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A Unique Taste of China: 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Sheffield

Chinese Restaurants in Sheffield

Sheffield is renowned for its industrial heritage and green spaces, which are at the heart of this vibrant city.

This guide, Uniquely Chinese: The 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Sheffield, has been curated with a unique perspective – sharing gourmet Chinese restaurant dishes.

Capture the essence of Chinese culinary traditions in cosy Sheffield. Discover the rich flavours and vibrant atmosphere of these restaurants as beacons of Chinese cuisine in Sheffield, far from the bustling streets of Beijing and the scenic beauty of Guilin.

Dragon House

Dragon House

Dragon House, nestled in the heart of Sheffield, has etched its mark as a culinary haven for lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine.

This esteemed establishment proudly showcases a menu that is a rich tapestry of China’s vast gastronomic landscape. The chefs, maestros in their craft, have meticulously curated a selection featuring the finest dishes that span from the spicy nuances of Sichuanese cooking to the subtle, aromatic flavours of Cantonese cuisine.

A signature dish that has patrons returning is the “Dragon’s Breath Prawns” – a dish where succulent prawns are stir-fried with a secret blend of spices that ignite the palate while maintaining a delicate balance of flavours.

Not to be overlooked, the vegetarian options are equally compelling. The “Buddha’s Delight” offers a hearty and satisfying ensemble of stir-fried vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms that even non-vegetarians laud for its robust flavour profile.

Address: 87 West Street, Sheffield, S1 4ER

Signature Dish: Peking Duck, meticulously prepared, showcasing a crispy skin and succulent meat, served with traditional accompaniments.

Opening Hours: Noon to 11:00 PM, daily.

Capacity: 80 seats, offering an intimate yet welcoming atmosphere.

Price Point: Peking Duck at £22.

Commute: A mere 15-minute walk from the University of Sheffield and 20 minutes from Sheffield Hallam University, it’s a refreshing stroll for a memorable dining experience.

Sichuan Kitchen

Sichuan Cuisine

With an unyielding commitment to tradition, Sichuan Kitchen specialises in the bold flavours typical of Sichuan cuisine. It is known for its liberal use of garlic, chilli peppers, and the unique Sichuan peppercorn that imparts a tingling sensation.

The menu is a carefully curated symphony of fiery and subtle dishes, ensuring something to satisfy every palate.

Star specialities include the Kung Pao chicken, renowned for its perfect balance of spicy and sweet, and the mapo tofu, a comforting dish with a thrilling kick.

Each meal is crafted from the freshest ingredients, honouring the authentic tastes that make Sichuan cuisine distinguished and beloved.

Address: 34 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GF

Signature Dish: Spicy Mapo Tofu, a bold blend of Sichuan peppercorns and fiery chilies, is a testament to true Sichuan cooking.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM, daily.

Capacity: 50, ideal for cosy dining encounters.

Price Point: Mapo Tofu at £14.

Commute: Conveniently located within a 10-minute walk from both universities, it’s the perfect escape for a spicy culinary adventure.

Bamboo Door

Bamboo Door Dim Sum

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sheffield, Bamboo Door has established itself as a beacon of Chinese culinary excellence, drawing in locals and visitors alike.

Bamboo Door’s specialities include the Peking Duck, a dish celebrated for its crispy skin and tender meat, served with homemade pancakes, spring onions, cucumber, and a rich hoisin sauce.

Equally notable is their Dim Sum selection, offering a variety of delicately handcrafted dumplings, steamed buns, and other bite-sized treats that evoke the authentic tastes of Guangzhou’s bustling street markets.

Their Szechuan tofu, another standout, promises a spicy and numbing sensation characteristic of Szechuan cuisine, appealing to those in pursuit of bold flavours.

Address: Unit 3 Leopold St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2JG

Signature Dish: Dim Sum Selection, offering an exquisite variety of steamed and fried delicacies, handmade daily.

