheat) and so on; down is very soft, and mixed with feathers can not only reduce the price can also increase the strength of the support, buckwheat pillows support is excellent. This type of pillow, usually well-maintained, can be used for a long time.
  • Synthetic fibre filling material: usually polyester (polyester), not accessible to allergies, but this type of pillow is generally used for two or three years. If it is an imitation, velvet pillows can be used for a more extended period.
  • Memory foam filling material: Memory Foam pillows with sound support. Gel Memory Foam gel pillows, in addition to support, are also more fabulous. Latex Foam pillows are hypoallergenic, with a 100% organic version. Contour Neck Pillow imitation cervical spine contour can provide better support. Memory foam pillows are usually used for two years to change.
  • The more popular ones are latex pillows and memory pillows.

Recommendations for buying Australian bedding

Sheridan | Australia Bedding high-end Quality Representative

As Australia’s first textile dyeing and printing company, its products are all inspired by Australia’s beautiful colours and natural light! That is to say, Sheridan’s vision is to bring creative thinking into every detail of life. His bedding has a high luxury feel of a star hotel and is simple and atmospheric. It is considered a trustworthy high-end home brand in Australia! The whole set is again $200 +; the material is more satin cotton and linen! Whether it is a gift or to buy for the family, it is very worthy of the choice of brand!

House au | Australia Bedding Cost-effective Representative

The house’s bedding style is relatively simple rustic, and the whole set is $100-$150, as the Australian home cost-effective website provides a series of practical and durable home textile goodies! The primary material is cotton! I used to study abroad to buy the first set of bedding from their home, with a super long time, will not ball, good cleaning, the focus is on discounts super.

Adairs | Korean Ins Girl Wind TOP Representative

Adairs bedding quality has always been very good, in Australia is a relatively famous home platform, in addition to self-supporting brands, there will also be like MIniJumbuk such high luxury bedding! Their price point is then $100-$200 at the beginning, generally cost-effective or very high. The Korean style is wind and bright colours, cotton and linen texture-based, very suitable for girls full of room!

IKEA | International Chain Young People’s Love

IKEA has always been a good place for many young people to choose their household goods at home and abroad! The prices are surprising and the styles are trendy and modern. According to my understanding, their bedding is the first choice of many international students, the price of a full set of basically $50-$100, simple and generous colours, fabrics are basically cotton based! This famous brand has won young people’s favourites with its perennial reputation, and it is a good partner for most of the students’ friends at home.


Amazon has a wide range of bedding brands with great discounts! With autumn and winter approaching, pick up some wool quilts to warm you up for the winter!


Our guide serves as a reliable source of information for anyone looking to understand Australian bedding sizes. It aims to simplify the process of choosing the right bed size, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.

Yes, Australian bed sizes can differ from those in other countries. Our guide provides a comprehensive comparison, helping you make informed decisions when purchasing beds or bedding from or for Australia.

Our guide is conveniently accessible online. You can view it anytime, anywhere, providing information at your fingertips when needed.

While the primary focus is on bed sizes, the guide also touches upon related aspects such as bedding accessories, offering a holistic understanding of preparing your perfect sleeping space.

Yes, you can email the flat in advance to request it, and guests can stay for about five days or so.

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