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Foundry Lofts, Ann Arbor

4.3 (6 reviews)

Student Accommodation

413 E. Huron St, Ann Arbor, Michigan(MI) 48104

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Property ID: S01419561
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Basic Info

No Service Fee In-unit laundry with air-con Elevator Walk to school Gym Furnished Now leasing for Fall 2024 Over 50% Bookings

204 Total Units

Highest Floor 14

Built in 2016 · Renovated in 2016

Welcome to Foundry Lofts, a quality Ann Arbor student housing! This apartment is near the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan - Central Campus and University of Michigan - North Campus. You will appreciate the apartment's location if you are a student at one of these schools. You only need to spend 10 minutes to go to these universities on foot. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, such as Ahmo's Gyros & Deli, Zingerman's Delicatessen and Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery. They're highly rated, so I'm sure you'll like them. The Ann Arbor Farmers Market is a place for students' daily shopping needs, and you need to spend 8 minutes to get there on foot. Not only do shops and restaurants surround Foundry Lofts, but also places to visit. University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Leslie Science &Nature Center and Judy&Stanley Frankel Detroit Observatory at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor are well-known places in Ann Arbor and are within walking distance of the apartment. You can have a lovely weekend in these places.


Foundry Lofts offers five room types to suit your preferences: Studio, 1B, 2B, 3B and 4B. If you prefer to live alone, studio and 1B are perfect for you. For those who enjoy the company of roommates, 2B, 3B and 4B are more suitable. You can find the right type of room based on the number of roommates you want. Each unit is thoughtfully designed with high-end appliances, beautiful finishes and plenty of natural light, creating a comfortable and relaxing living space. The bedrooms are furnished with soft beds for a good night's sleep.


Foundry Lofts' public facilities are diverse and comprehensive, providing students with a full range of services. The study room, lounge, and business center provide easy access to study and group discussions. On-site retail has many products which can meet students' shopping needs in a timely manner. The apartment has a dry cleaning service for students to wash their clothes. Pest control is also a unique service of the apartment, which can ensure the hygiene of the apartment to the greatest extent. The apartment is also equipped with CCTV and fire system to ensure students' personal safety and property safety at all times. The swimming pool, gym, table tennis court, and other recreational facilities encourage students to exercise and relax through sports. The apartment also considers the students who enjoy outdoor relaxation, and the outdoor lounge and courtyard will provide them with quality services. Foundry Lofts fully considers the life needs of students and is committed to providing students with the best and most comprehensive services.



6 reviews

Amazing area · 2
Amazing facilities · 1
Great customer service · 1



22 Aug 2023 10:38

Accommodation service facilities are good, the location is very good
Accommodation service facilities are good, the location is very good



08 Aug 2023 11:47

Fast network speed, good service attitude
Fast network speed, good service attitude
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy


Foundry Lofts does not allow Lease Cancellations. Please contact the office for options.
Application Policy

Required Documents

Passport See Example

I-20 or DS2019 See Example

Renewal Policy

Renewal will begin in October each year.

Early Move-in Policy

Need to check availability with Accommodation Supplier in advance.

Refund Policy

Need to confirm with the Customer Engagement Team.

Room Assignment Policy

Students apartment:
During the application process, it is not permissible to request specific rooms.
The room selected at the time of booking (or such other room of equivalent size, standard and amenity as the Licensor may allocate to the Licensee from time to time)

Pets Policy

No Pet

Room Change Policy

Please note that apartment policies are subject to change at any time. For the most current information, please consult your Consultant

Subletting Policy

Please note that apartment policies are subject to change at any time. For the most current information, please consult your Consultant

Termination Policy

Please be advised that the lease term is strictly governed by the dates specified in the contract. Early termination of the lease is not allowed under any circumstances.

Smoking Policy

No Smoking Allowed

Double Occupancy Policy

Foundry Lofts FAQs

Is the apartment furnished?

The apartment is furnished with a bed, table and chairs in the bedroom area. The living room area is furnished with a sofa, dining table, chairs, coffee table. Kitchen features include refrigerator, gas stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher, in-unit washer and dryer. Although basic furniture is available, tenants need to prepare personal items such as bedding, pots and pans, and toiletries.

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What do shared and private in XBXB mean?

"The naming method of American apartments is XBXB. The first B refers to the number of bedrooms, and the second B refers to the bathroom, that is, the number of bathrooms; for example, 3B3B refers to the apartment type with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Marked [single] or [private] in the middle refers to a single bedroom, and one person lives in one bedroom; if there is a mark [shared] or [double] in the name of the house type, it refers to a double bedroom, that is, a bedroom Live for 2 people"

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What I rent is a single bedroom, does the bedroom opposite must also be a single bedroom?

Not necessarily, if you signed a contract for a single bedroom, you can only be sure that your bedroom is a single bedroom, and the bedroom opposite may be a single bedroom, or it may be a double bedroom for 2 people, depending on what the roommate opposite is renting single bedroom or double bedroom

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Student Accommodation in Ann Arbor

What do the utility bills cover when renting in Ann Arbor, MI?

Utility refers to the water, electricity, heating, garbage and wastewater treatment fees, security fees, Internet and cable TV fees and other miscellaneous expenses that the tenant spends every month. Some landlords will include all these costs in the rent and require tenants to pay them together. uhomes.com offers student listings with utility included in the rent. The Ann Arbor house we recommend is affordable and has a clear rent composition, providing students with more security when renting.

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When renting a house in Ann Arbor, can I cancel the lease at any time after signing the lease?

You may not. Generally speaking, the lease will take effect immediately after it is signed, and neither party can terminate the lease in advance. According to the relevant laws of the United States, if the tenant has signed a long-term lease, he/she shall bear the rent for the entire lease term. Even if he/she is forced to move out, the landlord still has the right to require the tenant to pay all the rent. uhomes.com provides students with the highest quality housing and the most detailed housing information, usually including photos and videos. We will provide students with the most detailed information without reservation, not only to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the housing but also to ensure that students are 100% satisfied with the rented house and will not have any doubts.

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Can I go to Ann Arbor and see the house before deciding to sign?

Try not to. It is best to move in directly after arriving in the United States. Then, the closer the school starts, the higher the rent, and there is no good housing left around the school. Therefore, students, please decide the time you sign according to your actual situation.