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Properties: Apartment

Available to: Anyone

Management: Centralized Management

Property Management Company: Management Company

Facilities: Should include: Full range of facilities

Security: Should include: CCTV, security and key cards



Full Rent·Studio#22T Room VR Viewing

Property Intro

Property Intro


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Property ID: S00360366

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US$2640/ Month


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605 W 42 STREET, New York, New York(NY) 10036View on Map

Apartment Info
Built in 2016 Total71 Floor
Property Details
[Apartment Information] Built in 2016, the apartment has 71 floors and 1,175 units. [Position] The apartment is located on the 11th Avenue of west 42nd Street in The middle city. The building provides free shuttle bus to the subway station, and there are 13 subway lines in the neighborhood within 10 minutes' walk. The subway takes 9 minutes or 20 minutes' walk to NYU Midtown Campus.It takes 10 minutes to walk to NYIT,Fordham and other universities. Parsons,FIT and SVA of other universities in the Isle of Man are also within 30 minutes of the subway. [Around] Next to the Chinese Embassy, the apartment feels safe, and across the street is a 24-hour organic supermarket, a 15-minute walk to Times Square. [Inside the Apartment] Studio / 1B11b / 2B2B units are available for selection, with branded washers and dryers.Most houses feature panoramic floor-to-ceiling Windows offering unparalleled views of the skyline, river and harbor. [Public Facilities] The 70,000 square foot Member Club is available for renters -- Spa -- Indoor and outdoor double pool -- Billiard's Lounge&Cafe -- Skydeck -- NBA Certified full-size basketball court -- Thomas Balsley-designed private park -- Pet Spa.

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Studios include the kitchen, living and bedroom in one open-plan space and include a private bathroom like an ensuite room

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Full Rent·Studio#22T
VR Viewing

Move in from: 2021-07-01 Start rent

Move in Requirements: At least 14 Month signed

Private Kitchen

1 Bathroom

1 Bedroom

Fixed Lease 14 Month

Last 3 remaining

Move in: 2021-07-01 (Flexible)

Move out:

US$2,640/ Month

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1B indicates a one bedroom apartment. The bedroom, kitchen and living room are all separate rooms. The apartment is private.

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Full Rent·1 Bed 1 Bath#63V

Move in from: 2021-07-01 Start rent

Move in Requirements: At least 14 Month signed

Private Kitchen

1 Bathroom

1 Bedroom

Fixed Lease 14 Month

Only 8 remaining

Move in: 2021-07-01 (Flexible)

Move out:

US$4,300/ Month

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2B indicates a 2 bedroom apartment. Although you can rent individual rooms, there is usually only one contract, so you need to coordinate contract signing and rent payments with your roommate. 2 bedroom apartments usually have just one bathroom, but may have two.

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Full Rent·2 Bed 2 Bath-#PH1A

Move in from: Start rent

Move in Requirements: At least 14 Month signed

Private Kitchen

2 Bathroom

2 Bedroom

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Parking Space ()

Bike Storage ()

Laundry Room ()

Storage room (refrigerator)

Elevator ()

Storage Units ()


Games Room (Children)

热水浴缸 ()


Fitness Center ()

Swimming Pool ()

Supporting service

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605 W 42 STREET, New York, New York(NY) 10036







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Gas ()

Tips: Reference only, read your contract carefully to see what is included

Other Fees

Application fee: fees must pay when applying for accommodation

Amenity fee: Charge of facilities,mainly for the use of public facilities

Application fee: US$20/people

Amenity fee: US$219/ Month/people

you can get 3 months free.

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No Smoking

Pets Policy

Pets allowed

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Full Cancellation Policy

If You move out of the Apartment (abandonment) before the end of this Lease without the consent of Owner, this Lease will not be ended (except as provided by law following Owner’s unreasonable refusal to consent to an assignment or subletting requested by You.) You will remain responsible for each monthly payment of rent as it becomes due until the end of this Lease. In case of abandonment, your responsibility for rent will end only if Owner chooses to end this Lease for default as provided in Article 17. 17.DEFAULT (1)You default under the Lease if You act in any of the following ways: (a)You fail to carry out any agreement or provision of this Lease; (b)You or another occupant of the Apartment behaves in an objectionable manner; (c)You do not take possession or move into the Apartment 15 days after the beginning of this Lease; (d)You and other legal occupants of the Apartment move out permanently before this Lease ends; If You do default in any one of these ways, other than a default in the agreement to pay rent, Owner may serve You with a written notice to stop or correct the specified default within 10 days. You must then either stop or correct the default within 10 days, or, if You need more than 10 days, You must begin to correct the default within 10 days and continue to do all that is necessary to correct the default as soon as possible. (2)If You do not stop or begin to correct a default within 10 days, Owner may give You a second written notice that this Lease will end six days after the date the second written notice is sent to You, At the end of the 6-day period, this Lease will end, You then must move out of the Apartment. Even though this Lease ends, You will remain liable to Owner for unpaid rent up to the end of this Lease, the value of your occupancy, if any, after the Lease ends, and damages caused to Owner after that time as stated in Article 18. (3)If You do not pay your rent when this Lease requires after a personal demand for rent has been made, or within three days after a statutory written demand for rent has been made, or if the Lease ends, Owner may do the following: (a) enter the Apartment and retake possession of it if You have moved out; (b) go to court and ask that You and all other occupants in the Apartment be compelled to move out. Once this Lease has been ended, whether because of default or otherwise, You give up any right You might otherwise have to reinstate or renew the Lease.


In what year was the apartment built? How many floors?

Built in 2016, it has 71 floors.

Is there a supermarket near the apartment?

Yes, there is an organic supermarket, Sunac Natural, opposite the apartment. There are all kinds of food, fruit, casual dining and daily necessities in the supermarket.

Are public areas like the gym available 24 hours a day?


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