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10 Best Places to Live in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places in the world, a land of blue skies and green grass that will bring you boundless enthusiasm and vitality and the best place to raise a family. It has a delightful climate, beautiful beaches, a wide variety of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, healthcare, a sound education system… If you want to move to New Zealand but don’t know where to settle, here are my top 10 places to live in New Zealand:



Hamilton is known as the “agricultural heart” of New Zealand, and the surrounding areas are rich in dairy, meat and grains, which significantly contribute to New Zealand’s agricultural economy. Visitors can visit farms here, experience ranch life and learn about New Zealand’s rural culture. Many fine historic buildings are preserved within the city, the most famous of which is the Waikato Museum, built in the 19th century. The museum showcases the rich history and culture of the Waikato region and is an essential window into local development. The area around Hamilton offers plenty of great outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking and other outdoor sports here. Waitomo Glowworm Cave, in particular, is one of New Zealand’s most famous natural wonders and attracts many visitors.

Recommended neighbourhood: Downtown, shopping and dining facilities.

Must-see attractions: Waikato River and orchard picking.

University: University of Waikato, Waikato Institute of Technology

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $1400-1800.



Nelson is a city located on the eastern shore of Assman Bay. Generally, it is famous for its local craft shops and art galleries. Families living in Nelson can do as they please. Nelson’s children do well in Nelson’s schools, which have high national standards and university entrance qualifications. This is the sunniest place in New Zealand, with parks, nature reserves, beaches, and a short walk from Wellington. Nelson has a meagre unemployment rate and offers a safe environment where children can enjoy an enviable outdoor life.

Recommended neighbourhoods: Monte Street, Somerset Street

Must-see attractions: Nelson Waterfront, Trafalgar Street, Abel Tasman National Park

Average monthly living costs: NZ $2000-3000


The Selwyn District is a mainly rural area in central Canterbury, on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Your children can get a good education in Selvin. You can buy a relatively cheap home that gets you close enough to Christchurch and take advantage of most of its enormous city benefits. Selwyn offers high-quality amenities for families, such as swimming pools, protected areas, ice rinks and many playgrounds. As everywhere in Canterbury, standards of educational achievement and employment levels are high.

Recommended neighbourhood: Downtown

Must-see attractions: Selwyn Gardens, Selwyn Lake

Average monthly living costs: NZ $1500 to NZ $2500



Queenstown is a great place to live as a family. Queenstown’s golf course occupies an entire island across the river and is one of the most beautiful in the world. Occasionally, colourful paragliders can be seen in the lake, such as dragonflies water landing, yachts rowing on the blue waves, and white water birds soaring on the lake. Kids growing up around Queenstown can enjoy this enviable selection of world-class attractions and sports venues all year round, especially ski slopes and mountain biking. Of all the places of life in the country, perhaps no other can display such stark beauty. It’s one of those rare places where every day is fresh, no matter how long you live there.

Neighbourhoods: Arrowtown and Frankton are peaceful and close to the outdoors.

Must-see attractions: Milford Sound, Bob’s Peak.

University: Southern Cross University.

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $1600-2200.



Christchurch is a city of historical and natural beauty on the South Island. It is known for its unique architecture, rich cultural activities, and pleasant living environment. Christchurch is rich in historic buildings and cultural heritage. One of the most famous is Christchurch Cathedral, a Gothic structure that attracts countless visitors with its magnificent appearance and exquisite details. In addition, many historic neighbourhoods, museums and arts centres showcase Christchurch’s long history and rich cultural heritage. The area around Christchurch offers magnificent natural beauty and an excellent place for outdoor lovers. Visitors can hike through the mountains, bike across the plains, or kayak down the river. In addition, Christchurch is an ideal place to see the Aurora Australis, and many tourists come here every winter to catch a glimpse of this mysterious natural wonder.

Recommended neighbourhood: Merivale, which has many bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Must-see attractions: Cathedral Square, Botanical Gardens.

University: Canterbury University, University of Otago, Christchurch City, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $1600-2200.



