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Wondering what the best places to live in Cardiff? Cardiff has many lovely neighbourhoods, each with charm and a unique personality. From the independent business firms and restaurants of Roath and Pontcanna to the history of Llandaff, there are so many great places to visit in Cardiff that it’s hard to choose a favourite. Whether you’re a fan of grand Victorian villas or more interested in luxurious new builds, Cardiff has hundreds of picturesque streets, all of which are likely to spark your imagination.

Steps to Find the Best Places to Live in Cardiff

1. You need to choose a suitable map

Cardiff‘s most commonly used maps are Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Yahoo Maps. These maps have detailed street information and buildings labelled, which can help you get to know the city better. We have also created our Cardiff flat maps to help you find the best places to live.

2. Get to know the different areas

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has many great areas to live in.  Areas in Cardiff vary. For example, if you’re a student, Cathays and Roath are famous for students as they are closer to Cardiff University. If you’re looking for a quieter, more family-friendly area, consider Llandaff and Pontcanna.

3. Plan your budget

 It’s essential to be clear about your budget before looking for a property to rent. Rent levels in Cardiff are lower than in London, but there are still significant differences between the two areas. For example, rents in the Canton and Cardiff Bay areas are usually higher than in Roath and Cathays.

4.Check your rental needs

Do you want to be closer to school or the city centre? Do you want an en-suite bathroom or a shared bathroom? Do you want a flat or a house? All of these needs will affect your rental choice.

5. Find out about neighbourhood amenities and transport

The map of Cardiff student flats shows nearby facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, parks, etc., and you can learn about the neighbourhood transport, such as buses and subways. This information can help you plan your life better.

6. Security

Check for security devices at the entrance, such as access control systems. It is also essential to know the neighbourhood’s security situation. If you want to know the safe areas of Cardiff, you can ask your local friends or search for relevant information online.

7. Home inspection

When you find a potential property, it is helpful to have a checklist ready before you go to the site. Check for dampness, well-sealed windows and doors, and functioning heating systems. All of these can affect your living experience.

8. Understand the lease terms

Most leases are for one year, but short-term leases are also available. Check if furniture is included in the lease and find out what you will have to pay for, such as utilities, internet, and Council Tax. There are tax exemptions for students, and you will need to submit proof of student status to the local council.

Best Areas to Live in Cardiff

City Centre

The City Centre is the liveliest part of Cardiff, with shopping centres, commercial offices, food from all over the world, shops, and lively bars. It is top of the best areas to live in Cardiff. The city centre is also home to a variety of sporting venues, so if you are a music lover or fan, staying here will make it very easy to catch a show. Popular places to visit are Potted Pig, Lab22, and Clwb Ifor Bach.

Another significant advantage of the city centre is its accessibility. As the city’s transport hub, you can find public transport routes to almost anywhere. With so much convenience and bustle, you need to accept that rent prices are high compared to other areas, and if you don’t mind that and a bit of noise, the city centre will be perfect for you.


Roath is situated in the north-east of Cardiff city centre and is second only to the city centre in terms of buzz and bustle. People of different races and cultures make it a diverse and accepting place to live, and all in all, it’s a relaxed neighbourhood, not far from the school, so students like to frequent the area too. There is also a beautiful park, Roath Park, where you can take a walk to relax and unwind after your studies and work or go boating in the lake. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a swan. Roath Park is also home to another of Cardiff’s top music venues, The Globe, which features bands, DJs and comedians.

Roath is about 15 minutes to an hour’s drive from the city centre and is easily accessible by bus to the city centre and beyond.

Cardiff Bay

Living in this neighbourhood, you can enjoy both the music and the sea views, and as an up-and-coming city centre with several restaurants and bars built on the bay, as well as the government-selected Wales Millennium Centre, there’s a lot of culture in the air. There’s plenty of fun to be had around Mermaid Quay. Among all these Cardiff neighbourhoods, most of the housing resources in Cardiff Bay are modern flats, so if you favour urban simplicity and convenience, you may check out the listings here. As it is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in town, it is equally easy to get around. 


cathays best places to live in cardiff

Cathays is on the north side of the city centre, so you can walk or cycle to the city centre (the cycle paths here have been nicely improved recently). Cardiff University is just around the corner, so this is where most students often choose to live, and Cathays is a young and vibrant neighbourhood with affordable and well-equipped properties. Some of the more popular places in the area are Mina’s restaurant, Haeneys restaurant, and a bar called City Arms.


