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10 Highest Paying Jobs in NYC

Many people in the world want to find highest paying jobs in NYC, because bustling metropolis is a global hub of innovation, finance, and culture. To live in New York permanently is the goal of most dreamers and doers pursuing top paying jobs in NYC. Although money is not the only motivation when finding a job, who would refuse the opportunity of jobs that pay well in NYC?  It’s likely to search for the best jobs in new yorkin the field of finance on Wall Street, marketing and media industries, or technology and healthcare. In this article, we’ll look at best paying jobs in NYC, listing 10 of them to give you a sense of the types of jobs you can pursue.


What are the Highest Paying Jobs in New York?

1. Surgeon

Surgeons have longer residency requirements than other medical doctors. After finishing medical school, surgeons must complete a five-year residency and a 1-3 year fellowship. Maybe that’s why it is the best careers in NYC. Surgeons often specialize in specific areas, such as orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, or general surgery, allowing them to focus on particular procedures and patient populations. Their responsibilities are diagnosis and assessment, follow-up care, and making a surgical plan.

Median salary: $249,450

Job outlook: 2% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree at a minimum

2. Chief executive officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking management executive in a company. The CEO serves as a communication bridge to connect with both C-level management officers and oversees the company’s upper management officers. Besides, the CEO has to guide the organization to set and achieve its strategic goals. Many people consider the CEO one of the best NYC jobs. However, being a CEO is not that easy. large corporations may want a candidate to hold an MBA. Chief executives should have management or supervisory experience. One thing that should be noticed is that New York is considered one of the top-paying states for Chief Executives.

Median salary: $239,200+ 

Job outlook: 6% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s or master’s in a relevant field of study; considerable work experience

3. Physician

Being a physician is one of the best paying careers in NYC. A physician is a licensed medical professional who diagnoses and treats patients with acute, chronic, and emergency health conditions. Both physicians and surgeons must graduate from a bachelor’s degree program and a four-year accredited medical school. After that,  they can enter a residency program that can take three to nine years to complete. For example, in the New York States, it’s the must-step to get the US Medical Licensing Examination or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination. Specific job duties may vary depending on the specialization, such as paediatrics or cardiology, dermatology, and internal medicine. 

Median salary: $225,580

Job outlook: 3% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, medical school, residency program

4. Financial manager

When applying for this position, the candidate needs to have five or more years of experience in some companies. With the accumulation of work experience, the financial manager position has become one of the most paid jobs in New York. While some roles may require certifications or licensing, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is necessary for this job. As a financial manager, you’ll oversee accounting and managerial activities. You will work on budgeting and financial reports. You could also work in a supervisory role, supervising staff members and advising them on financial decisions.

Median salary: $212,290

Job outlook: 17% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

5. Sales manager

Sales managers usually hold a bachelor’s degree and have sales experience. It’s a nice option for people looking for best paying jobs NYC. The responsibilities include supervising sales teams, setting sales targets, and potentially being involved in staff recruitment and training. In this role, you will oversee sales teams, assist in setting goals, and evaluate performance. Additionally, the manager will be responsible for addressing customer concerns, developing budgets, and devising strategies to expand the customer base.

Median salary: $206,920 

Job outlook: 5% increase

Requirements: High school diploma at a minimum; some positions require a bachelor’s degree; previous sales experience

6. Dentist

As one of the highest paying careers in NYC, dentists have many things to do. For example, work directly with patients using various tools, including drills, digital scanners, x-ray machines, and lasers. Also, dentists opt to specialize in areas such as dental anaesthesia or oral and maxillofacial surgery. Moreover, they also provide preventative oral healthcare services like teeth whitening, cleaning, polishing, and regular checkups according to patients’ needs. To get this highest paying job in New York City, candidates must either hold a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) or a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and complete a residency approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Median salary: $174,060

Job outlook: 6% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, DMD or DDS, completion of an accredited residency program

7. Lawyer

 Lawyers serve as advocates, advisors, and representatives for individuals, businesses, and organizations. They may also provide legal advice and recommendations for legal concerns that don’t require court action. Lawyers play a crucial part in upholding justice, protecting rights, and navigating the complex legal system. To get the highest paying city jobs NYC, prospective lawyers must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before attending law school. Law schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) are typically preferred.

Median salary: $171,000

Job outlook: 8% increase

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree; pass the Multistate Professionals Responsibility Exam (MPRE) and the NY State Bar Exam to get a license.

8. Engineering manager

The responsibility of engineering managers is to direct, coordinate, and plan the technical activities and performance of the company’s team of engineers. As a manager, being involved in hiring and overseeing project staff is another duty he or she has to accomplish. In addition, managers also propose and manage the department’s budget. Engineering managers can earn roughly 6% more in NYC than in other parts of the United States, so it is one of the highest paying careers in NYC.

Median salary: $170,110

Job outlook: 2% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in engineering at a minimum; experience in the field

9. Financial advisor

A financial advisor is responsible for helping businesses and individuals make financial decisions that might include investment opportunities, pension and 401K advice, and insurance. To work in the highest paying companies in New York, you may have to register with the state or get licensed. Certifications, such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credential from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, may be helpful. Most companies provide on-the-job training to the employees who are chosen for this highest paying jobs NYC. So if you get the opportunity, catch it and fight yourself.

Median salary: $167,850

Job outlook: 15% increase

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement; some employers may prefer candidates with a graduate degree; some financial advisors require licensure

10. Data Scientist

As top paying careers in New York, data scientists’ responsibilities are collecting pre-processed data, interpreting data to determine trends in consumer behaviour, patterns, and trends, presenting the results using easy-to-understand visuals and reports, and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. More specifically, a data scientist can specialize in one field, such as IT, sales, marketing, and any business or industry that relies on statistics. Data scientists play a more critical role in the operation of companies. Therefore, they aim to analyze and interpret data to gain valuable insights and develop solutions to address the company’s unique needs and concerns.

Median salary: $130,070

Job outlook: 36% increase

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree at a minimum

What is a Good Salary in New York City?

Top earners taking highest-paying jobs in New York are also the richest people in the world. How much money do people need to live enough in New York? Well, the answer isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It depends on the lifestyle you have in your mind. To lead a comfortable lifestyle in New York, you should have the motivation to get top jobs in New York. According to the statistics, A good salary between $90,000 and $100,000 gross per year (or between $71,596 — $99,434 after tax) is more than enough to live in NY for a single adult. Among living activities, the cost of Living in NY is a big expense, and most of your monthly budget will go for renting. Even getting high paying jobs NYC, choosing the right housing is a must for people.


Embracing a career in one of the highest salary jobs NYC not only opens doors to impressive financial rewards but also signifies a commitment to excellence, expertise, and relentless determination. Before you begin your job journey in NY, prepare yourself with a required degree and choices of living places. Taking our guide as a reference and work hard toward the position you want, you will live your dream life in NYC.


With an annual median wage of $249,450, Surgeons will be the highest-paying job in NYC.

 Yes. The average salary in NYC is impacted by factors like neighbourhood, age, gender, and education level. A good salary between $90,000 and $100,000 gross per year is enough to live in NY for a single adult.

Yes. Though most high-paying jobs require a high degree, several rewarding occupations offer competitive salaries without requiring a formal college education. These roles often value experience, skill mastery, and specialized training, providing individuals such as Real Estate Brokers and Commercial Pilots.

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