Wanaka, New Zealand, is a charming town in the middle of the South Island, known for its tranquil lakes, magnificent mountains and abundant outdoor activities. Lake Wanaka is the iconic attraction of the small town of Wanaka, with its clear blue water surrounded by majestic mountains. The picturesque scenery of the lake, whether sunrise or sunset, presents an intoxicating beauty. Visitors can walk, ride a bike or cruise along the lake, enjoy the scenery and mountains, and feel the peace and harmony of nature. Generally, Wanaka is a great place for outdoor activities and offers various adventure options. Visitors can try skiing, rafting, hiking, cycling, and other sports here to experience the charm and challenge of nature. The small town of Wanaka maintains a quiet country atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Recommended neighbourhood: Lakeside town is quiet, beautiful, and suitable for leisure and vacation.

Must-see attractions: Lake Wanaka, Royce Peak.

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $1700-2300.



Auckland is a major city in the northern part of New Zealand’s North Island. This is a city unlike any other. Mission Hills Bay Beach is one of them in a world-class city with incredible natural wonders. Auckland is one of the best places to live on this multi-purpose island. Oakland is also the largest city in the country, which means there’s always something going on, and by the way, it’s way too expensive if you want to buy a house here.

Recommended neighbourhood: Ponsonby, home to boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.

Must-see attractions: Sky Tower, Harbour Bridge.

University: University of Auckland, Taylors College Auckland, Auckland University of Technology

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $2000-$3000


The relaxed pace of life and low crime rate make Dunedin a great place for children, especially those who love the local wildlife, canoeing with seals, walking with penguins, viewing royal albatross, and more are not easy to see anywhere else. In Dunedin, check out the famous Grand Slope, the steepest inhabited street in the world and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. There’s also the stunning Edwardian railway station, which claims to be the most photographed building in New Zealand. You can also explore Dunedin’s architecture along the city’s walking trails.

Recommended neighbourhood: Octagon, downtown, full of history.

Must-see: University of Otago, Larnaki Castle.

University: University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $1500-2000.



Queenstown, New Zealand, is the jewel of the South Island, known for its stunning natural scenery, abundant outdoor adventure and unique Lake District culture. It sits on the shores of picturesque Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by majestic mountains. It has breathtaking natural scenery, whether it is turquoise lakes, rolling mountains or stunning sunsets. Tourists can take a boat tour and enjoy the lake scenery. They can also hike up a nearby peak for a panoramic city view. Known as an outdoor adventure paradise, It offers various outdoor activities. Visitors can experience exciting skiing, rafting, and skydiving and feel the majestic power of nature. You can also enjoy the peace and harmony of relaxing hiking, cycling and fishing. Whether adventure seekers or travellers looking to relax, Queenstown will find an outdoor activity to suit them.

Recommended neighbourhood: Lakeside area, picturesque, accommodation and dining.

Must-see: Milford Sound, Sky Cable car.

Average monthly living costs: about NZ $2200-3500.



New Zealand’s capital is also one of the country’s most popular and loved places to live. It is a compact city with a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, parks, and a rich tapestry of chalets. Wellington combines the sophistication of a big town, close-knit community life and first-class educational opportunities. Generally, Wellington has excellent public transport, some of the country’s best cafes, bars and restaurants, and an incredible nightlife and music culture. Auckland can be a great option if you plan to live in New Zealand and are unsure where to go. You can easily rent a house within the city, and it has excellent transport links across the country.

Recommended neighbourhood: Lambton Quay, business district, shopping and dining.

Must-see: New Zealand Parliament House, Old Government House.

University: Victoria University, Wellington Institute of Technology

Average monthly living costs: around NZ $1800-2500.


Auckland, the largest city and economic hub, offers various job opportunities in various sectors, including finance, technology, and hospitality.

Wellington is New Zealand’s cultural capital, hosting numerous festivals, theatres, and museums, and it is renowned for its vibrant arts scene.

Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand, offering everything from skiing and snowboarding to bungee jumping and skydiving, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Hamilton is often cited as highly family-friendly, with its affordable living, excellent schools, and numerous parks and recreational activities suitable for all ages.

Christchurch is a city reborn, known for its resilience and innovative spirit in the wake of the 2011 earthquake. It combines modern architecture with historic buildings and expansive green spaces.

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