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Optima, Loughborough

4.3 (4 reviews)

Student Accommodation

4 Greenclose Lane, Loughborough, England LE11 5AS

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Property ID: S00017894
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Basic Info

Near bus station Near supermarket Elevator Bills included

61 Beds

Highest Floor 4

Built in 2011

Optima is a cheap student accommodation in Loughborough, offering gorgeous student housing. Perfect for postgraduate and first-year undergraduate students alike, its studios meet all your needs. At the same time, it is located just a 12-minute walk from Loughborough College or a 24-minute walk to the University of Loughborough, providing comfort, convenience and community involvement at an affordable price. Ideal for all students! This living experience offered by Optima in Loughborough stands out!



Optima's Studio redefines the concept of student living. Carefully designed for single occupancy, these self-contained spaces offer the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality. Each Studio comes with a cosy bedroom, a fully functional kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a wealth of features that allow students to take care of all their living needs from the comfort of their room. All rooms in the flats also offer double beds, tables and chairs, bookshelves and wardrobes. The kitchenettes are also equipped with appliances such as an oven, microwave, hob and fridge to help students quickly settle into their new surroundings.


Optim has prepared a well-equipped living environment for its students. At the centre of the flats is a spacious, well-equipped laundry room to help keep students away from tedious chores. A state-of-the-art lift ensures seamless vertical movement within the house, allowing everyone to quickly get anywhere. For those looking for peace and quiet, the study room is a dedicated space for students before exams. There is also a spacious bike storage area in the flat to ensure the safety of the student's belongings.


Location and What's Hot? 

Many amenities within easy reach of Optima Student Accommodation make life comfortable for students. For shopping, there are a number of famous UK supermarkets nearby, such as Sainsbury's, Tesco, Iceland and M&S, each offering a wide range of products to suit different dietary needs and preferences. Regarding food and drink, the area boasts various restaurants: Phat Buns serves delicious burgers, Rin's Thai Kitchen offers exotic Thai flavours, and Mount Gurkha is the go-to place for those wanting to sample Nepalese cuisine. After a long day of studying, relax at one of the local pubs. The Needle & Pin, The Tap and Clapper, and Cask Bah Rocks are popular bars with unique atmospheres and drink options.



A myriad of rich experiences await you in the heart of Optima. Visit the Charnwood Museum and immerse yourself in a profound local history and culture narrative. Queen's Park, with its lush greenery and tranquil setting, is a delightful escape for those who enjoy the tranquillity. Adventure lovers won't want to miss Break Escape, a thrilling escape activity that challenges you to problem-solve in a nerve-wracking, heart-pounding environment. Finally, for an adrenaline-pumping, fun-filled day out, Laser Quest is the place to be - where you can engage in friendly competition and create unforgettable memories.



Optima student residence in Loughborough is just a 12-minute walk away from Loughborough University and 13 minutes from Loughborough CollegeHelp students save a lot of time on their commute. If you need to travel to other cities, Loughborough train station is a 7-minute bus ride away.


Security & Services

Optima is committed to the safety and security of its residents, with CCTV cameras installed around the building to ensure the safety and security of its residents. External visitors are required to register before entering the building. Optima Loughborough Student Accommodation offers a wide range of facilities and features to suit the needs of students.



4 reviews

Amazing area · 1



29 Oct 2022 23:08

Close to the supermarket, but the maintenance staff is not very fast
Close to the supermarket, but the maintenance staff is not very fast



14 May 2024 00:38

Large area, convenient geographical location
Large area, convenient geographical location
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (Visa refusal documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified.

No Place No Pay

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (UCAS notification documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified.

Refund Guarantees Time Limit

72 hour "cooling off" period up to the 31st July. From the 1st August the "cooling off" period is reduced to 24 hours.

Before 31st July, 5 days for you and your Guarantor to sign the Tenancy Agreement. After the 1st August, the time allowed for you and your Guarantor to sign the Tenancy Agreement will be reduced to 2 days.


If the booking is cancelled by the applicant prior to it being countersigned, the Advance Rent payment will be returned.

