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Bradford, Among the Top Ten Most Popular Cities in the UK

For many people, particularly those in China, Bradford may seem relatively unknown. However, this city in the UK is steeped in cultural significance. It has outshone Durham, Southampton, and Wrexham to claim the crown as the “UK City of Culture 2025“. This prestigious honour will undoubtedly positively influence Bradford’s future development.

Especially when talking about the main cities for student accommodation in the UK, people might not think of Bradford. However, this city in West Yorkshire is currently treading an impressive development path, with the potential to reinvent itself as one of the most accessible and flourishing property markets in the UK.

Bradford 2025

01 Which city has been elected UK City of Culture 2025?

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02 Culture in Bradford!!

Web Designer 80%

03 Where is the world's first UNESCO film city?

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03 Student Accommodation in Bradford?

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04 Jane Eyre, where is the author from?

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01 Which city has been elected UK City of Culture 2025?

Bradford 2025 is a bold and inspiring initiative. It aimed to transform the cultural landscape of Bradford and position it as the UK City of Culture for 2025. Endowed with a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, traditions, and a robust heritage, Bradford possesses the potential to host an array of captivating cultural experiences.

The initiative is underpinned by a strategic and progressive vision to stimulate economic growth, enhance social cohesion, and promote the city as a vibrant cultural hub on a global stage. At its heart, Bradford 2025 is a testament to Bradford’s indomitable spirit and resilience. And its vision for a future that celebrates its uniqueness fosters inclusivity and shines a light on its cultural prowess.

City of Culture for 2025

02 Culture in Bradford!!

In a BBC broadcast, the UK’s Minister of Culture, Nadine Dorries, announced, “Everyone should have access to art and culture. Moreover, this prestigious title will help Bradford host unforgettable events right on their doorstep, attracting the attention of the entire UK and the world.”

Bradford is a young and vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. Indeed, its impressive bid owes much to its extensive local cultural assets, including the Bronte Parsonage, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire, and the National Science and Media Museum.

Wait!!! Why settle for average when you can indulge in top Bradford attractions? Forget preconceived notions of ordinary city tourism, as Bradford is here to redefine your expectations. 


03 Where is the world’s first UNESCO film city?

Don’t indulge in your own self-applauding!! Get to know the University of Bradford ready!!! The small town of Bradford, where the university is located, has long been renowned in the film industry. In fact, in 2009, UNESCO officially dubbed Bradford the “City of Film,” establishing it as the first city in the world to earn this recognition.


Over the last century, a wealth of television and film productions have been shot and produced in the Bradford area, showcasing the cultural charm of this small town from various perspectives.

From the impressive downtown architecture to the romantic wilderness of Ilkley and Haworth, Bradford presents a captivating tableau. Notably, as a cradle of international film talent, the film festival held in Bradford is one of the most diverse in Europe.

Bradford UK

04 Student Accommodation in Bradford?

Uhomes conducted some investigations and identified the most and least popular places to buy a house in the UK. As a result, the city of Bradford is considered the most popular place to buy a house, with buyer demand increasing by 98% over the past five years.

As previously mentioned, York is one of the leading areas in the UK for house price predictions, on par with the North West. Moreover, according to residential market predictions by Savills, house prices in Yorkshire and Humber are set to rise by 4.5% in 2022 and are predicted to increase by 18.8% over the next five years up until 2025.

Student Accommodation Bradford

The Yorkshire region has recently undergone a revival, completely transforming the area’s economic landscape and, subsequently, the real estate market. Although Sheffield and Leeds have always been at the forefront of this growth, Bradford has quietly developed into one of the best places in the region for buy-to-let purchases, emulating Sheffield’s growth over the past few years.

The city’s young population has undoubtedly driven Bradford’s rental market. According to data from Bradford City Council, nearly 70% of the population in the area is under the age of 50, which is the prime age for renting properties, with over 30% of the population under the age of 20.

Bradford benefits from a young and constantly growing population, below-average house prices, and above-average house price growth. The increasing number of international students also provides impressive rental returns and strong capital appreciation potential for individuals investing in the city’s real estate, particularly student accommodation in Bradford.

Student Accommodation

05 Jane Eyre, where is the author from?

Three Extraordinary Brontë Sisters

Bradford’s most famous place is a small village called Haworth. Almost two centuries ago, this was the birthplace of the three extraordinary Brontë sisters, who would all grow up to become some of the greatest authors in world literature. Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Jane Eyre, Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, and Anne Brontë’s ‘Agnes Grey’ are known worldwide, touching the hearts of readers from various linguistic backgrounds and profoundly impacting global literature.

However, all these geniuses tragically died young. Their challenging and sorrowful life journeys inspire deep empathy and sorrow. The Brontë sisters’ father was a pastor from rural Ireland, a graduate of Cambridge University. He and his wife had a total of five daughters and one son. The two eldest daughters were taken by tuberculosis before they reached adulthood.

Charlotte Brontë

Three Daughters and The Son

The mother passed away just a year after the birth of the youngest daughter, leaving him to raise the remaining four children on his own. Furthermore, as a country pastor’s income was meagre, the family lived a life of considerable hardship.

Among these four children, the three daughters were all born two years apart, with the son nestled between the first two daughters. Miraculously, they all exhibited extraordinary literary talent. The son, Branwell Brontë, was not only a poet and painter but also the family’s pride and hope.

Achievements in Literature

In the Victorian era in England, where the Brontë sisters lived, women faced many restrictions. Therefore, in 1847, the three sisters published their representative works under male pseudonyms. Charlotte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ immediately received high praise from the literary world, even catching the attention of Queen Victoria. Emily’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, though not widely accepted at the time, has been subsequently recognised as a great work on par with ‘War and Peace’. Anne’s ‘Agnes Grey’ is considered “the most perfect prose narrative in English literature“.

Jane Eyre

Our exploration of Bradford has showcased the diversity of cultures available. Therefore, it’s clear why this city ranks among the top ten most popular in the UK, right? Besides, the rich cultural activities attracting countless tourists, Bradford’s real estate and rental market has garnered significant attention.

Upon being awarded the “UK City of Culture 2025“, Bradford is set to attract millions in investment. So, why settle for ordinary and mundane city experiences when you can have extraordinary ones?


Bradford is renowned for its rich industrial heritage and artistic allure, marked by the iconic Salts Mill and the astounding National Science and Media Museum.

Bradford experiences a fairly typical British climate, with moderate summers and cool winters. Expect a drizzle or two, carrying a distinct charm that paints the cityscape in vibrant hues!

Bradford is an undisputed foodie haven! With its title as the Curry Capital of Britain, it offers a rich tapestry of culinary delights, from traditional Yorkshire puddings to spicy Asian cuisines. Don’t miss out on the city’s bustling food markets and innovative eateries!

Bradford, with its affordable housing, thriving cultural scene, and excellent schools, provides a charming blend of urban and countryside living.

Bradford boasts an array of attractions, from the historic Haworth Village, the picturesque Ilkley Moor, to the enchanting architecture of the Little Germany district.

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