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Complete University Guide 2025: Best UK Universities Latest

The Complete University Guide 2025 rankings have been recently unveiled. Explore our introduction to discover the latest top universities in the UK!

What are Complete University Guide Rankings?

The Complete University Guide (CUG) is one of the top university rankings in the UK. It focuses solely on UK colleges and universities. Independently operated, CUG rankings are highly regarded for their objective approach, This generates significant buzz every year upon release.

One notable strength of the Complete University Guide is its detailed breakdown of subjects. Unlike many other rankings that provide general assessments, CUG dives deep into specific disciplines. This helps students gain clear insights into how different areas perform academically.

For students, especially international students, navigating their higher education choices in the UK, the Complete University Guide is an invaluable resource. It offers a comprehensive view of overall university rankings and detailed subject-specific information, aiding students in making well-informed decisions about where to study and what to specialize in.

What’s the Difference Between Complete University Guide and QS Rankings?

The Complete University Guide and QS rankings are both essential for checking best UK universities, but they focus on different things, use different methods, and are meant for different people.

Different Focuses

  • The Complete University Guide places emphasis on student experience and teaching quality, considering factors like student satisfaction, academic and facility investments per capita, reflecting the students’ actual study environment.
  • In contrast, the QS Ranking (Quacquarelli Symonds) prioritizes academic reputation and research impact, focusing on indicators such as internationalization, faculty strength, and citation rates.

Different Methodology

  • The Complete University Guide ranking relies on UK-specific data like the NSS (UK Student Satisfaction Survey), REF (UK Official Research Excellence Framework), and HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), providing insights into the UK student experience.
  • QS Ranking, on the other hand, utilizes global data including Academic and Employer Reputation Surveys and citation rates, offering a broader view of international university influence.

Different Audiences

  • The CUG Ranking targets UK students and parents, aiding them in university selection.
  • QS Ranking caters to a global audience of students and scholars, offering insights into international university reputation and academic standards.


  • Both CUG and QS rankings have their merits, and students can benefit from considering both. By assessing their individual needs and preferences, students can make informed decisions on university selection.
  • Those prioritizing student experience may lean towards the CUG Ranking, while those valuing academic reputation may find the QS Ranking more relevant.

What is the Methodology of Complete University Guide Rankings 2025?

The Complete University Guide Rankings 2025 have implemented an enhanced assessment system, encompassing 10 key metrics carefully selected to offer a comprehensive evaluation of a university’s overall strength and its impact on student experience. These metrics include factors such as undergraduate entry standards, student satisfaction, research quality, research intensity, job prospects, student-to-faculty ratio, academic investment per capita, facilities investment per capita, and first-year dropout rate.

The metrics focus on tangible aspects of student life and academic support. By incorporating these indicators, the CUG rankings aim to provide a more holistic understanding of what students can expect from their university experience. This ensures that prospective students receive more valuable insights into the quality of education and resources available when considering studying in the UK.

Complete University Guide Rankings 2025 on a Quick Look

1. Oxbridge maintains its dominance.

After Cambridge’s return to the top spot in the UK last year, it maintains its reign as No.1 on Complete University Guide Rankings 2025, with Oxford following closely at No.2. The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, as the UK’s leading institutions, firmly secure the top two spots on the list, underscoring their unparalleled strength.

2. Imperial College London returns to the top 5.

Both LSE and St Andrews, not traditionally dominant in the QS World University Rankings, secure the third and fourth positions in the CUG 2025 rankings. Additionally, Imperial College, which slipped out of the top five last year, has made a notable comeback.

3. Unexpected contenders shake up the rankings.

In Complete University Guide Rankings 2025, the University of Warwick has notably ascended to the top 10, marking a significant advancement, while Lancaster University has experienced a decline in its ranking. Similarly, the University of Liverpool has made impressive strides, climbing six places to secure a position within the coveted top 20.

The most unexpected twist comes from the remarkable rise of several underdog institutions. Newcastle University, City University of London, Heriot-Watt University, and the Ulster University have all made substantial leaps forward, showcasing their impressive momentum and untapped potential.

4. Shift in student satisfaction rankings for G5 universities.

Student satisfaction, gauging students’ contentment with teaching quality, is derived from data collected through the British NSS questionnaire. Interestingly, none of the Oxbridge or G5 universities secured spots in the Top 10. Bishop Grosseteste University, a church college, claims the top spot this year, with last year’s winner, the University of St Andrews, slipping to second place.

5. Imperial College London leads in graduate prospects.

Graduate Prospects measures graduates’ employability and further study opportunities 15 months after graduation. Imperial College London takes the lead in the UK, showcasing its prowess alongside the giants of science and technology. Cambridge follows closely in second place, with Oxford trailing in fourth, and the London School of Economics surpassing University College London to claim fifth place.

Top 100 Universities in UK According to Complete University Guide 2025: Overall Rankings

Here are some of the top universities in the UK according to the Complete University Guide 2025’s overall rankings.

