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Collegelands, Glasgow

3.7 (9 reviews)

Student Accommodation

0/1 10 Havannah Street, Glasgow, Scotland G4 0UB

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Property ID: S00017414
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Basic Info

Elevator Gym 24 hours security Bills included Parcels collect Near bus station Near supermarket Near Subway

339 Total Units

Built in 2012 · Renovated in 2012

Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L

Collegelands is a comfortable student accommodation in Glasgow with 339 rooms, including various En-suite and Studio rooms. State-of-the-art facilities are located in the communal areas, providing a wealth of student activities. The apartments are located on the east side of Glasgow's city centre, with nearby amenities like supermarkets, restaurants, and bars. Best of all, students can walk to educational institutions such as the University of Strathclyde and City of Glasgow College.



Collegelands Glasgow offers 339 rooms in 5 En-suite types and 3 Studio types. The En-suite rooms balance personal space and socialization needs and are the most popular student room type in the UK. Their bedrooms are connected to private bathrooms to protect students' privacy and hygiene. The kitchen and living room, shared with roommates, is a natural space for socializing and entertaining. In contrast, the Studio is a living space wholly customized for privacy. The room perfectly blends the kitchen, bedroom, and study, so students can handle all their needs without leaving home.


Collegelands student accommodation were designed with the idea of enriching the student experience. Our state-of-the-art gym, equipped with the latest fitness equipment, is a sanctuary for physical fitness. The games room and lounge provide an ideal space for students to relax and develop a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. For movie lovers, our movie room offers a perfect retreat for movie nights. The everyday facilities reflect thoughtful planning: an easy-access elevator, a laundry room to ensure daily convenience, and even vending machines. Our study rooms provide a peaceful, distraction-free environment for those focused on their studies.


Location and What's Hot? 

Collegelands students will find nearby amenities for every need. Within a stone's throw, you'll find supermarkets to suit all tastes and budgets, including Aldi, Morrison, Lidl and Sainsbury's. Whether cooking a quick meal between classes or planning a feast for friends, there's something to suit your needs. If you find cooking a chore, there's always a tempting dish on the menu, from The Italian Kitchen and Celentano's authentic Italian flavours to Saint Luke's sleek, eclectic style. After studying for a long day, relax at local favourites 91 or Bucks Bar Trongate. These two bars have a cosy atmosphere and are perfect for a relaxing evening.


Collegelands is located on the east side of Glasgow city centre, where students can find a variety of recreational activities. Head to Glasgow Bike Tours, where you'll get a unique perspective on the city's rich history and cultural charm. Barrowland Park is close by and lush and green, ideal for a picnic or a stroll after a day's hustle and bustle. For thrill-seekers, the VR simulator offers an immersive, real-world experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Finally, stop at the Glasgow Police Museum, a fascinating insight into the city's law enforcement history.



Collegelands is ideally located within a 4-minute walk of the University of Strathclyde. The City of Glasgow College is an 11-minute walk away. The Academy of Music and Sound and Glasgow Caledonian University are a 16-minute bus ride away. The University of Glasgow is further away and is a 31-minute bus ride. If you want to travel to other cities, you can walk 4 minutes to the High Street train station.


Security & Services

At Collegelands, we are committed to providing a safe and accessible service to our residents. Our 24/7 reception is always ready to provide you with the advice or support you need. The apartments are also fitted with an extensive CCTV system surveillance and security system to ensure that help is immediately available in the event of any emergency. In addition, we understand the importance of staying connected in the digital age and, therefore, offer a robust high-speed Wi-Fi service throughout the facility.



9 reviews

Amazing facilities · 2
Super-fast internet · 1
Amazing area · 1
Great customer service · 2



23 Sep 2022 15:14

Very good, clean and tidy, very comfortable
Very good, clean and tidy, very comfortable



24 Feb 2023 20:53

The staff are very friendly~ I really want to go back to four years ago
The staff are very friendly~ I really want to go back to four years ago
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (Visa refusal documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified.

No Place No Pay

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (UCAS notification documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified.

Refund Guarantees Time Limit

72 hour "cooling off" period up to the 31st July. From the 1st August the "cooling off" period is reduced to 24 hours.

Before 31st July, 5 days for you and your Guarantor to sign the Tenancy Agreement. After the 1st August, the time allowed for you and your Guarantor to sign the Tenancy Agreement will be reduced to 2 days.


If the booking is cancelled by the applicant prior to it being countersigned, the Advance Rent payment will be returned.