Once the booking is countersigned, we offer a 72 hour "cooling off" period so if circumstances change, the tenant can cancel the booking subject to having not moved into the property.

From the 1st August 2024 the "cooling off" period is reduced from 72 to 24 hours after the booking is countersigned.

To cancel the booking please email the Residents’ Team within 72 / 24 hours of being sent the ‘Lease Agreement
Executed’ email. The tenant will then be refunded the advance rent payment. NB. This may take up to 10 working days to reach your account.

Once the "Cooling Off" period has expired, the tenant can cancel the booking prior to the tenancy start date if:
• You do not have a visa to enter the UK.
• You have not acquired the grades to be offered a place at the chosen university.
• You have failed to achieve the grades to continue your study at university.

In these circumstances, please provide evidence (UCAS notification/ Visa refusal documentation) to the Residents’ Team within 72 hours of being notified. Once we receive this, we will confirm receipt of your request to cancel and refund your full Advance Rent.

There are no other circumstances under which we will accept a request for a cancellation either before or during the tenancy.

It may be possible with the Landlord’s agreement to transfer your obligations to someone else who is eligible to live at the property. There is no obligation on our part to find you a replacement tenant. You can advertise your
accommodation or undertake your own search for a replacement tenant. If you find a replacement, we will need to do some basic checks to confirm their eligibility to enter into a tenancy.

Before we will accept the new tenant, your account and all obligations need to be up to date and any rent due up to your tenancy ending will need to be paid. There will also be a charge incurred (please see Fee Schedule for details).

Once the new person has signed the Tenancy Agreement and made the first rent payment they will take responsibility for future rent payments and all other obligations as stated in the agreement. Until this has happened you will remain responsible for the payment of rent until the original end date of the tenancy.

Tenancy Agreement
A sample Tenancy Agreement can be viewed on the chosen property’s website page.
Once the accommodation is selected, we allow five days for the applicant and guarantor (as applicable) to sign the
Tenancy Agreement.
Once both have signed the agreement, it will then be countersigned by the Landlord and become legally binding. The
tenant and guarantor are then legally committed to paying the rent in full even if the tenant does not move into the
property or chooses to leave the property early.
If the agreement is not signed by the applicant and guarantor during the five-day period, the booking may be cancelled
without any penalty on our part and with immediate effect.
If booking accommodation after the 1st August 2024, the time allowed for the applicant and guarantor to sign the
Tenancy Agreement will be two days.
All negotiations will be subject to contract and payment of the initially requested funds.

*Subjective change of school or room
Need to contact the apartment to confirm whether it can be processed

*Policy changes in real time, details are subject to the contract*

Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

No double occupancy rooms.

Optima FAQs

When is the due date for rent payment?

Please enter the Student Portal interface of your apartment, click the panyment to view the interface, you can check the rent payment deadline, please pay the rent before the due date.

How to pay rent?

Please enter the Student Portal interface of your apartment, click panyment to view the interface, you can check the rent payment deadline and pay the rent online with Visa/Master card, please pay the rent before the due date. Please note that the type of payment card must be one of the following four types: Mastercard/Visa/Visa Debit/Visa Electron, please ensure that there is sufficient credit, fill in the account information accurately, and the bank opens and supports this payment behavior. Payment cards do not need to be present in person. 2. Bank remittance: Please contact the apartment to obtain the receiving account information under the guidance of the consultant, and then complete the corresponding payment in the bank. Please note your name and ID to facilitate the identification of the apartment, and the wire transfer will take several working days to arrive, so you need to arrange payment in advance. 3. Payment by phone: call the apartment and provide account information to complete the payment. 4. On-site payment: Students who have arrived at the local area before the rent payment deadline can choose to pay on the spot at the front desk of the apartment.

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Is an installment purchase possible?

Apartments under Frseh are paid rent in four installments by default

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Student Accommodation in Loughborough

Is Loughborough a great city for international students?

