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The Melbourne Experience: A Year of Lifetime Memories and Inspiring Connections

Flinders Street Station

My journey to Melbourne, Australia, has been extraordinary as an international student. Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the diverse culture, vibrant atmosphere, and world-class education this city offers. Melbourne, often called the “most livable city in the world,” has truly lived up to its reputation.

Here’s a glimpse into my unforgettable year in this remarkable city.


One of the first challenges I faced was finding suitable accommodation. I chose the UniLodge Melbourne Central, located at 293 La Trobe Street, one of the best affordable student accommodations in Melbourne.

As for my living arrangements, I am currently renting a Standard Studio that boasts many delightful amenities. Within my room, I enjoy the convenience of heating and air conditioning, a spacious desk paired with comfortable chairs, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a cozy bed.

In addition, I have access to a well-equipped conference room, a tranquil study space, a reliable laundry room, a quick-snack vending machine, and a serene library. In addition, this accommodation encourages an active lifestyle, providing me with a fully equipped gym and a captivating cinema room. Besides, at UniLodge Melbourne Central, the staff exemplify conscientiousness, consistently responding to requests attentively and promptly.

Moreover, I am fortunate to reside in an apartment near the esteemed RMIT University City Campus, where I pursue my studies.


Melbourne boasts some of the world’s top universities, and I enrolled in one of its prestigious institutions – RMIT University City Campus, founded in 1887. RMIT has a rich history of providing high-quality education and is renowned for its innovative and industry-focused approach to learning.

I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science, a constantly evolving field with exciting opportunities for innovation and creative problem-solving. In my daily academic life, alongside the required courses and electives, I actively attend lectures and workshops that broaden my knowledge and enhance my skillset. In addition, a multitude of practical laboratory courses complements these enriching experiences.

As I approach graduation, the culmination of my studies will be a significant dissertation, the graduation project, which serves as a fitting finale to this year’s educational journey.


Melbourne is a food lover’s paradise, and I’ve indulged in countless gastronomic adventures.

Joomak is a small Korean izakaya beside RMIT on Swanston Street. The Korean food here is not only authentic but also unique. The cheese egg roll with fish roe is the only one of its kind in Melbourne, with fish roe and cheese wrapped in the egg roll, which is very satisfying, and the Seafood pancake is one of the best seafood pancakes in Melbourne! Many of my friends say it’s even better than the local ones in Korea!

Wonderbao, although it’s in a small alleyway, you can see the long queue as you approach. The big, fragrant buns are cheap and tasty, with thick skin and meat. The exposed meat filling in the buns tempts passing foodies all the time, and there are also the very original silky tofu gua buns with tofu inside, which have an extraordinary texture.

Moreover, I can enjoy a delectable culinary experience near my apartment at the esteemed Krimper Cafe and Homm Dessert at Heart.


Melbourne, a shopaholic’s dream, boasts some of the best shopping destinations near UniLodge Melbourne Central, including the popular Melbourne Central with its diverse stores and boutiques.

The stylish and high-end Emporium Melbourne.

The bustling pedestrian mall of Bourke Street Mall with its wide selection of shops and vibrant atmosphere.

The discounted brand options at DFO South Wharf and Spencer Outlet Centre.


In Melbourne a city brimming with attractions that cater to all interests. I’ve marveled at the street art in Hosier Lane; Taken leisurely walks along the Yarra River; Explored the historical wonders of the Royal Exhibition Building; Spent countless hours immersed in the artistry of the National Gallery of Victoria; Appreciating the well-preserved parks, gardens, and museums that offer endless opportunities for cultural exploration and historical appreciation.


The friendships I’ve forged are among the most rewarding aspects of my Melbourne experience. Near my apartment and college, a diverse range of options awaits you and your friends, like The Alchemist’s Refuge with its unique cocktails and cosy atmosphere. The State of Grace offers a stylish and sophisticated setting. The Workshop Bar is known for its craft beers and laid-back ambiance. The Murmur Piano Bar for live music and a vibrant experience ensures you enjoy a wonderful time with your friends and create memorable experiences.


Melbourne, a city that embraces diversity, creativity, and innovation, has given me a year filled with personal growth, unforgettable experiences, and lifelong memories as an international student.

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