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Education in UK vs US: their Top 5 Colleges

The topic of education in uk vs us is inevitable, especially when you are choosing a university to do your undergraduate or postgraduate studies; you are faced with countless universities around the world since universities in the UK and the US are probably the two best choices of these, with the world’s top educational resources and technologies.

While both the US and the UK offer excellent educational opportunities, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on UK education vs US. This will enable you to compare the two and make an informed decision based on your individual needs and preferences.

Main Factors when Choosing College in the UK VS US


The average annual cost for international students at British universities is about $24,000 to $40,000. In contrast, the cost of studying in the United States is higher than that of the United Kingdom, as learning there is generally $30,000 to $40,000 for public schools and $50,000 to $60,000 for private schools. British schools are mainly public schools, relying on government funding; funds are relatively scarce, so the scholarship programmes and amounts provided are limited and more inclined to local students. In the United States, in addition to public schools, there are many private schools; these schools are well-funded, and there is a lot of social support for international students to provide many scholarship programmes. So UK vs USA, studying in USA costs more.

Both the United Kingdom and the United States offer advantages to studying in the United States; although the United Kingdom is cheaper in terms of employment, its advantages are smaller than those of the United States.


The application process for American universities is complex; in addition to high school grades, a review of the student’s SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and overall ability to perform, personal application letters and letters of recommendation, interview performance, etc., the applicant’s subjective influence on the admissions officer’s is also more robust.

While the British university application procedures and materials are more straightforward, the main factor in review is the school results, which value students’ interest in academics and their pursuit of them. Still, due to the British university education, the emphasis on professionalism will be based on applying the professional assessment of the results of specific subjects. Overall, the application process for studying in the UK is more straightforward and flexible than that for learning in the US. UK education system vs US, which do you think is better?


1.Teaching Style

UK university courses are mainly lecture-based, with occasional coursework and essays, and some subjects may even have only one final assessment for the entire semester. On the other hand, most courses at American universities have various forms of coursework to be completed almost every week and a much more varied course format.

Specifically, the standard of teaching at UK universities is more consistent and balanced, whereas in the US, where there is a distinction between research and taught schools, many universities have a looser format and varying teaching standards. It is hard to say which is better US or UK. Applicants need to consider whether their learning style matches the teaching style of the university they are applying to.

2.Course Setting

University education in the United States emphasizes “breadth,” while university education in the United Kingdom emphasizes “depth” British universities do not require students to take courses unrelated to their majors, and the necessary courses are within the scope of their majors. In addition, students need to decide on their major when they apply, and it is relatively complex to change your major during your studies.

This point is the most widely discussed topic in the UK education vs US. For many local students in the UK, the choice of courses at A-level in high school largely determines the choice of subjects at university. It is more challenging to change specialities in university when you start to break down the direction of your studies in high school. In the United States, it is widespread for universities to change majors, and according to statistics, up to 80% of American college students have changed their majors at least once during their college years.


When American vs UK education system. It can be seen that the UK academic programme usually lasts three years for an undergraduate degree and one year for a master’s degree. The US programme lasts four years for an undergraduate degree and two years for a master’s degree. If you want to get your degree as quickly as possible, consider the UK first.

Due to the curriculum and teaching style, both the three-year undergraduate and one-year master’s programmes in the UK are usually very compact and not easy to read. Unlike the US, all three years of undergraduate study in the UK are specialised, with three years of cascading relevance and practicality.

What is College in the UK

University of Cambridge

Qs Ranking: 2

The University of Cambridge is in the top 10 of all global lists, is the UK’s most Nobel Prize-winning institution, and is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world, with honours in anthropology, architecture, English, chemistry, geography, law and computer science in the Quality of Teaching and Learning (QoL) assessment.

However, Cambridge has a very high entrance threshold and a meager acceptance rate of 15.5 per cent.

University of Oxford

Qs Ranking: 3

One of the world’s leading Top Universities and the oldest university in the English-speaking world, it is regarded as the “cradle of geniuses and politicians“.