Opening Hours: Thursday 5 pm–2 am
Friday 4 pm–2 am
Saturday 12 pm–2 am
Sunday 4 pm–12 am
Monday 5 pm–12 am
Tuesday 5 pm–12 am
Wednesday 5 pm–12 am

Capacity: 70, providing a lively yet comfortable dining experience.

Price Point: £10–20

Commute: Only a 12-minute walk from the University of Sheffield and an 18-minute walk from Sheffield Hallam University, making it an excellent choice for an evening indulgence.

The Red Lantern

Crispy Shredded Beef with Carrot and Chili

The Red Lantern stands as a beacon of traditional Chinese cuisine amidst the bustling streets of Sheffield. Its menu is a carefully curated selection of dishes that pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of China.

From the fragrant Szechuan Beef, known for its bold and piquant flavours, to the Cantonese-style Roast Duck, celebrated for its succulent meat and crispy skin, each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity. Specialising in Dim Sum, The Red Lantern offers a diverse range of these delightful bite-sized treats, providing patrons with an authentic taste of Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the restaurant takes pride in its Peking Duck, a speciality that has garnered acclaim for its perfectly roasted skin and tender meat, served alongside paper-thin pancakes, spring onions, cucumber, and a sweet bean sauce.

The staff at The Red Lantern, with their unwavering dedication and expertise, ensures that each dish is prepared with the utmost care, using only the freshest ingredients, thereby offering an exceptional dining experience that is both authentic and trustworthy.

Address: 123 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LE

Signature Dish: Crispy Shredded Beef with Carrot and Chili, a dish that perfectly balances sweetness and spice, crisped to perfection.

Opening Hours: Noon to 10:00 PM, daily.

Capacity: 60, offering a welcoming environment that mirrors the warmth of traditional Chinese hospitality.

Price Point: Crispy Shredded Beef at £10.

Commute: Situated within a 20-minute bus ride from both universities, it serves as a delightful dining destination after a day of study.

汉朝 Han Restaurant

汉朝 Han Restaurant

No one’s gonna argue with me that this is the best Chinese restaurant in Sheffield.

It’s unlikely that every Sheffield student hasn’t come to eat there. The dry-boiled fat sausage is number one, fried to a crisp and flavourful perfection.

Pork trotters were roasted softly, gizzards were crispy, the spicy hot pot was huge, and I felt particularly fond of the beef phyllo inside, which was generous and very potent. Feel is an excellent place to go back to blood on the weekend.

Address: The Plaza, 8 Fitzwilliam St, Broomhall, Sheffield S1 4JB

Signature Dish: Szechuan Spicy Fish

Opening Hours: 11 am-9 pm, daily

Capacity: Casual seating areas are generally able to accommodate a larger number of guests and are suitable for individual or small-group dining. Private rooms, on the other hand, are ideal for family dinners, business banquets or special occasions, providing a more private and comfortable dining environment.

Price Point: £20–30.

Commute: An even quicker 5-minute bus ride on routes 120 or 56 will whisk you directly to the University of Sheffield, blending efficiency with the opportunity to engage with the local community.

A direct 10-minute walk through the heart of Sheffield. If time is of the essence, the 56 bus route offers a speedy 7-minute journey, delivering you to Sheffield Hallam University.


How do you select the best restaurants in Sheffield?
Selecting the best restaurants involves thoroughly considering several factors, including food quality, service excellence, ambience, and the overall dining experience.

Where can I find the best traditional Sheffield dish?
Many people hunt for the best traditional Sheffield dish, which leads them to the iconic Sheffield pie. This hearty, comfort food staple is rooted deeply in the city’s culinary heritage. While opinions on the “best” may vary, the bustling Kelham Island and the eclectic Ecclesall Road are famed for their pie shops and pubs serving this beloved dish.

How does Sheffield accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions?
Restaurants and eateries across the city proudly cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions, offering dedicated vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and halal options.

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