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Best Universities for Business in the World: Rankings in 2024

Do you know the best universities for business in the world? This blog will keep you up to date. One of the most popular majors chosen by students studying abroad is the highest-paying Business major. Business graduates have better job prospects. They can work in various fields, including finance, marketing, and human resource management. Business majors are more international because business and economic activities are globalized. Studying business majors can help international students understand global business and economic trends and enhance their cross-cultural communication and cooperation skills. 

#1 Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business is a graduate school at Stanford University in the United States. Founded in 1925, it is one of the best business schools in the United States and one of the top business schools in the world.

Stanford Graduate School of Business, situated near the Oval in the heart of the Stanford University campus, is a global leader in business education. Its location near Silicon Valley facilitates venture capital, finance, and high-tech collaborations. The school’s innovative teaching methods, extensive alum network, and global influence make it a world best business university for individuals seeking a business education. 

Stanford Graduate School of Business not only has superior teaching quality, but its neighbourhood is also excellent. Stanford is a college town surrounded by campuses, residential areas, and off-campus apartments near Stanford University. The city’s environment is also stunning, with many parks and nature preserves. These places are available for students to unwind and exercise. There are also many business districts, shopping centres, restaurants and cafes that offer a wealth of living and entertainment options.

A top 10 global universities for business in Stanford University

#2 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

As one of the world’s best universities for business, Wharton School is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

The school was founded in 1881. It has a strong reputation for excellence in all management, business, and primary economics education. It is consistently among the top-ranked business schools in the U.S. and the world. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is considered one of the colleges with good business programs, including undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, PhD, and professional master’s degree programs. The MBA program, in particular, has earned the school the distinction of being one of the best MBA schools in the world.

The university’s leader is committed to creating a pleasant and convenient environment for its students. The school building was designed in a modern Gothic style, combining the architectural styles of Oxford and Cambridge Universities while retaining some Gothic elements. Besides, the surrounding area has been developed. There are new restaurants, supermarkets, and movie theatres, providing a better experience for students. Off-campus apartments near Wharton School are diverse and available; you are welcome to consult us for more information.

#3 Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is among the best colleges for business majors in the United States. It has long been deemed a global model for higher business education. Founded in 1908, it is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Harvard Business School is affiliated with Harvard University.

Harvard Business School is known for its unique case-based pedagogy, strong alumni network, and global impact. The School has trained many business leaders, government officials, and scholars and has significantly contributed to the development of the world economy.

#4 London Business School

London Business School is an international business school at the University of London. It is next to Regent’s Park, one of the Royal Parks of London. Founded in 1964, LBS is among the top schools for business and one of the two earliest business schools in the United Kingdom.

London Business School is among the triple-accredited business schools (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). In 2023, LBS’s Masters in Management was ranked third in the world in the business school rankings from the Financial Times, and the school’s Master of Science in Finance program was ranked number one worldwide for several years.

#5 HEC Paris

A top 10 global universities for business in Franch

Founded in 1881, HEC Paris is one of France’s most prestigious business degree colleges and one of the best business universities in Europe. It is located in Fontainebleau, a suburb of Paris, about 50 kilometres from the centre of Paris.

HEC Paris is known for its academic rigor, strong faculty and excellent graduate employment rates. The school has been ranked high in several business school rankings, such as the Financial Times European Business Schools Ranking 2023, which listed it as the world’s best business university.

#6 MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management is a business school affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Founded in 1914, it is one of the top-ranked business schools in the world and one of the best bachelor business schools in the United States.

MIT Sloan School of Management is known for its innovative teaching methods, intense research and global influence.

#7 Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is the business school of Columbia University, an Ivy League school in the United States. It is one of the oldest and best business schools worldwide. Founded in 1916, the school is located on Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus in Manhattan, New York City. It is also regarded as one of the most challenging business schools to enroll in.

#8 IE Business School

IE Business School is a graduate business school in Madrid, Spain, founded in 1973. Ranked top in several business school rankings, IE Business School is known for its innovative approach to teaching and learning. Its programs combine theory and practice and encourage students to think critically and work in teams.

IE Business School is known as the one of the top colleges for business in Europe. The School provides students with a wealth of entrepreneurial resources and support to help them realise their business ideals.

#9 Cambridge Judge Business School

A top 10 global universities for business in University of Cambridge

Founded in 1990, Cambridge Judge Business School is a business school in Cambridge, England. It is part of the University of Cambridge. As one of the best business schools in the world and one of the best universities for business in the United Kingdom, Cambridge Judge Business School is known for its unique case-based pedagogy, vital research, and profound global influence.

#10 IESE Business School

Affiliated with the University of Navarra, IESE Business School was founded in 1958. Its main campus is located in the economically developed city of Barcelona, and its branch campuses are spread in Madrid, Manhattan (New York, USA), Munich (Germany), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). 

IESE Business School is known as the “Harvard of Europe”. In 1963, Harvard Business School allied with IESE Business School in Barcelona, and every year, the two sides held meetings to discuss some issues with common interests. In April 2010, IESE Business School established a branch campus in New York and became the first European business school in the United States.

As one of the best colleges for business, IESE Business School’s campuses offer MBA education programs, including MBA, EMBA, Global EMBA, PhD in Management, and senior management training programs for corporate executives. These programs suit applicants with over five years of work experience in a particular field.


Choosing the best colleges for business is crucial in an era where the business landscape constantly evolves. As we have discussed, the top 10 global universities for business stand out for their academic excellence and commitment to cultivating the next generation of leaders. All of those institutions prepare international students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. I’m sure you already have your choice of the dream school. Trust in your vision, and know there’s no limit to what you can achieve with hard work, commitment, and the right academic environment.


Harvard Business School, renowned for its rigorous curriculum, innovative teaching methods, and unparalleled access to industry leaders, sets the benchmark for excellence in business education. If you plan to study here, there are plenty of student accommodation choices near Harvard Business School. Learn more at uhomes.com.

Prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and London Business School often come to mind due to their unparalleled reputations, cutting-edge research, and vast alum networks. 

We often find institutions like Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and London Business School, among others, topping the charts. These institutions are not just educational entities; they are visionary communities that mould the very fabric of the global business. 

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