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What Is Contactless Payment In UK?

Contactless Payment is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. As well as making everyday payments, you can use it as a London bus pass (Oyster Card) as long as your bank card supports it. Place it directly over the yellow card reading area and instantly pay for your Pay As You Go fare. This blog today will tell you more about this payment method.

What Is Contacless Payment

Contactless Card, also known as “contactless smart card”. It does not mean swiping money out of the air, but means that consumers no longer need to enter the Pin (password) when paying. Simply place the card on the appropriate port, and after a beep, the payment is complete. It’s as simple as swiping a bus card. This feature helps users eliminate the hassle of making change and entering a PIN, allowing payments of up to £100 to be made in a matter of seconds. And with the technology being used on both the London Underground and buses, it’s growing even faster.

Contacless Payment logo

Although this payment method has only caught fire in recent years, the technology was actually introduced back in 1997. And in 2008, shops like Boots, Pret a Manger, McDonald’s, and SUBWAY were able to pay with Contactless Cards.

What cards can be used for Contactless Payment

All the major banks issue Contactless Cards, and there are now over 40 million contactless payment cards issued in the UK. And this card comes in various forms, from debit and credit cards to prepaid cards. Take out your bank card; if it has a little wifi-like logo, it supports contactless payment functionality. If it’s not on your card, most banks can replace it with a card that can use the Contactless feature for free. You just need to request it.

contactless payment card
Contactless Card

But where and how can we use it? Don’t worry, most shops, restaurants and supermarkets in the UK accept Contactless Payment now. All you need to do is ask, “Is contactless available?” at the checkout, and the assistant will understand.

Is Contactless Payment safe?

There is no need to worry about the security of these cards. In fact, the card is protected by a PIN, which is only required once in a while to prevent account theft. However, the payment method is not foolproof. Even if you use cash, there is still the possibility of receiving counterfeit money. According to a report published on the Mail’s website, some thieves have illegally converted mobile phones to get close enough to the card to copy and steal the account information. Therefore, people must be wary of contactless intelligent card theft in public places. If you find any unusual transaction records, contact your bank promptly!

However, thanks to the development of NFC technology, contactless payment can be used on mobile phones and even watches. NFC is Near Field Communication technology. This technology allows mobile phone users to travel worldwide using a mobile phone equipped with payment functions. Mobile phones can be used as airline tickets, access keys, transport cards, credit cards, etc. As for the spending details, you can check them on the banks’ respective mobile apps or online banking.

Things to Know about Contactless Payment

  1. Almost all banks offer free replacement of Contactless Cards and exchange from Contactless Cards back to regular cards.
  2. Each bank has a different policy, and some require you to manually activate the contactless payment function at the ATM machine. Usually, when you receive your card, it will be accompanied by a relevant letter of explanation. If there is no explanation, you can also consult your bank.
  3. Contactless cards are now supported on all public transport in London and most train stations. Using this card on public transport in London saves you the time of buying a ticket and allows you to enjoy the same bus card Pay As You Go rates. As with Oyster, there is a daily limit. Also, if you need to use it every day, it automatically counts as if you’ve bought a weekly pass, which is cheaper than calculating Pay As You Go on a single day. However, it is essential to note that the Contactless Card can only be used from Monday to Sunday, so if you need a weekly pass from “this Wednesday to the next Wednesday”, you will still need to purchase it through Oyster Card.

It’s up to you to decide whether to pay with a Contactless Card or continue using the traditional PIN payment method. Remember to check your bills regularly and be careful with your finances! If you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

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