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StuyTown-Peter Cooper Village, New York

5.0 (1 review)


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252 First Avenue, New York, New York(NY) 10009

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Property ID: S00012447
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Elevator Near school bus Gym Pets allowed Parcels collect

5000 Beds

Highest Floor 13

Built in 1945

StuyTown is a modern apartment in New York. The apartment is a community type with a high overall greening rate, most of which are 13-storey apartments located in the East Village of Midtown Manhattan. There are different types of room to satisfy the different needs of the students. The apartment is in a large community, and you can buy the food and drinks in your community conveniently. Also, with walk distance, you can find different options for the restaurant, bars, and supermarkets. StuyTown is ideally for the students who will study in New York University, School of Visual Arts, NYU College of Dentistry, and Baruch College.



StuyTown provide studio, 1B1B, 2B2B,3B2B, and 4B1B for the students to choose. It can satisfy your wish that you want to live alone or stay with your friends. The bedroom in this apartment includes a cozy queen size bed, a desk with some cabinets, a chair, a wall lamp, and a wardrobe. There are still some spaces for you to store your belonging in the bedroom. In the open kitchen, there is a gas cooker, dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and some cabinets. The apartment building is equipped with public laundry room, gym, study room, business room, etc. Moreover, there is the 24 hours doorman in this apartment to keep the safety of the residents. There is coffee shop, fruit shop, vegetable market, children's recreation area, skating rink, parking lot, basketball court, tennis court and other living and entertainment facilities in the community. The community also provides package room, room cleaning, pet care and other services, so that you do not have to go out of the community, you can enjoy a colorful life.


Location and What’s Hot

StuyTown is in a big community, and there are many restaurants, bars, and supermarkets surround it. The popular and high rated restaurants such as Hane Sushi, Rosemary's East, Mee Noodle Shop & Grill, and Westville East are all near the apartment and with walk distance for you to have a delicious meal. And 15 minutes by subway to Ktown Koreatown for some Korean food. The O'hanlon's, Jackdaw Bar, and Juke Bar are the top-ranking bar near the StuyTown for you to have some drinks with your friends and enjoy a wonderful nightlife. Trader Joe's, Gracefully and Target Grocery are the supermarkets close to the StuyTown apartment with a 3-minute walk. It is very convenient for the students to fill with their snack cabinets and daily use cabinets. In addition, Merchant Mall, and One Direction World are the two bustling shopping centers for the residents to go and shop what they want.



At the gate of the community is the 1st Ave station of Subway Line L. You can transfer to line L by 1/2/3/4/5/6, NQR,BDFM and ACE subway lines. It is only 10 minutes' walk to Union Square and 15 minutes' walk to NYU Library and Washington Square Park. In front of the apartment is the New York University bus stop. Go to NYU in 17 minutes by public transportation. A 10-minute walk to SVA East Campus, NYU College of Dentistry with a 7-minute walk, and Baruch College with a 12-minute walk.


1 review

Amazing area · 1



03 Oct 2023 19:15:56

This is a multi-building apartment community, the environment is very good, there are security patrol 24 hours!
This is a multi-building apartment community, the environment is very good, there are security patrol 24 hours!
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy


No refunds for cancellations. If you can't move in after signing the contract, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Specific policy determined by the apartment management.
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Pets Policy

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StuyTown-Peter Cooper Village FAQs

What year was the apartment built? How many layers are there?

The apartment was built in 1945. It is an apartment community with 13 floors and nearly 5,000 units for rent.

How is the security around the apartment?

The apartment is close to the East River, within walking distance to SVA, Baruch, NYU School of Medicine and other universities, as well as the United Nations Headquarters. The quality of the tenants is high.

Is there a washer dryer in the apartment?

There is no indoor washing machine and dryer in the apartment, but there is a public laundry room for tenants to use. Washing machine $3/time, dryer $2.45/time.

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