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Discovering the Best Things to Do in Birmingham to Make Your Weekend More Interesting

Welcome to the journey of discovering the best things to do in Birmingham, this vibrant and multicultural city that always attracts countless tourists and locals with its rich and colourful activities. From its rich industrial heritage to thriving art and cultural scene, to lush green spaces and cutting-edge culinary scene, the city offers a unique experience that caters to everyone’s interests. Whether you’re an art lover, a sports enthusiast, or an adventurous explorer who is keen on experiencing unique cultures, Birmingham can surprise you with unexpected delights. The city’s regular events are even more fascinating. From music festivals and art exhibitions to outdoor sports events and cultural festivals with exotic flair, every event in Birmingham is like a feast waiting for your participation and discovery.

Is Birmingham UK worth visiting?

  1. Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage: Birmingham is an important birthplace of the British Industrial Revolution. It boasts numerous historical sites and museums, such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, where a wealth of artworks and historical relics are housed. Visitors can delve deeply into the city’s history and culture.
  2. Diverse cultural activities: Birmingham is a city where diverse cultures come together. Every year, you can find various cultural festivals and art activities in Birmingham, such as spectacular performances by the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Street art and graffiti are modern art forms that give people a sense of the city’s vibrancy and innovative spirit.
  3. Unique architectural style: Birmingham’s architecture features both ancient churches and castles as well as modern skyscrapers and commercial centres. These buildings are not only landmarks of the city but also witnesses to Birmingham’s history and culture.
  4. Food and Shopping: Besides the interesting Birmingham tourist attractions, the city is also a paradise for food and shopping.  Various restaurants and cafes here offer authentic British cuisine and dishes from all over the world. Additionally, Birmingham’s shopping districts are also bustling, with multiple brand stores, markets, and small shops to cater to different people’s shopping needs.
  5. Convenient transportation and comfortable weather: Birmingham’s transportation is very convenient, with a well-developed public transportation system and highway network. Whether you take the subway, bus, or drive, you can easily reach every city corner. Additionally, Birmingham has mild weather conditions, with warm winters and cool summers, making it a very suitable tourist destination.

Birmingham Back to Backs

things to see and do in birmingham

The Back to Backs in Birmingham is a unique historical heritage that offers visitors a chance to travel back in time and experience the lives of Britain’s working class from the 19th century to the mid-20th century. The buildings here represent thousands of similar houses from that era and were once courtyards for workers’ dormitories. The guides here are friendly and knowledgeable and can lead visitors deep into the history of these houses and the stories of the people who lived there. During the tour, visitors can learn fascinating stories about the people who lived here and be taken on a tour of four buildings built in different eras, including one from 1840, one from 1870, one from 1930, and a fully preserved tailor shop.

Birmingham Hippodrome

Birmingham Hippodrome

Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre, also known as Birmingham Racecourse Theatre, is a shining gem in Birmingham, renowned for its decadent array of artistic performances and outstanding service quality. The theatre provides a considerable amount of stage space and top-notch technology, enabling various performances to be perfectly presented. For instance, well-known musicals such as “The Lion King” and “Wicked” and classic ballet performances such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Romeo and Juliet” have all been performed here. In addition, the theatre presents opera, dance, and other forms of artistic performances, offering audiences a dazzling array of visual and auditory delights. Over the years, Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre has not only provided audiences with outstanding performances but has also actively participated in community activities, contributing to local cultural and artistic endeavours.

Aston Villa Stadium

to see in birmingham

The Aston Villa Stadium Tour is an experience to be noticed, whether you are a die-hard fan of Aston Villa FC or a traveller interested in football and stadiums. This unique tour offers an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the history, culture, and daily operations of Aston Villa Football Club. On the Aston Villa Stadium Tour, you can visit the team’s dressing room and media room and walk along the player tunnel to the pitch. This is not only a visual treat but also a fantastic chance to gain insight into the world of professional football. You can imagine yourself feeling the tense and exhilarating atmosphere on match day. After the tour, you can browse the club’s shop and purchase souvenirs related to the team, such as jerseys, hats, and scarves. These items are not only the perfect memento of your trip but also allow you to recall this unforgettable experience in the future. For those travellers who drive to the stadium, Aston Villa Stadium Tour provides convenient parking facilities. Parking is free and easy to find, making your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

