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Best Areas to Live in Aberdeen | Student Accommodation Guide

Do you know where are the best areas to live in Aberdeen? There are many good neighbourhoods in the “silver city“, from historic granite buildings to brand new modern flats, from old town to thriving young neighbourhoods. So whether you’re working or travelling or a student who’s coming to Aberdeen to study, you’ll need a detailed guide to the city’s neighbourhoods. Follow us to choose your favourite areas. At the end of the article, we recommend five quality student flats, each professionally branded and trustworthy.

Is Aberdeen a Good Place to Live?

1.Rich in history and beautiful scenery

Aberdeen has a rich cultural scene, with a wide range of museums, galleries, cinemas, and music centres, making it an ideal place for culture and history buffs.
With more than 300 castles and a scattering of grand old houses and ruins that punctuate the landscape, Aberdeenshire is rightly known as ‘Scotland’s Castle Country’. There are more castles per acre than anywhere else in the UK.
Aberdeen’s location on the North Sea means you can see boats docking in the city centre and dolphins crossing the harbour. The empty sandy beaches near the city are great for surfing, and the rivers Dee and Don bring crystal clear waters to the North Sea.

To the west of Aberdeen are the Cairngorm Mountains – an area of outstanding natural beauty that attracts many walkers, climbers and skiers. And if you’re lucky, you can see the Aurora Borealis.

2. Great Location

Aberdeen’s international airport is less than 10 kilometres from the city centre. It offers direct flights to many key European destinations and major UK cities. The railway station is located in the centre of Aberdeen and is only about an hour away by train from Glasgow or Edinburgh. At the same time, the East Coast Main Line trains from York or Newcastle Towers also provide a quick connection to Aberdeen. Towns and villages within the Aberdeen area and all parts of Scotland are easily accessible by bus.

3. Low crime rate

Want to know is Aberdeen a good place to live you should know the whole situation of the city. According to the Complete University Guide, Aberdeen is the third safest city in the UK. The third most popular city in Scotland, Aberdeen has not only secured a place in the safest cities list. Still, it has also been selected as one of the friendliest cities in the UK, thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and record-low crime rate. Aberdeen is also a student-friendly city with a young and vibrant urban population. For the seventh consecutive year, Aberdeen has won the Purple Flag Award, a highly prestigious award given exclusively to cities that are committed to providing a vibrant and diverse range of food, drink, entertainment and culture whilst promoting the safety and well-being of visitors and local residents.

4. Less stressful life

best areas to live in aberdeen

Aberdeen has replaced Coventry in the ranking of the best cities in the UK. The Scottish city is ranked seventh in the world for purchasing power. Aberdeen’s healthcare system and average net salary are also among the top 100 globally, while the cost of living is below average, so living in Aberdeen is not stressful.

5. Educational resource

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is one of the UK’s five most famous historic universities (Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Aberdeen, Glasgow) and the fifth oldest university in the UK. The University of Aberdeen is one of the top 30 universities in the UK, and the QS World University Rankings have been in the top 200, so the University of Aberdeen has always been one of the most historical, representative and academically strong public research universities in the UK. The quality of teaching and research at the University is also world-renowned, with five Nobel Prize winners and 75 per cent of its research outputs rated as ‘world-leading’. The university attracts scholars and students worldwide to study and research here, bringing together a wealth of high-quality educational resources. In addition, the university provides students with a lot of support. The University of Aberdeen Students’ Union sponsors more than 150 clubs and societies, and its number of sports clubs is one of the largest in all Scottish universities.

6. Mild climate

Despite its northern location, Aberdeen’s climate is surprisingly mild, with average temperatures of 1-7°C in winter and 10-18°C in summer. Aberdeen’s proximity to the sea and its latitude make it rainy. (short days and long nights in winter and long days and short nights in summer)

Best Areas to Live in Aberdeen


Areas in Aberdeen vary, but Rosemount must be the best. Rosemount is located in the north-west of Aberdeen city centre. The region typically encompasses Rosemount Place and the adjacent streets. Traditional granite houses and modern flats can be found here. Rosemount is home to many young and loving families. The area is full of amenities, and with supermarkets, delicate and unique shops, and restaurants all within easy reach, you’ll find life effortless living here. The area also boasts several parks and green spaces where runners and walkers can be found everywhere, and the lively Union Street is only a short distance away. Overall, Rosemount is a vibrant and charming neighbourhood.

Old Aberdeen

If you live in Aberdeen, you must have heard of Old Aberdeen. King’s College, University of Aberdeen, is located here. Old Aberdeen is close to the city centre, an eight-minute drive and a fifteen-minute bike ride away, but public transport is a bit more time-consuming. If you like the retro feel, choose the city’s oldest area. There are many historical buildings, and living here, you can always explore the mysterious charm of the old city. Walking along the cobbled streets and through the beautiful gardens is like being in a film every step of the way. Life in Old Aberdeen is just as convenient, with more restaurants and bars full of flavour and fun, such as Maggie’s Grill, a highly rated kebab shop, the Italian restaurant Aperitivo Italian Restaurant, Noose&Monkey for great cocktails and live music, and many more.


Ferryhill is a neighbourhood full of history. It is located just south of Aberdeen city centre, close to the city centre and the sea. Ferryhill is full of beautiful parks and various outstanding primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities. With the University of Aberdeen and the city centre to the south, Ferryhill has many student accommodations, making it easy for students to get to wherever they want.


Living in Cults will be a great experience. It is located in the western suburb of Aberdeen, where many families gather. It’s not too far from the city centre, so it’s not remote at all and boasts peaceful countryside views. If you like peace and quiet or to be close to nature, this will be the perfect place. Another good thing about the suburb is that the restaurants or cafes here are usually full of natural and organic homemade ingredients, which are healthy and fresh. Living in Aberdeen, Ferryhill is a good choice.