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Ranking Institution
1 University of Cambridge
2 University of Oxford
3 London School of Economics and Political Science
4 University of St Andrews
5 Imperial College London
6 Durham University
7 Loughborough University
8 University of Bath
9 UCL (University College London)
10 University of Warwick
11 Lancaster University
12 University of Birmingham
13 University of Surrey
14 University of Exeter
15 The University of Edinburgh
16 University of Bristol
17 University of York
18 University of Sheffield
19 University of Liverpool
20 University of Southampton
21 University of East Anglia UEA
22 University of Manchester
23 University of Leeds
24 King’s College London, University of London
25 Queen’s University Belfast
26 Newcastle University
27 Cardiff University
28 University of the Arts London
29 University of Glasgow
30 University of Nottingham
31 University of Essex
32 Harper Adams University
33 University of Strathclyde
34 Northumbria University, Newcastle
35 University of Reading
36 University of Leicester
37 Royal Holloway, University of London
38 City, University of London
39 Swansea University
40 University of Aberdeen
40 Heriot-Watt University
42 Ulster University
43 Aston University, Birmingham
44 Aberystwyth University
45 Nottingham Trent University
46 Oxford Brookes University
47 University of Sussex
48 University of Lincoln
49 University of Portsmouth
50 Queen Mary University of London
51 University of Kent
52 University of Dundee
52 Goldsmiths, University of London
54 University of Stirling
55 Manchester Metropolitan University
56 Bournemouth University
57 University of West London
58 University of Suffolk
59 University of Chester
60 Edge Hill University
61 Keele University
61 Falmouth University
63 Cardiff Metropolitan University
64 Sheffield Hallam University
64 University of Plymouth
64 St George’s, University of London
67 University of Huddersfield
68 SOAS University of London
68 Coventry University
70 University of Brighton
70 St Mary’s University, Twickenham
72 University of Sunderland
73 University of Salford
74 Glasgow Caledonian University
75 Bangor University
76 Norwich University of the Arts
76 University of Hull
78 Leeds Beckett University
78 Bristol, University of the West of England
80 Brunel University London
81 Liverpool John Moores University
82 University of Chichester
83 Liverpool Hope University
84 University of Hertfordshire
85 University for the Creative Arts
86 Edinburgh Napier University
87 Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
88 Kingston University
89 Arts University Bournemouth
90 University of Derby
91 University of Gloucestershire
92 University of Central Lancashire
93 Birmingham City University
94 University of South Wales
94 Robert Gordon University
96 University of Worcester
96 Staffordshire University
98 York St John University
99 Abertay University
100 Teesside University, Middlesbrough
100 Solent University (Southampton)

Best Universities in UK According to Complete University Guide 2025: Specific Rankings

The Complete University Guide 2025 not only presents the overall rankings of universities but also provides detailed scores for each metric, highlighting the strengths of each institution. Moreover, it offers valuable data such as student-teacher ratio and freshman dropout rates, aiding students in selecting the university that aligns with their interests and requirements.

UK Universities with Highest Entry Standards

Cambridge, Imperial, Oxford, LSE, and UCL stand out among UK universities for their exceptionally high entry standards. These institutions uphold rigorous academic criteria, fostering an environment that challenges and inspires students to achieve their full potential.

UK Universities with Highest Research Quality

Imperial, LSE, Cambridge, Bristol, and UCL are ranked high for their outstanding research quality, offering a fertile environment for academic inquiry.

UK Universities with Best Graduate Prospect

The Complete University Guide 2025 highlights the top five universities with the best job prospects: Imperial, Cambridge, St George’s College, Oxford, and LSE. These institutions pave the path for graduates by providing diverse career opportunities.


Here’s our introduction to the recently released Complete University Guide 2025 rankings. We hope it helps you choose the best university in the UK for your studies and enjoy your student life.

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Complete University Guide 2025 FAQ

UK university rankings shed light on academic excellence and global reputation. Yet, while they reveal institutional prestige, prospective students should also consider factors like course offerings, campus amenities, and location for a personalized university experience.

Yes, university rankings can influence admission decisions to some extent, as higher-ranked universities may attract more applicants and have stricter admission criteria. However, admission decisions also consider various factors such as academic qualifications, personal statements, and interviews.

Regional variations in UK university rankings do exist, reflecting differences in academic strengths, research focus, and resources across different parts of the country. For instance, universities in London often benefit from proximity to financial and cultural hubs, leading to higher rankings. While institutions in Scotland and Wales, such as Cardiff University, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Glasgow, are renowned for their strong research output, there are relatively fewer top-ranked universities in these regions compared to other parts of the UK.

The Complete University Guide 2025 was released on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. The rankings categorize the top universities in the UK, both overall and across 74 specific subject areas.

  • QS World University Rankings: Evaluates universities globally based on factors like academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, and international diversity.
  • Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings: Assesses teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook.
  • Complete University Guide: Provides comprehensive rankings considering entry standards, student satisfaction, research quality, and graduate prospects.

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