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The Top 8 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Birmingham: Balancing Work and Study

Studying in Birmingham, whether as a graduate or undergraduate student, offers a relatively flexible curriculum arrangement with the possibility of having 1 to 2 days off each week. During this time, besides immersing oneself in studies, students can engage in volunteer activities and join university clubs. Additionally, they have the opportunity to work part-time to earn some extra income. However, it is essential to note that international students studying in the UK are subject to a maximum limit of 20 hours per week for employment. This article provides you with a checklist of the most suitable part-time jobs for students in Birmingham.


tutor part time job in birmingham

Tutors are typically categorized into two distinct types. The first type is represented by private tutors who provide personalized lessons within the child’s residence. These individuals are usually university students and specialize in teaching subjects such as English, mathematics, chemistry, A-Level courses, and specific minority languages. On the other hand, the second type encompasses teaching assistants who operate within educational institutions and adopt a similar approach to that of cram schools. In order to pursue a career as a tutor, it is imperative to possess not only exceptional academic achievements in one’s respective field but also exhibit qualities such as patience, responsibility, and an aptitude for working with children. It is worth noting that tutors can expect to earn an average hourly rate ranging from 11 to 20 pounds.

Restaurants & Cafes

waiter part time job in birmingham

The experience of working in fast food establishments, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, or various sushi and pizza restaurants, offers opportunities to work either in the kitchen or as a cashier. Engaging in employment at these establishments can significantly enhance one’s oral English proficiency. It requires the ability to discern different accents and accurately process customer orders. However, it should be noted that working in this type of fast food establishment can present significant challenges due to shift schedules, which may initially pose some difficulties.

On-Campus Job

on campus part time job in university of birmingham

The University offers a plethora of part-time opportunities, including administrative tasks, library work, activity preparation and more. During the welcome week or application season, the school may also hire campus ambassador students to assist with various tasks such as early procurement layout for facilities like the Arts Centre and Gym. To stay informed about available positions, it is essential to regularly check your school’s official website for recruitment information. Campus work is generally safe and flexible, with minimal night shifts and student colleagues. Depending on the position applied for and working hours, salaries can range from £60-80 per day.

Public Relations

public relation part time jobs in birmingham

The field of PR work primarily involves media operations and publicity, which can be categorized into two main types. The first type pertains to educational institutions, such as school clubs or organizational activities, that require students to engage in early promotional activities on social media platforms. This often entails creating a dedicated Facebook page to extend invitations and distribute flyers for the event. The second type involves assisting companies with campus-wide promotions through roles like campus ambassadors or internships. These positions typically necessitate proficiency in various new media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Therefore, if you possess strong interpersonal skills and enjoy socializing online, pursuing a part-time job in PR could be an excellent choice, with a decent hourly wage ranging from approximately £15-20.


store assistant part time job in birmingham

Many discount villages or large department stores in the UK, such as Selfridges, employ shopping guides who possess a comprehensive understanding of the brand and excellent communication skills. Moreover, engaging in sales work can enhance your English proficiency while offering flexible working hours. The average hourly wage ranges from £10 to £15, with potential additional perks associated with the brand.

Customer Service

Customer Service part time jobs in birmingham

The role of customer service is a commonly sought-after part-time position. Some positions entail desk work, where you will be responsible for promptly answering phone calls, while others offer more flexibility and are conducted online. Your primary responsibilities will include managing delivery schedules, addressing customer inquiries, and promoting the platform, among other tasks. Essentially, anyone can meet the requirements for this role; however, the salary offered may be average, with an hourly rate typically ranging from 7 to 10 pounds.

Tour Guide

Tour Guide part time job in birmingham

Students who have resided in Birmingham for a considerable duration may consider applying for the position of a tour guide, possessing comprehensive knowledge of local attractions. The responsibilities encompass managing itineraries and providing explanations to guests, arranging accommodations, ensuring safety protocols are adhered to, and offering prompt solutions during emergencies. However, leading tours demands immense effort and concern, necessitating both resilience and leadership acumen. Naturally, exceptional communication skills along with proficiency in English serve as significant advantages. Remuneration is typically based on the number of individuals guided or privately agreed upon terms, allowing for relative flexibility. During periods of academic lull or when seeking long-term part-time employment opportunities, one can join a travel agency where regular assignments will be assigned accordingly. In comparison to other professions, the salary offered to tour guides is commendable.


Translator part time job in bimringham

Translation is also a popular part-time job for students, as it generally does not have professional restrictions. If there is a need for professional translation and the content aligns with your major, it would be advantageous, and the salary would typically be higher. Translation work primarily involves translating written letters and articles, as well as providing accompanying translation services. Apart from specialized translation tasks, in general, the difficulty level is not too high. Accompanying translation mainly entails daily communication, while some written translations may require specific professional knowledge; however, both time and workplace arrangements are flexible.

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Freelance digital work is often regarded as the epitome of part-time employment, offering unparalleled flexibility, potential for skill enhancement, and the opportunity to work remotely from any corner of the world.

A reliable method to discover these opportunities is by connecting with Birmingham’s extensive network of local job centres, where advisors can effectively match your unique skills with potential employers. Additionally, exploring the digital realm through platforms such as Indeed, Reed, or the city’s own “Jobs Birmingham” portal will unveil a diverse range of part-time positions across various sectors. It is important not to underestimate the influence of word-of-mouth and community committees from local organizations, which frequently advertise suitable roles.

The challenges associated with securing a part-time job in the UK can vary significantly based on several factors, including geographical location, industry sector, and prevailing economic conditions. Urban areas boasting substantial student populations and thriving tourism industries typically offer a greater abundance of part-time employment opportunities. However, due to the higher concentration of job seekers in these regions, competition for such roles tends to be more fierce. Conversely, smaller towns or rural locales may present fewer prospects but with less intense competition. The key lies in remaining well-informed and actively engaging in job search activities across diverse platforms ranging from local advertisements to online resources. Moreover, staying attuned to emerging industries and demonstrating flexibility can enhance one’s prospects.

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