Loughborough University stands out as an exceptional choice for international students. The city's warm embrace of students from all corners of the globe, coupled with its comprehensive support system, sets the stage for a truly unique and enriching academic journey.


  1. Academic Advantages: Loughborough University has excellent teaching quality and places a strong emphasis on practical teaching, aiming to cultivate students' practical abilities and innovative thinking. The university collaborates with various enterprises to provide internship opportunities for students, enabling them to apply what they have learned in practice.
  2. Campus Life: International students can experience a vibrant campus life at Loughborough University. The school has numerous societies and clubs covering a wide range of interests and hobbies, allowing students to make new friends, participate in various activities, and experience different cultures.
  3. Accommodation: Students can find various accommodation options here, including traditional student dormitories and modern apartments. Rooms come with basic furniture and amenities such as beds, desks, wardrobes, and internet connectivity. Some apartments also offer additional facilities such as gyms and swimming pools.
  4. International atmosphere: Loughborough has many international students worldwide, creating a diverse and inclusive international learning environment. This diversity can promote cultural exchange, enhance global vision, and allow international students to meet classmates from different backgrounds.
  5. Safety: Loughborough is one of the safest cities in the UK, with a low crime rate. This makes it possible for students to enjoy a safe environment.
  6. Convenient Transportation: Loughborough offers convenient transportation options, including buses, trains, and bicycles. Students without cars can use these modes of transportation to travel around the city and surrounding areas. Additionally, Loughborough is located near major cities such as Birmingham and London, making it easy to travel for weekend or vacation trips.

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When is the best time to look for student accommodation in Loughborough?

The best time to look for student accommodation in Loughborough depends mainly on the student's entry time and the university accommodation policy. It is generally advisable to start looking for accommodation between January and April. Here are some suggested time points and related information:



  1. Accommodation for Undergraduates: If a student plans to apply for accommodation at Loughborough University as an undergraduate, they usually need to apply as soon as possible after receiving an unconditional offer. Loughborough University guarantees a room in university accommodation for students who make the university their firm choice and apply before the end of July.
  2. Accommodation for Master's Students: Once they have received an unconditional offer for their course, master's students can start applying for the on-campus apartments block in Loughborough in mid-April.
  3. Consider off-campus housing options: Students can usually apply for off-campus student flats and socially rented accommodation in Loughborough throughout the year. However, it's best to start looking in advance to avoid competition and price increases during peak periods.

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What types of Loughborough accommodation are available?

There are various types of accommodation in Loughborough that cater to the needs and budgets of different students. Here are some of the main types of student accommodation:


  1. University-owned Accommodation
    • On-campus flats to let in Loughborough are usually located near the teaching buildings, so students don't have to spend time and money travelling between their rooms and the classrooms.
    • On-campus Loughborough halls are more strictly managed, and non-students of the school cannot stay there, providing a safe living environment for students.
    • On-campus student flats in Loughborough provide students with all the necessary living supplies, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and hot water heaters, which they can use freely. At the same time, students can also enjoy the various public facilities on campus, such as libraries and sports fields.
    • Some on-campus dormitories provide meal services so students can save time and money.
  2. Private Student Apartments
    • Off-campus student accommodation in Loughborough, managed by private companies, is usually located near the campus or in the city centre, offering modern facilities and a comfortable environment.
    • There are usually more room types available than at the University student apartments in Loughborough, and students can choose freely.
    • The price varies depending on the location, size, and facilities of the apartment but usually includes high-speed Wi-Fi, water and electricity fees, etc.
    • Some student houses in Loughborough provide a variety of public facilities, such as gyms, study rooms, and game rooms.
    • The private student accommodation in Loughborough is equipped with access control systems and surveillance systems to protect the safety of the students.
  3. Private Rentals
    • There is a huge selection of Loughborough rent apartments, with budget rooms and luxurious apartments available.
    • Social rooms to rent in Loughborough locations are diverse, allowing students to live in any corner of the city.
    • Usually, there are fewer restrictions than in student apartments, and they may even allow pets.
    • Living in social Loughborough accommodation is the best choice for experiencing a natural British living environment.

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