West End

west end best areas to live in aberdeen

The West End is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Aberdeen, and if someone knows you live here, they’re sure to say, “That’s a nice place”. The streets in the West End are very pretty, and instead of many modern homes and flats, you’ll most often see classically beautiful Victorian buildings. It is generally an affluent neighbourhood, so security is good.

Johnston Gardens

ohnston gardens best areas to live in aberdeen

Johnston Gardens is one of the best areas in Aberdeen. It has orderly houses and streets with an abundance of shops. It is located southwest of the city centre, next to Ferryhill. Like Ferryhill, students choose to live here because of its quality surroundings. The centre of the neighbourhood is the beautiful Johnston Garden, so people call the whole area of the garden and surrounding streets the Johnston Garden. You can see how beautiful and famous this garden is, and living here will be a cherished memory for you.

Recommendation of Best Student Accommodations in Aberdeen

Powis Place

powis place1
powis place

 Powis Place is one of Aberdeen’s most sought-after flats and is very easy to walk out of. It is close to Rosemount, one of Aberdeen’s best areas. A short walk down George Street will bring you to Bon Accord St Nicholas Shopping Centre, Aberdeen’s second-largest shopping centre. There are plenty of high-end shops in the immediate vicinity of the flat.

  • It only takes 10 minutes to the city centre and 13 minutes to the University of Aberdeen.
  • Good value for money: Ensuite from as little as £149/week!
  • The flat has a spacious communal lounge, gym and activity area for you to relax with friends after a hard day’s study. The flat also comes with a small garden with beautiful views, car parking, and bike storage, which is all inclusive of the rent ~ 100Mbps WiFi coverage throughout the flat, as well as a door entry system and CCTV to ensure your safety.

Justice Mill Studios

justice mill studio

Justice Mill Studios is located in the Ferryhill area mentioned above, and it would be a great experience to stay here!

  • New flats just opened in 2023. Everything from the gym to the study room to the laundry is new and modern.
  • 3 minutes walk to the city centre and 10 minutes to the train station.
  • 25 minutes by bus to Aberdeen University.

Causeway View

  • The exterior of the Causeway View is in the style of classical English architecture. The rooftop retains the ancient viewing platform with panoramic views of Aberdeen and Pleasure Beach, which can be reached in about half an hour’s walk. It’s not far from Rosemount and continues the friendly community atmosphere of Rosemount.
  •  Five minutes walk to the city centre.
  •  9 minutes to Aberdeen University by bus and 12 minutes to Robert Gordon University.

Pittodrie Street

The features of Pittodrie Street are:

  • Close to the school: 11-minute walk to Aberdeen University.
  • The ensuite and studio are great value for money and can be paid in installments.
  • Provide 24-hour security and access control system, creating a quiet and comfortable living environment.

Old Fire Station

old fire station best areas to live in cardiff
  •  Old Fire Station provides studios close to the sea.
  •  Not only do they have a sea view, but they have the safest living environment possible.
  •  15-minute walk to Aberdeen University and the city centre.

Fraser studios

fraser studios
fraser studios1
  • Fraser Studios flats are designed to improve student life and offer a variety of Studio room types at various prices.
  • All rooms are tastefully furnished and decorated. They have a private bathroom, a queen-size bed and study area, and a modern integrated kitchen.
  • The flats offer 100Mbps WIFI, laundry facilities, common facilities and areas such as a cinema room, games room, study area, as well as a swimming pool and gym membership privileges.
  • The flat is ideally located close to major shopping areas such as Union Street, which is packed with shops and restaurants.
  • The University of Aberdeen is approximately a 16-minute walk from the flat. The bustling city centre is also only about 10 minutes away.
  • Living near the flats is very convenient. There is a bus stop right across the street, making it easy for students to get around.
  • Outside school hours, relax with family and friends at Queen’s Link Leisure Park, which has a cinema and restaurants and is right next to the recreational beach on Aberdeen’s famous Sunset Strip.


The most prestigious and affluent area in Aberdeen is Rubislaw Den South, renowned for its opulent residences and upscale lifestyle. This exclusive neighbourhood stands out as the epitome of luxury living in the city, with current average property prices soaring at £1,111,666. This makes it a coveted address for those seeking sophistication and elegance in their surroundings. People who live there appreciate the finer things in life and aspire to reside in a community synonymous with prestige and affluence.

1.Old Aberdeen stands out as a popular choice, with its proximity to the university campus, historic charm, and student-friendly facilities creating a welcoming environment for academic pursuits and social activities.


2.The bustling area of Rosemount also caters to students’ needs, boasting a diverse range of cafes, shops, and affordable housing options within easy reach of the campus.


3.Additionally, the West End provides a trendy and lively setting with a mix of cultural attractions, eateries, and student accommodation, making it a dynamic choice for those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle while pursuing their education. These areas not only offer convenience and comfort but also foster a sense of community and engagement, enhancing the overall student experience in Aberdeen.

One of the most captivating neighborhoods in Aberdeen is the historic and vibrant area of Old Aberdeen. With its rich cultural heritage, charming cobblestone streets, and proximity to the University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen exudes a unique charm that draws residents and visitors alike. The neighborhood is steeped in history, with stunning architecture, quaint cafes, and a bustling atmosphere that creates a sense of timelessness and community spirit. From the iconic King’s College to the picturesque Seaton Park, Old Aberdeen offers a blend of tradition and modernity, making it a truly captivating destination for exploration and discovery.

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