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Part Time Jobs Near Me: How Students Can Apply

Can Chinese students work in the UK? If so, how to find a part-time job near me? This is a prevalent concern for many international students.

Fortunately, the answer is Yes about international students with part-time jobs. This article will explain everything about part-time jobs in the UK.

Part-time Job Type: Work from Home/Remote/Office

The UK government allows international students with student visas to work up to 20 hours a week. In that case, a part-time job is a great option. 

Before you make your choice, we can first explore the benefits of getting a part-time jobs and the basic job options.

Part Time Jobs for Students: Great Harvest

  • Enhanced Employability Skills

Part-time jobs for students provide valuable practical experience and an opportunity to develop crucial skills like time management, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Employers highly value these skills and can significantly enhance a graduate’s job prospects in the UK and internationally.

  • Financial Independence and Support

A part-time job allows international students to support themselves financially during their studies.

It provides an avenue to cover living expenses, accommodation, and other day-to-day costs. As a result,  the financial burden on families or sponsors decreases, and self-sufficiency rises.

  • Networking and Industry Exposure

Part-time work in the UK often involves interacting with professionals and gaining insights into the local work culture and industry practices.

This exposure can help students build a professional network and make valuable connections. 

  • Opportunities for Full-time Employment

Many part-time jobs can transition into full-time positions upon graduation.

Demonstrating excellent performance and a strong work ethic during part-time employment may lead to job offers from the same employer.

Furthermore, some UK employers use part-time roles as a trial period for potential full-time hires.

  • Visa Flexibility and Extended Stay Options

International students who work part-time during their studies may be eligible to switch from a student visa to a working visa after graduation.

This transition is facilitated for those who have gained valuable work experience during their studies, making their UK stay and career easier. 

Types of Part-time Jobs

How to find a part-time job in the UK

There are usually 3 ways to find a part-time job in the UK:

  1. Apply directly at the company
  2. Apply at the official website.
  3. Through friends’ referrals

Apply directly at the company

if you want to apply directly at the shop, you need to bring your CV (Curriculum Vitae, also know as resume) with you.

Some shops will ask you to leave your CV behind, and some may ask you to fill in their job application form.

For example, to do part-time retail work, the best way is to visit the High Street in person. You can see if there are job advertisements outside their shops and then go in one by one to hand in your CV.

Tips: Remember to dress formally and ask for the manager when you enter the shop.

Speak with good manners when communicating with others for a  good first impression.

Apply at the official website.

if you know which company or shop you want for part-time jobs, go directly to their official recruitment page or online job portal at Indeed or LinkedIn, to view the latest recruitment.

You can benefit from the quick response and formal application process via this method. Besides, there are fewer concerns about the time-wasting process of checking in person.

Through friends' referrals

Although this method is not always possible, the social connection is also very important in the UK!

Suppose your friends happen to work in a company or shop. In that case, when they are leaving or know that the company needs people, you can recommend your friends to come to the interview

This happens a lot for large-sized companies.

Part-time Jobs London: Hot Picks

London, a global hub for culture, finance, and commerce, offers many part-time job opportunities for various interests and skill sets.

Whether you’re a student looking for work during your studies or a professional seeking supplemental income, the city offers many options.

Here are ten hot picks for part-time jobs in London, each representing a different field or sector, ensuring you can find a role that aligns with your preferences and goals.

1. Retail Assistant: Engage with customers and assist with sales in London’s diverse retail stores, gaining valuable customer service skills while enjoying a dynamic work environment.

2. Barista/Café Staff: Join one of London’s many trendy coffee shops, serving beverages and creating a welcoming atmosphere for patrons seeking a caffeine fix.

3. Event Staff: Work part-time at events, conferences, or exhibitions, helping with event logistics registrations and ensuring smooth operations during various gatherings across the city.

4. Tour Guide: Share your knowledge and passion for London by becoming a part-time tour guide, showcasing the city’s rich history, landmarks, and culture to eager tourists.

5. Freelance Writer/Content Creator: Explore your creative side by writing articles, blog posts, or creating digital content for businesses, websites, or social media platforms.

6. Delivery Driver/Courier: Join the growing gig economy as a part-time delivery driver, providing efficient and timely delivery services for online orders in and around London.

7. Tutor/Private Instructor: Share your expertise by offering tutoring services in subjects you excel in or teaching a musical instrument, language, or other skills to students or enthusiasts.

8. Fitness Instructor: Lead fitness classes, such as yoga, pilates, or HIIT, by obtaining relevant certifications and teaching at local gyms, studios, or community centres.

9. Graphic Designer: Showcase your design talents by taking on freelance or part-time graphic design projects, catering to businesses and clients seeking creative visuals for branding and marketing.

10. Virtual Assistant: You can work online as a virtual assistant, providing administrative support, managing schedules, and handling communication for businesses and entrepreneurs, all from the comfort of your home.


When looking for a part-time job, you need to be patient. Meanwhile, handing in your CV in a targeted manner will be more effective than casting a wide net.

Get prepared to fill in an application form, as there will be an interview for the part-time job. Also, remember to apply for a National Insurance Number.

Although the UK student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week, after all, students have their studies to attend to.

So please organise your studies and course plan before considering a part-time job, and don’t let your work affect your studies.


Part-time jobs typically involve working fewer hours than a full-time position. While there is no set standard, it ranges from around 10 to 20 hours per week based on the UK laws.

In the UK, the minimum age to start working is generally 13 years old. However, there are restrictions on the type of work and the number of hours for individuals under 16

A part-time job is a form of employment where an individual works for a shorter duration compared to a full-time job. Moreover, there are more flexibility in scheduling and can be ideal for students, parents, or those seeking a work-life balance.

The salary varies widely with age and the job you choose. Hourly wages typically range from £7 to £10 hourly for most students.

You can find part-time jobs through online job portals (e.g., Indeed, LinkedIn), university career services, company websites, local advertisements, and friends’referral.

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