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Overseas Renting Process (flowchart)

Step One: Search for your ideal apartment

Search for your ideal apartment. You can save your favorites to bring them up more easily.


Step Two: Check availability

Check the availability. If rooms are available you can book there and then.


Step Three: Complete the required personal information

We require some basic information to confirm your booking. Fill it in to make sure of your place.


Step Four: Pay the reservation fee

Uhomes will contact the apartment to confirm your booking as soon as we receive the reservation fee.


Step Five: Sign the contract

Uhomes will send you the contract by email as soon as the booking is confirmed. Read it carefully before signing and returning to


Step Six: Move in!

Take your passport to the apartment reception to complete the registration process.

The above steps are a guide and the application process can vary. Please do call us if you are unsure of the next step at any point in the process.


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