Once the booking is countersigned, we offer a 72 hour "cooling off" period so if circumstances change, the tenant can cancel the booking subject to having not moved into the property.

From the 1st August 2024 the "cooling off" period is reduced from 72 to 24 hours after the booking is countersigned.

To cancel the booking please email the Residents’ Team within 72 / 24 hours of being sent the ‘Lease Agreement
Executed’ email. The tenant will then be refunded the advance rent payment. NB. This may take up to 10 working days to reach your account.

Once the "Cooling Off" period has expired, the tenant can cancel the booking prior to the tenancy start date if:
• You do not have a visa to enter the UK.
• You have not acquired the grades to be offered a place at the chosen university.
• You have failed to achieve the grades to continue your study at university.

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (UCAS notification/ Visa refusal documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified. Once we receive this, we will confirm receipt of your request to cancel and refund your full Advance Rent.

There are no other circumstances under which we will accept a request for a cancellation either before or during the tenancy.

It may be possible with the Landlord’s agreement to transfer your obligations to someone else who is eligible to live at the property. There is no obligation on our part to find you a replacement tenant. You can advertise your
accommodation or undertake your own search for a replacement tenant. If you find a replacement, we will need to do some basic checks to confirm their eligibility to enter into a tenancy.

Before we will accept the new tenant, your account and all obligations need to be up to date and any rent due up to your tenancy ending will need to be paid. There will also be a charge incurred (please see Fee Schedule for details).

Once the new person has signed the Tenancy Agreement and made the first rent payment they will take responsibility for future rent payments and all other obligations as stated in the agreement. Until this has happened you will remain responsible for the payment of rent until the original end date of the tenancy.

Tenancy Agreement
A sample Tenancy Agreement can be viewed on the chosen property’s website page.
Once the accommodation is selected, we allow five days for the applicant and guarantor (as applicable) to sign the
Tenancy Agreement.
Once both have signed the agreement, it will then be countersigned by the Landlord and become legally binding. The
tenant and guarantor are then legally committed to paying the rent in full even if the tenant does not move into the
property or chooses to leave the property early.
If the agreement is not signed by the applicant and guarantor during the five-day period, the booking may be cancelled
without any penalty on our part and with immediate effect.
If booking accommodation after the 1st August 2024, the time allowed for the applicant and guarantor to sign the
Tenancy Agreement will be two days.
All negotiations will be subject to contract and payment of the initially requested funds.

*Subjective change of school or room
Need to contact the apartment to confirm whether it can be processed

*Policy changes in real time, details are subject to the contract*
Application Policy

Education Requirement


PhD Permitted



Senior high

Nationality or Region

Unlimited nationality

Required Documents

Passport See Example

Offer See Example

Job offer See Example

Resident's valid copy of passport

Renewal Policy


Early Move-in Policy


Refund Policy


Room Assignment Policy


Pets Policy

No Pet

Room Change Policy


Subletting Policy


Termination Policy


Smoking Policy


Check-in Guide


Check-out Guide


Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

No double occupancy rooms.

Collegelands FAQs

What is the difference between booking Collegelands through Uhomes and other ways?

1) You can get considerate and professional consulting services; 2) You can book exclusive listings of uhomes (subject to the inventory at the time of your booking); 3) You can get the combination of the most favorable price on the whole network, including but Not limited to rent reduction discounts, rent deduction discounts, uhomes exclusive cashback discounts, uhomes exclusive assistance discounts (telephone cards, IELTS quality courses, bedding sets, rice cookers), additional service discounts, invitations and gifts, event discounts, and combination discounts Please consult your consultant for details; 4) We provide a lower price guarantee. If you book on other apartment platforms and find the same apartment with a lower price, you can book through our platform, and we will simultaneously provide you with the same low price ( For details, please refer to the lower price guarantee clause).

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What’s Advance Rent Contribution Payment

An advance rent contribution of £150 towards your first rent instalment will be due at the time of completing your application. This amount is credited to your first rent instalment. Should you fail to proceed with the booking after accepting your Tenancy Agreement, the advance rent contribution will be retained by the Landlord to compensate for costs incurred as a result of the breach of contract. Payment of the advance rent contribution is a pre-condition for the completion of the Tenancy Agreement. The advance rent contribution payment will appear on the payment portal as a ‘Pre Payment Charge’.

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Tenancy Damage Deposit

Your Tenancy Damage Deposit of £150 is due 9 days prior to your tenancy start date and is refundable at the end of your tenancy, less any deductions for damage, rent or other charges outstanding.

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