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Cost of Living Payment at Coventry University

A sister recently asked me how many people differ on how much they spend in the UK. Some say they spent 400,000 in 3 years; others say they spent 300,000 in a year, so who to believe? She noted that at Coventry University, she doesn’t buy luxury goods. She works part-time, and she keeps everything simple.  She wonders what the Cost of Living Payment at Coventry University is.

Keeping things simple, working part-time and subsidising your living costs can save you a lot of money. Let me share how much it costs to study at Coventry University in a year, including tuition fees, living costs, accommodation costs, etc.

Cost of Living Payment – Tuition Fees

Coventry University tuition fees for a year will be around £13,250 – £15,000. Tuition fees may vary somewhat between different specialisms. However, generally speaking, the tuition fees for science and engineering subjects are more expensive than those for business and arts subjects. 

Cost of Living Payment – Accommodation Costs

Rents for flats and B&Bs in the Coventry area vary widely. The better flats, such as Copper Towers, can cost up to £208 a week. For 52 weeks, that’s £10,816. However, the environment and facilities are nothing to write home about. But if you want to live a little cheaper, there are places for more than £80.

For example, some cheap hotels in Coventry like

Greyfriars House

(from £84)

The Apollo Works  

(from £85)

Paradise Student Village

(from £92)

Corporation Village

(from £99)

Burges House

(from £99)

Queen’s Park House

(from £99)

Singer Hall

(from £99)

CODE Harper Road

(from £99)

Entire Place·6B6B···6 Fletchamstead Hwy

(from £90)

Entire Place·3B2B··5·Osbourne House

(from £100)

Price details are from uhomes. So if any Coventry students want to book a room, keep an eye on their website.

Cost of Living Payment

Student accommodation is, of course, essential when you’re studying abroad. But if you want to save money, it’s necessary to find houses for sale Coventry, and Raglan House is just the place for you.

Raglan House, Student Accommodation

Location: You can walk to the Coventry University campus in less than 10 minutes, and the city centre is just 12 minutes away!

Bill Includes: Electricity, heating, Wi-Fi, water and insurance.

Rent: From £102 /week


If you would prefer to have your bathroom but share the kitchen and living room with your flatmates, choose the En-suite. If you want to live independently and have a separate space, the studios will be ideal.

You will find a communal area as you walk through the front door of Raglan House reception. This area has sofas, comfy chairs, and a TV with a foosball table.

Living here, classes are less than 10 minutes away. And the city centre’s shops, entertainment and nightlife are just a 12-minute walk away. You’re also just minutes from the Fargo area, which is full of interesting independent shops, cafes, bars, and more.

Cost of Living Payment

Cost of Living Payment

If you rent this student flat for £102 a week, it will cost you about £5,304 for 52 weeks.

Cost of Living Payment – living costs

If you’re living expenses, cooking for yourself will be much simpler. Sainsbury’s meat is very cheap, and you can buy half-price beef for £2, which will last you for a few days. But sometimes, you may not have time to eat out during exam week. Going out to eat will result in a slightly higher price. A budget of £100 a week is an excellent way to live. 52 weeks down is £5200.

Cost of Living Payment

All tuition fees + living costs + accommodation costs approximately equal £13,205 + £5,200 + £5,304 = £208,452. So, £208,452 is achievable to live in Coventry. It’s just that it might be a bit of a tight squeeze, and that’s not counting what you get from working part-time. But £208,452 can be lived on in Coventry.


In Coventry, students can find diverse accommodations to suit their individual requirements and budgets. Options include halls of residence, private flats and houses, and purpose-built student accommodations. Essential amenities are generally provided, and locations are conveniently situated near universities for easy commuting.

The cost of student accommodation in Coventry can vary greatly depending on the type of accommodation and its location. A student can expect to pay between £80 to £200 per week. This rate typically includes utilities like electricity, water, and internet.

Securing accommodation in Coventry can be done through various means. Many students opt for university-owned residence halls, while others prefer private rentals. It’s advisable to start your search early as student accommodations, particularly those close to universities, tend to fill up quite quickly. uhomes can also provide valuable assistance in your search.

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