Lapworth Museum of Geology

stuff to do in birmingham

The Lapworth Museum of Geology is a small but charming geology museum that is like a hidden treasure, waiting for every person who is interested in nature and Earth history to explore. The museum is located within the beautiful University of Birmingham campus. It is proud of its rich collection of fossils, rocks, and gemstones, providing visitors with a unique learning and exchange platform. As soon as you enter the museum, you will be attracted by the fossil display area on the lower floor. Here, various amazing dinosaur fossils and other fossils of ancient organisms are displayed, silently telling the story of Earth millions of years ago. In addition to fossils, the museum also has an exhibition area showcasing natural disasters and events. Here, visitors can gain a more direct understanding of natural disasters’ destructive power and impact through simulations of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. After climbing the stairs, you will enter the upper floor’s rock and crystal display area. Here, various colourful and translucent rocks and crystals are displayed, shining in the sunlight and leaving visitors in awe.

West Midlands Police Museum

Located in the bustling West Midlands region, the West Midlands Police Museum is not only a museum showcasing the history and culture of the police but also a unique experience centre that integrates education, entertainment, and interaction. Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by a variety of exhibits and displays related to police history. From ancient police uniforms and handcuffs to modern high-tech surveillance equipment, everything on display showcases the evolution and development of police work. The museum also features a dedicated cell block area where visitors can experience life in a cell, put on uniforms for photos, and even check their fingerprint type. West Midlands Police Museum places a strong emphasis on visitor participation and interaction. During the tour, visitors can learn about various aspects of police work through touchscreen displays, holographic videos, and interactive investigations. In particular, the forensic tracking and interactive investigation segments allow visitors to learn a wealth of knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

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What to Do in Birmingham with Kids

Finding places in Birmingham where children can play is important for their growth and entertainment, as well as the overall well-being of the family. Children’s growth and development require diverse stimuli and activities. As a vibrant and multicultural city, Birmingham offers many places where children can play and have fun, such as zoos, playgrounds, and museums. These places provide entertainment and allow children to learn new things while playing, broaden their horizons, and cultivate their curiosity and creativity.

Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Cadbury World is a must-visit destination for chocolate lovers in Birmingham. Not only is it the hometown of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury, but it is also an educational, entertaining, and shopping attraction. As soon as you enter Cadbury World, you feel like you’ve entered a fantastic chocolate world. First, you are invited to visit the museum area, where the history and development of the Cadbury brand are displayed, allowing you to feel the warmth of chocolate even in the cold. Video and physical displays provide a deeper understanding of the stories behind Cadbury, while children particularly love various interactive experiences. Next, the popular 4D expertise will take you on an exciting chocolate adventure. Inside Cadbury World, you will have the chance to taste various Cadbury chocolates and sweets, whether through the souvenirs distributed by the guide or the memorabilia purchased by yourself, allowing you to fully enjoy the wonderful taste of chocolate. The green screen/car ride photo service is especially memorable for your trip. In addition to indoor tours, Cadbury World also has a spacious outdoor area where children can play, watch performances, and even experience the 4D movie again.

National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

things to do in birmingham city centre

National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham is located in the central area of Birmingham, UK, and is a major highlight in the inland regions of the UK. It is a popular aquarium in the local area and a must-visit destination for marine enthusiasts. National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham has over 60 marine exhibits showcasing over 2,000 marine species, including sharks, turtles, and sea horses. Here, you can observe the living habits of these marine species up close and feel their unique charm. One of the centre’s highlights is a 360-degree transparent tunnel, where visitors can stand inside and feel as if they are in the ocean, watching marine species swim around them and experiencing the wonder and beauty of the sea. The most popular activity at the centre is feeding marine species with marine caretakers, such as feeding blacktip sharks. This is not only a rare experience but also allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the living habits of marine species. The staff at the centre are amiable and enthusiastic, will patiently answer your questions, and will provide you with excellent service. In addition, there is a restaurant and a coffee shop, providing comfortable rest areas for visitors.

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum is a creative and fun science museum at Millennium Point in Birmingham. Since its opening in 2001, it has become a major highlight of Birmingham City and has attracted countless visitors. Thinktank Science Museum is famous for its high level of interaction. The museum has over 200 interactive exhibits covering various aspects, from basic scientific principles to modern technology applications. Visitors can understand the mysteries and fun of science more intuitively by participating in and experiencing it themselves. The museum is divided into four floors, each of which revolves around a theme. Visitors can travel through time and feel the historical process and future technological development trends. The exhibits cover all aspects of human technological history, including industries, medicine, transportation, and the environment. Here, you can see real steam engines, cars, bicycles, and aeroplanes and feel the historical heritage of Birmingham as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution; you can also explore the latest breakthroughs in the medical field and understand how technology is changing our lives. In addition to rich exhibits and interactive experiences, Thinktank Science Museum also has advanced facilities such as an IMAX cinema and a digital planetarium. The planetarium can project starry sky images on a 360-degree dome, bringing visitors a realistic space exploration experience.

