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Tips for Studying at the University of Dublin

Study Visa

Please refer to the Irish Embassy information for guidance on the documents required to obtain a study visa:


You set aside at least four weeks to apply for a study visa so as not to affect your travel for the following reasons:

1. July-August is the peak visa season, and the visa centre is fully booked;

2. If additional documents are required, the processing cycle may be extended

Baggage Checklist


Try not to bring food, hefty and fragile food (e.g. canned food). Dairy products, meat and poultry are not allowed to enter the country.


Dublin has a temperate maritime climate and is excellent throughout the year.

Average spring and autumn temperatures: 5-15 degrees Celsius

Summer temperature: 20-25 degrees Celsius

Average winter temperature: 0-5 degrees centigrade.

Bring mainly spring and autumn clothes, 1-2 thick winter coats, and fewer summer clothes;

Rainy and windy weather is more frequent, but shorter, windproof and rainproof clothing (punching jacket) is necessary;

For professional defence college activities, Bring a set of formal wear;

School swimming pool facilities are excellent, and you can bring swimming equipment.


Laptop, USB stick, docking station;

Plug board, conversion plug;

A few specialised books and stationery items can be brought yourself and are not cost-effective to buy locally.

Electrical Appliances

Mobile phones, tablet protection film to prepare a copy of the local electronic products and ancillary products are expensive;

Electric rice cooker and live with the students to negotiate with the students can bring a can, that is to say, can also choose to buy locally, the price is about 30-40 euros;

You can not bring Water filters, and local supermarkets, such as Brita, cost about 30 euros.


Do not carry a lot of cash, can be prepared for the lower denomination of the euro cash to meet the arrival of the initial public transport or daily use can be in the country can be applied in advance for a VISA or Master credit card, that is to say, most of the local shops can be paid by credit card!

Flight Selection

Before purchasing tickets, please confirm the following reasonable arrangements for travel dates. That is to say, try to arrive in Ireland in advance to adapt to the time difference:

Accommodation start date: the start date for on-campus student accommodation is 1 September.
For orientation week dates for your programme/college, please refer to your respective college’s notice.
Please Note the Following Information When Purchasing Your Ticket:

  • Whether the ticket is refundable or not, and the cost of refund.
  • Whether the baggage allowance is limited to the number of pieces/kilograms, and the length, width and height dimensions of the suitcases are required.
  • Transit country: Before purchasing the ticket, please check the entry instructions of the transit country, whether you need a transit visa, change the terminal, and transit time.
  • Ireland is a non-Schengen country; check the transit visa requirements, and you cannot purchase two consecutive transit tickets to EU countries;
    List of important documents

Documents to be Carried with You on Arrival

Passport (original + photocopy)

UCD Offer Letter


Tuition fee payment voucher

Accommodation Confirmation Email

(For off-campus accommodation, it is recommended to print out and bring with you the rental contract, etc.)

Health insurance contract

Please refer to the actual requirements of the relevant departments, as the above requirements are applicable in most cases.


You can print out a few copies of the above documents before departure, and you will need to provide them to apply for your IRP card after you enter the country.

Document Verification

After enrollment, students must complete the document verification step to provide the materials used to apply for the degree programme, such as academic/language transcripts, degree certificates, graduation certificates, etc. Please refer to the official website for the required verification documents. That is to say, if you do not complete the verification in time, you cannot obtain the degree certificate.

Getting to Ireland

Daily Transport – Airport Line

Dublin Airport – Belfield/Blackrock approx €10

Takes 40-50 minutes

Travelling to the main campus:

Aircoach 700

University College Dublin (Set Down)

To Smurfit Business School Graduate Campus:

Aircoach 703

Blackrock (Frascati Road) opp Frascati Centre

Tickets can be purchased on the door in cash, so booking is recommended.

Print out the Aircoach confirmation email and bring it after purchasing your ticket.

Taxi – costs around €40 – €50

30-35 minutes

Daily Transport – Commuting Within the City

Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus

The primary mode of commuting, the bus, stops both on and off campus.

17, 46A, 39, 145, 175


City centre streetcar and light rail system, Red Line (east-west) and Green Line (north-south)


Green Train is a fast commuter rail network along the Dublin coastline and the city centre area.


Dance with motorised vehicles, traffic rules apply, and helmets and fluorescent waistcoats are recommended.

Dublin Card Set of 5


UCD student card for on-campus access, purchases, etc.

For on-campus accommodation, collect from Merville Reception.

For off-campus accommodation, visit the UCard Bureau in the Newman Building (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

Leap Card

The Leap Card, which costs €10, entitles you to discounts on public transport and student discounts at partner merchants.

You can apply for a Leap Card at the Student Union during New Year’s Week.

You can also apply at the Leap Card Centre in the city centre.

IRP card

For residence permit: within 90 days of entry, in other words, you must go to the local immigration office INIS to register. That is to say, the IRP card application needs to be booked in advance, and the IRP card application fee is 300 euros. Do not accept cash; that is to say, please go to the immigration office to apply for a bank card to pay.

Phone Cards

Common phone card operators:

Vodafone | 3 Ireland|Eir Mobile

Virgin Mobile|Tesco Mobile

Monthly fee:

Packages cost around €20/month

How to do it:

Browse the packages of the major operators, reserve a SIM card through the operator’s website and activate it according to the instructions on the website when you receive it.


You activate international services for your domestic mobile phone number before you leave to ensure you can use traffic and make emergency calls after landing in Ireland. That is to say, Be prepared to pick up the card PIN to change your card.

Bank Cards

Allied Irish Bank (AIB)

Allied Irish Bank (AIB)

Bank of Ireland (BOI)


If you change your address in the future, please visit your bank to update your details, and letters such as receipts for large transactions will be sent to the address you have reserved.

Bank Branches Near the UCD Campus:

  • AIB Bank University Branch (Main Campus about 10 minutes walk outside along the playing field)
  • AIB Blackrock Branch (near Frascati Shopping Centre)
  • BOI University Montrose (across the road from the main entrance to the main campus at Montrose)
  • BOI Blackrock (near Blackrock Market)


The University of Dublin stands out for its rich history, diverse student body, and commitment to academic excellence. It offers a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to become forward-thinking leaders.

Successful students often engage in active learning, make use of campus resources, and maintain a well-organized study schedule. They also seek feedback and continually strive for improvement.

Effective time management involves setting realistic goals, prioritizing tasks, and taking regular breaks to maintain focus. Utilizing productivity apps or a planner can also be beneficial.

Participation is key. Attend lectures regularly, take part in discussions, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Also, consider joining study groups for collaborative learning.

The University of Dublin provides comprehensive support to international students, including orientation programs, language support, counselling services, and assistance with accommodation and visas.

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