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Primus Place, Leicester

4.7 (32 reviews)

Student Accommodation

On-site Verification

56 Gateway Street, Leicester, England LE2 7NT

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Property ID: S00019087
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Bills included Parcels collect Double Occupancy (Extra Fee)

139 Beds

Highest Floor 6

Built in 2016 · Renovated in 2016

Primus Place, an old internet favourite, is a beautiful student accommodation in Leicester, affectionately known as 'PP' to most of the students who have stayed there. The flats are modern and not too far away from both universities. The rooms are all studio-type, spacious, and cosy for one person. The bedrooms come with all the necessary furniture, so buying anything else is unnecessary.


PP Student Apartments are located next to De Montfort University, next to the library, next to the "Green Building" of the Faculty of Business and Law, and a 3-minute walk from the campus. It is an excellent choice for students studying at De Montfort University.



PP has a total of 140 rooms on six floors. All rooms are studios with independent bathrooms and separate kitchen types. All rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, half facing south to the street for plenty of sunshine and half facing north for quiet. All rooms are equipped with kitchen appliances such as ovens, cookers, hoods and refrigerators, standard-sized double beds, desks, chairs, wardrobes and other furnishings so that students only need to bring their bedding and can move in with their bags.


Primus Place offers more than just a place to sleep and study; it's an immersive outdoor experience in the city's heart. Its outdoor facilities are designed with the student's well-being in mind. It boasts a spacious courtyard, a serene oasis that provides a much-needed escape from the hustle of city life and academia. Here, students can sit, relax, and even study in the fresh air among tastefully manicured landscapes. For those who prefer a bit of activity, there are dedicated areas for outdoor games and sports, encouraging physical health and social interaction. 


Location and What's Hot

Surrounding Primus Place, a mecca for student lifestyle, awaits discovery. Leicester Market, Britain's largest covered market, is a brief stroll away, offering an array of fresh produce and unique items at affordable prices. The Highcross Shopping Centre, a haven for retail enthusiasts, provides an array of high-street and designer brands. The Haymarket Shopping Centre is also within reach, housing many high-street fashion brands. For foodies, Queens Road in the Clarendon Park area is a culinary paradise with an eclectic mix of eateries serving cuisine from around the world. The lanes around St. Martin's Square are replete with an array of eateries, ranging from charming cafes to sophisticated dining establishments, each promising a culinary journey that marries local flavours with global trends. 


Entertainment-wise, the O2 Academy Leicester provides a dynamic calendar of live music, stand-up comedy and club nights. Additionally, Highcross Leicester cinema showcases the latest blockbusters for movie enthusiasts, creating an all-encompassing environment that satisfies the shopping, eating, and entertainment needs of any student residing at Primus Place. Curve Theatre provides a palette of performing arts for those seeking entertainment, while the Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre heralds a blend of mainstream, independent, and foreign films. The city's nightlife, with its eclectic mix of traditional pubs, trendy bars, and pulsating clubs, completes the rich tapestry of experiences that students of Primus Place are privileged to enjoy.



Nestled in the city's heart, Primus Place student accommodation is in a desirable location, making routine chores and indulgences a matter of mere minutes. For shopping enthusiasts, the bustling Highcross Shopping Centre is a mere 10-minute walk away, offering an array of popular retail stores, boutiques, and supermarkets. Gastronomes will be pleased to find a diverse selection of eateries, ranging from cosy cafes to gourmet restaurants, all within a 15-minute radius.


As for those seeking entertainment, the sparkling nightlife of Leicester is a swift 20-minute walk away, where vibrant pubs, clubs, and live music venues offer a different flavour of fun every night. The city’s vibrant night scene, encompassing trendy bars, clubs and entertainment centres, is only a 20-minute stroll away. Thus, Primus Place offers a comfortable living space and keeps you connected to the rhythm and pulse of city life.


Security & Servics

Equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, secure key fob access, and a dedicated on-site management team, Primus Place ensures that students feel safe and protected at all times. 


The flats are equipped with a front desk manager responsible for the daily operation of the flats, such as courier collection, repair reports, etc. A public laundry room on the ground floor is also equipped with washing machines and dryers.