Treetop Golf Birmingham

Treetop Golf Birmingham is a unique indoor golf experience that brings new excitement to golf enthusiasts and friends seeking new experiences. It offers a one-of-a-kind golf course that combines adventure elements and immersive environments, making players feel as if they are in a fantastic world. The design inspiration for Treetop Golf Birmingham comes from the combination of nature and golf, with the course located “on the treetops” to create a mysterious and challenging environment for players. The golf course here is not just about hitting the ball into the hole. Each course has a unique scenic design and music to accompany the players’ shots, allowing them to enjoy a visual and auditory feast while playing. Treetop Golf Birmingham has multiple golf courses with different styles, each with unique difficulty and points of interest, allowing players to fully challenge themselves. Many visitors have praised the play experience at Treetop Golf Birmingham. They say that they can spend an enjoyable afternoon here, not only challenging the golf course but also enjoying delicious pizza and friendly service. The staff’s warm reception and friendly attitude make visitors feel at home.

Legoland Discovery Centre

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a theme park that provides a unique experience for LEGO enthusiasts. It is not just a simple amusement park but a wonderful world that combines creativity, fun, and education, perfect for families who love LEGO to bring their children to play. The park has a variety of attractions suitable for children of different ages. Everyone can find fun here, from soft play facilities to thrilling rides. The most attractive part of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is the abundant LEGO bricks and creative building areas. Children can let their imagination run wild and build their dream paradise. Additionally, the 4D cinema is an experience worth mentioning. Realistic images and thunderous sound effects will take audiences into a whole new world. The park also offers various interactive activities, such as stamp collecting and shooting games, allowing children to learn new knowledge and skills while having fun. Parents can rest assured about the environment at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, as the facilities are clean and tidy, providing a comfortable play environment for visitors.

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

places in birmingham to go

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park offers visitors an unforgettable day-out experience. The park is fully equipped with facilities where both adults and children can have fun. Walking around the park, you can see red pandas, emus, European lynxes and other rare animals. These animals live freely in spacious enclosures, and visitors can observe their living conditions up close to feel the charm of nature. It’s worth mentioning that the cafe in the park provides visitors with a comfortable resting environment. The staff are polite and professional, providing visitors with excellent service. In addition, the soft play area in the cafe is very popular with children, where they can play to their heart’s content and enjoy their happy time.

Free Places to See in Birmingham

Birmingham has many free cultural attractions, such as museums, art galleries, and historical sites. In addition, many natural parks and green spaces provide excellent places for those who enjoy outdoor activities. These free attractions allow visitors to learn more about the city’s history and culture and explore its various aspects more deeply, rather than just visiting tourist attractions that require payment. This helps to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the city’s character and features.

Birmingham Library

Library of Birmingham is a modern building in Birmingham, UK, and is one of the city’s main attractions. Dutch firm Mecanoo Architecten designed and renovated the library, which opened in 2013. The library’s exterior is creative and features large amounts of transparent coloured glass intertwined with circular decorations, all wrapped in delicate gold and silver threads. This design inspiration is closely related to the industrial heritage of Birmingham, making the library look both light and stable. The interior design of the library is equally impressive. Spacious and bright spaces and modern facilities provide readers with a comfortable learning environment. Birmingham Library not only offers a wealth of books but also has group study and learning areas, as well as classrooms that can be borrowed to meet the needs of different readers. Additionally, the library staff are friendly and knowledgeable; they can provide excellent service and assistance to readers.

Birmingham Cathedral

Birmingham Cathedral, also known as St Philip’s Cathedral, is a famous religious building in the city. The church was built in 1715 and adopted a Baroque style, with its exterior and interior decorations full of artistic and historical charm. The church’s facade is decorated with slender windows and exquisite stone carvings, which showcase a high level of craftsmanship. Upon entering the church, you will be amazed by its splendid interior decorations. The grand columns and archways along the aisle are arranged in a row, and the wooden galleries on both sides are decorated with exquisite carvings, demonstrating the skilled craftsmanship of the architects and workers. A golden pipe organ in the church is particularly eye-catching. It not only adds a musical atmosphere to the church but also serves as an essential instrument.