Oxford’s application requirements are very demanding and extremely difficult to apply for. Last year’s acceptance rate was 15.3%. If you are applying for postgraduate studies, Oxford has requirements for undergraduate schools.

Oxford_University_Colleges education in uk vs us

Imperial College London

Qs Ranking: 6

Imperial College London is one of the UK’s five super-elite universities and is recognized as one of the top three universities in the UK regarding research level. Imperial College is famous for its engineering, medical specializations, and business. It is recognized as one of the top three universities in the UK in terms of research standards. 

ICL is considered to have one of the highest entry standards in the UK. Last year, the application acceptance rate was 10.8 per cent.

Imperial College London is situated in South Kensington, a standard affluent area of London. Its off-campus rentals are the most expensive in London, but you can find some of the best houses here at uhomes.

University College London

Qs Ranking: 9

It is a member of the Golden Triangle of prestigious universities in the UK and enjoys the largest budget from the UK government. It is the largest University in the UK and has the broadest range of subjects. Law and economics are among the best in the UK.

UCL is an open-plan university with numerous decentralised buildings and campus buildings all over London.

The University of Edinburgh

Qs  Ranking: 22

The University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest comprehensive universities in the United Kingdom, and famous scholars such as Darwin and Hugh Moore came from the University of Edinburgh. The environment of the University is good, the price of goods is low, and the experience of going to school is good. The University is well-recognised around the world and has a reasonable employment rate. The proportion of international students at the University of Edinburgh reaches 47%, and the University has a stringent selection mechanism for admission, with only 8%-10% of new students being admitted annually.

British vs American Schools: US Colleges

Harvard University

U.S. NEWS Ranking: 1

Harvard University is a school that accepts diversified ideas. Its political science, sociology, chemistry, mathematics, anthropology, economics, philosophy, biology, etc. programs are all the first in the United States. This famous school will always be in the competition of “college in the UK vs US”. Harvard’s school rules are numerous and complex and require students to complete tedious pre-course assignments.

The school wants students to be socially valuable, kind, and loving and admits students with character and straight A’s on their transcripts.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

U.S. NEWS Ranking: 2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a perfect academic atmosphere, and you can do research freely during your undergraduate years.MIT is a leader in science and engineering, especially in engineering and CS. The assignments at MIT are challenging and usually done in groups of 4. The school favours “genius” or “personal charisma”, so if you have some special skills, Mit will probably accept your application.

Stanford University

U.S. NEWS Ranking: 3

Stanford University is located in San Francisco, where the climate is warm and comfortable. The undergraduate business department is the alma mater of the founders of HP, Google, Yahoo, Link, Nike, Cisco, etc., and it covers a wide range of scientific research directions.

standford university

Yale University

U.S. NEWS Ranking: 16

Yale University is the third-oldest rattan school in the United States, and its humanistic care for students is its own characteristic and advantage. The quality of Yale’s courses is superb; professors generally welcome students from other departments to sit in on their classes. Its campus environment is quiet and safe, which is suitable for concentrating on research. Yale selects students for their intellectual curiosity, leadership, and ability to make the most outstanding contribution to the school and favours students who have experience in community activism or politics.

Princeton University

U.S. NEWS Ranking: 17

Princeton has solid academic resources and generous scholarships. Ranked No. 1 in the nation for undergraduate academic achievement, professors and classmates on campus are approachable and will be very enthusiastic about helping you.

Princeton’s acceptance rate could be higher, at only 7% in 2021 and 2022. The school has many excellent students, which may create a lot of pressure.


There are enough explanation of British schooling system vs. American.Choosing a university is not only about rankings and reputation but also about the differences in the education system and social life in different countries, which will determine the tone of your study period in the coming years and even the tone of your whole university life. Therefore, we hope that all prospective students and parents can compare their conditions with those of the schools and make the most suitable choice after considering all factors.

Both of the two offer unique challenges. UK colleges emphasize specialization and exam-based assessments, while US universities provide a broader education approach.

There is no exact answer. The choice should align with personal goals and learning styles for the best educational experience.

It’s different in terms of cost, duration, and requirements. If you want to know the details, just come and see our blog.

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