32 reviews

Amazing facilities · 12
Super-fast internet · 15
Amazing area · 16
Great customer service · 15



24 Oct 2023 10:04:51

Very clean location very good living service convenient
Very clean location very good living service convenient



27 Sep 2023 16:44:09

The internet speed is very fast. I like to praise it very much!
The internet speed is very fast. I like to praise it very much!
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

‘Visa Rejection’Students that require a visa to study in the UK may cancel their booking if their visa application has been rejected. The student must provide evidence of their visa application rejection letter within 7 days of notification before the move in date and if applicable a full refund will be given. Evidence must be sent via email to Accommodation Office.

No Place No Pay

‘First Year Guarantee’ – applicable to 1st year students only. Some of the accommodation managed by StudentFM allows first year students to cancel their tenancy agreement free of charge if their examination results change their plans: for example, a prospective tenant who fails to achieve the grades needed to take their place at their chosen university, or who surpasses their predicted grades and chooses to take a place at another university. If your chosen accommodation offers this guarantee, before you are released from your contract, you will be required to provide:
a. A rejection letter from your original university of choice
b. Where applicable, an acceptance letter from the new university
All documentation must be received by us via email within 7 calendar days from the date your results are published.


If you have not collected your keys for the accommodation, you may cancel your booking by emailing us on site email within 7 days of you receiving your booking confirmation (7 day cooling off period). If you cancel within these 7 days, a full refund of deposit and any advance rent payments you have made; Upon expiry of the 7 day cooling off period, you will have to pay all amounts due on your Tenancy Agreement unless a replacement Tenant is found. If a replacement Tenant is found, we will release you from your tenancy agreement after 7 days of the new tenant signing their contract. If the replacement is found after the start date of your tenancy agreement, we will release you from the start date of the replacement Tenant’s new Tenancy Agreement. Any liability until that moment will remain with you.

Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

Standard Studio-g: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Studio-1: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Plus Studio-1: Increase of £15 per Week

Standard Studio-1: Increase of £15 per Week

Standard Studio-5: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Studio-5: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Studio-6: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Plus Studio-4: Increase of £15 per Week

Standard Studio-4: Increase of £15 per Week

Standard Studio-6: Increase of £15 per Week

Premium Studio-4: Increase of £15 per Week

Ultimate Studio-1: Increase of £15 per Week

Primus Place FAQs

When is the due date for rent payment?

The apartment payment deadline can be found in the rental contract. The rental contract needs to be signed online when booking. After signing, the apartment will send a copy to the students. You can check it in the email at any time

How to pay rent?

Pay the rent by bank transfer. After the reservation is completed, the apartment will send Bank Details in the form of email. The Word document in the email attachment is the apartment's remittance information

I have a special discount for the apartment when I make a reservation, how can I redeem it?

Please refer to the corresponding activity details provided by the apartment when you make a reservation, and then please accept the corresponding details with the apartment.

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Student Accommodation in Leicester

Will I have to pay a deposit for student accommodation in Leicester?

Yes, you will typically need to pay a deposit for student accommodation in Leicester. This deposit acts as a form of security for the landlord, providing funds that can be used to cover any potential damages or unpaid rent during your tenancy. It's important to remember that the deposit is refundable at the end of your tenancy, provided the accommodation is left in good condition. It's a standard practice across the UK and is part of your commitment as a responsible tenant. However, the exact amount can vary, so you should check the specific terms with your accommodation provider.

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Can I get discounts for student housing in Leicester?

Absolutely! Many student accommodations in Leicester offer discounts, especially when you book for the entire academic year. These discounts vary, and it's always a good idea to check directly with the accommodation or through a reputable student housing provider. Early bookings often attract the best deals, so start your search beforehand. Remember always to compare options and read the fine print carefully before signing a contract.

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How can I make sure I get my deposit back at the end of my tenancy?

To ensure the total return of your deposit at the end of your tenancy for student lettings in Leicester, there are several steps you can take. First, familiarise yourself with the terms of your lease agreement, as it will outline what is expected of you. Next, keep the property clean and in good repair, addressing any damage immediately and reporting more significant issues to your landlord. Conduct a thorough cleaning before your departure, ensuring all personal belongings are removed, and the property is returned to its state at the start of your lease. Lastly, take date-stamped photos at the beginning and end of your tenancy, providing a visual record of the property's condition. By taking these proactive measures, you can position yourself for a total deposit return, promoting responsibility mutual respect, and fulfilling your role as a conscientious tenant.

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