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is the best choice in Birmingham if you prefer natural scenery. This beautiful park is famous for its vast green spaces, rich facilities, and various activities, making it an ideal place for family outings, sports and fitness, and art appreciation. The playground, crazy golf course, swan pedal boats, and park train are children’s favourites. In addition, various play facilities, such as slides and swings, provide endless fun for children. The park also has several sports fields, where you can find suitable tennis, football, or other outdoor sports venues. Meanwhile, the walking trails within the park are also an excellent choice for strolling, jogging, and cycling. Here, you can enjoy the joy of sports while admiring the beautiful natural scenery around you. Moreover, Cannon Hill Park is also a place full of artistic atmosphere. The Birmingham Art Centre within the park regularly holds various art exhibitions and cultural activities, providing visitors a platform to appreciate art and exchange ideas. Here, you can feel the harmonious integration of art and nature and enjoy a feast for the eyes and soul.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square in the centre of Birmingham is a significant public square. One of the landmarks here is the magnificent Town Hall, built in 1885 and the source of the square’s name. The Town Hall’s architecture is unique, with its most distinctive feature being its clock tower, affectionately known as “Big Brum”. Another highlight of the square is the statue of Queen Victoria, which was erected in 1901 and holds a sceptre and orb, showcasing the queen’s majesty and dignity. Additionally, there are a series of art installations and sculptures on the square, such as Anthony Gormley’s “Iron Man” and Derwent Mills’ “River”, “Youth” and “Guardian”. These works not only enrich the cultural and artistic value of the square but also provide visitors with great spots for viewing and photography. In addition to its cultural and artistic value, Victoria Square is also an important place for leisure and social activities for Birmingham residents. The garden areas and fountains around the square provide a great relaxing place for residents. At the same time, the post office cellar bar and the handcrafted beer bar on the square have attracted many visitors to taste the local food and drinks.

Sheldon Country Park

Sheldon Country Park is an outdoor recreational area that offers natural scenery, leisurely walks, and views of planes taking off. The park provides ample parking spaces for visitors who drive there. It has a small farm and a cafe, providing more fun and convenience for family visitors. The small farm is home to many lovely animals, including horses, cows, and sheep, which is the most popular spot among children. Walking along the park’s paths leads to the end of the airport runway, where visitors can enjoy a unique view of planes taking off. In addition to watching planes, visitors can choose to walk to Birmingham International Railway Station, taking in the park’s natural scenery along the way.

The Best Tourist Attraction in Birmingham

Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses

Sheldon Country Park is an outdoor recreational area that offers natural scenery, leisurely walks, and views of planes taking off. The park provides ample parking spaces for visitors who drive there. It has a small farm and a cafe, providing more fun and convenience for family visitors. The small farm is home to many lovely animals, including horses, cows, and sheep, which is the most popular spot among children. Walking along the park’s paths leads to the end of the airport runway, where visitors can enjoy a unique view of planes taking off. In addition to watching planes, visitors can choose to walk to Birmingham International Railway Station, taking in the park’s natural scenery along the way.


Birmingham is famous for its rich industrial heritage and as a centre of cultural diversity in the UK. Today, it is highly regarded for its Bullring shopping centre (one of Europe’s largest), a busy canal network that rivals Venice in terms of scenic walking and waterfront dining experiences, and an intense food scene, including the famous Birmingham Balti. The city also boasts an impressive arts scene, with the Birmingham Hippodrome hosting various performances and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery showcasing a wealth of collections. Furthermore, Birmingham’s innovative spirit in science and technology makes it a forward-thinking city.

Although Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK, can be explored briefly in a day, more time is needed to truly experience its rich cultural heritage, vibrant food scene, and diverse attractions. A day may be enough to visit some famous tourist attractions in Birmingham, such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery or take a leisurely walk along the beautiful canal, but you will miss the in-depth experiences that this vibrant city has to offer. To fully appreciate Birmingham, including its historical landmarks, shopping districts, and lively nightlife, plan a trip of at least two to three days.

Yes, Birmingham in the UK is often considered a well-suited city for walking, especially in the city centre and some areas with high population density. The city centre of Birmingham is relatively compact, with many shops, restaurants, and attractions located close to each other, making it easy to explore on foot. The city has invested in improving pedestrian infrastructure, including wide sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and signage to help pedestrians. This makes walking in Birmingham safer and more enjoyable. Additionally, Birmingham has several parks and walking/hiking trails, making it a great place to take a stroll and appreciate nature.

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