Located just west of Cardiff, Pontcanna has lots of greenery. With rows of homes and pretty streets, it’s a quiet place to live. And it’s close to the city centre, just ten minutes by bus. There are few restaurants and cafes here, but they are all quality.  As one of the best areas of Cardiff to live, you can also see the fields from here. Cathedral Road is the main street of Pontcanna and the most beautiful street here. It is packed with exciting restaurants and is home to some of the grandest buildings in the city and some of the most sought-after properties. Plus, it’s close to Pontcanna Fields and Sophia Gardens, so there’s plenty of green space on the doorstep if you’re looking for a temporary escape from the pressures of reality. Pontcanna is on several major bus routes, and it’s easy to get from Pontcanna to the centre of Cardiff and the rest of the neighbourhoods on foot, by bike or car. If you want to go out to eat, the Super Noodle Bar restaurant is recommended by many in Pontcanna.


best places to live in cardiff

Canton is also a great place to live. There is the Chapter Arts Centre and Corp Market in Canton, so if you live here, you can get out and enjoy all the fun activities. There are many parks in Cardiff, and Victoria Park is one of them; who wouldn’t want to live in a neighbourhood with a beautiful park? Canton consists of creative and enthusiastic young people who are fun to be around. Hence it could be put on the list of best places in Cardiff.


Penarth is just a bus stop or two away from the city centre, and it’s another excellent option for Cardiff accommodation. Interestingly, it’s situated on the Severn Estuary, opposite Cardiff Bay, and you can walk over a barrage between the two places.

Penarth is full of countryside atmosphere, so life here is very laid back and relaxed, and when you come back from the city centre, you’ll be brimming with happiness. It is absolutely the best areas to live in Cardiff. Griffin Books, one of the best independent bookshops in the UK, is here, and there are also good cafes and pubs in the neighbourhood. Penarth also has a marina and Penarth Pier, one of Wales’s last remaining Victorian piers. Here, you can eat the freshest seafood and enjoy great views of the Bristol Channel.


Llandaff_Cathedral_best places to live in cardiff

Want to know the best areas to live in Cardiff? Let’s have a look at Llandaff. Llandaff is located on the outskirts of Cardiff and is about a 20-minute bus ride from the city centre, which is well within acceptable travelling distance. Llandaff Cathedral is the place to be, one of the oldest Christian shrines in the UK, and if you visit the church, you may come across an organ recital taking place. Llandaff has a lively high street, green spaces, and villages, with Llandaff Fields and the River Taff, which are entirely natural settings. If you like a peaceful life, Llandaff is the place for you.


Lisvane and Llanishen is a quiet, upmarket neighbourhood north of Cardiff. It has great views, spacious and cosy homes, and two excellent neighbouring schools, Lisvane Primary School and Llanishen High School, where many middle-class families live.

Recommendation of Best Student Accommodations in Cardiff

1.Cambrian Point, Cardiff


Address:Maindy Road, Cardiff, Wales CF24 4HJ

Cambrian Piont has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Inside amenities include a fully-equipped laundry room, making it easy for students to handle their weekly chores. If anyone needs a quick snack or a refreshing drink, vending machines are at your service 24/7.


City Heights


Address:199-209 City Road, Cardiff, Wales CF24 3JR

City Heights is within walking distance of  Cardiff University and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, making it ideal for students. The largest Studio in Cardiff (38 sq m) and the one-bedroom apartment (45 sq m) are favourites for those who like to be alone and offer a fully self-contained living space with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Caerfelin Student Accommodation

caerfelin best places to live in cardiff


Address:163 Crwys Road, Cardiff, Wales CF24 4NH

Caerfelin Student Accommodation is located in Cathays, which was claimed as one of Cardiff best areas to live. It is characterised by its spaciousness and comfort in a very convenient location. There are various restaurants, supermarkets and a park in the neighbourhood. Cathays train station is within easy reach and only a 12-minute walk from the flats.



Address:Herbert Street, Cardiff, Wales CF10 4DG

Zenith aspires to design an active community space that helps students enjoy life outside their studies. The laundry room offers convenience, while the communal kitchen is a hub for culinary creativity and camaraderie. The lounge area is ideal for relaxing or catching up with friends, while the gym caters for the keen gym-goer.


Northgate House Apartments


Address:Kingsway, Cardiff, Wales CF10 3FD

Northgate House Apartments is convenient and affordable. Northgate House’s location provides students with numerous opportunities to experience cultural and recreational activities. Cardiff University is just a 9-minute walk away, while the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is an 8-minute stroll away.


FAQ on best places to live in Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the safest cities in Europe. Its residents are highly happy, and the city’s landscape has many green spaces. Cardiff’s city centre is bustling and culturally diverse, making it a pleasant place to live.

There are many nice areas in Cardiff. If I had to pick the best area, then I would choose Llandaff because the views are incredible and relaxing and it’s close to the city centre and it’s not too expensive here.

Lisvane, the typical rich neighbourhood of Cardiff, is built on a hill and is basically a villa with large private gardens.

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