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A Sneak Peek into the Guardian’s 2024 UK University Rankings: Who Tops the List?

The Guardian UK University Rankings 2024 are out! Come and have a look at the highlights of the ranking!

As one of the top three local rankings in the UK, The Guardian’s ranking includes the overall ranking of UK universities and the ranking of more than 60 different specialisations.

The Guardian rankings are also very friendly to art students, covering more than ten popular art specialisms such as fashion & textiles, graphic design, interior design, product design, animation & game design, architecture, music and other rankings.

The Guardian

Comprehensive Rankings of UK Universities

Unlike the QS, USNews and Times rankings, the Guardian rankings do not focus on an institution’s research capabilities but rather on the student’s “educational experience”, which is known for its focus on the student experience, including satisfaction with the curriculum, satisfaction with the teaching, the faculty/student ratio, as well as the per capita cost of the student, the employment rate of graduates, It is also known for its focus on the student experience, including course satisfaction, teaching satisfaction, staff-to-student ratio, as well as per-student spending, graduate employment rate, progression rate, average undergraduate admissions score and other indicators.

Therefore, its credibility in the UK is equal to that of other lists, and it is also one of the criteria that international students and parents attach great importance to when choosing a UK institution every year.

2024 Guardian Top 10 UK Universities

20242023InstitutionGuardian Score/100
11St Andrews100
44London School of Economics89.7
55lmperial College82.2

The University of St Andrews, which is always at the top of the list for its perfect performance in “student satisfaction”, was established from 1410 to 1413 and is the first university in Scotland and the third oldest university in the English-speaking world after Oxford and Cambridge.

Speaking of the University of St Andrews, it is essential to talk about its art history programme. St Ann’s has a dedicated School of Art History, renowned globally for its academic, research-orientated teaching. St Ann’s History of Art programme is also ranked number one in the UK by the Times, and Prince William studied History of Art at St Andrews.

Animation & Game Design Rankings

2024InstitutionGuardian Score/100
1University of the Arts London100
2Glasgow Caledonian96.4
3Canterbury Christ Church92.8
4Birmingham City91.4
7Manchester Met87.3

The University of the Arts London has jumped to the top of the list from 4th place last year.

London College of Communication has long been known globally for its animation design, and 3D computer animation, like MA 3D Computer Animation, is a practice-led course that explores the theory and practice of 3D digital animation in film, television, games and interactive applications. The course covers two main areas: film and motion graphics animation and games animation and storytelling.

Its MA Animation animation program provides students with the tools to express their creativity using a variety of visual media, exploring the theory and practice of animation in a wide range of experimental visual media centred around contemporary, personal, social, ethical, cultural, political, religious and environmental issues.

Architecture Rankings


2024InstitutionGuardian Score/100
10UWE Bristol72.1

Is Cardiff University‘s architecture that good? It Ranked before UCL.

Not bad, compared to other Russell institutions, Cardiff University seems to have always been in the “neglected” “bottom of the list” position, but do not know that this seemingly “ordinary” university has a very Not common strength: its architecture has been one of the strong points of British higher education, graduates are favoured by employers, widely employed in many well-known building.

The Welsh School of Architecture (WSA), founded in 1920, is one of the earliest colleges established by Cardiff University, and the Bute Building was established in 1930, which is still the main stronghold of the School of Architecture. Cardiff University’s architecture programme graduates have been awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) accreditation, recognised worldwide.

Fashion & Textile Rankings


2024InstitutionGuardian Score/100
3Trinity Saint David89.8
4University of the Arts London87.1
7South wales81.6
9Bucks New University81.4
10Manchester Met80.6

Loughborough University remains first in the Fashion & Textiles rankings, with Kingston University, Trinity Saint David University of Wales, University of the Arts London and Staffordshire University second-fifth place, respectively. Loughborough University currently has a Textile Design BA (Hons), which focuses on exploring the diverse opportunities within the ever-expanding textiles sector. Students will research and experiment with various materials and techniques, from traditional craftsmanship to cutting-edge digital technologies, to design, make and validate their ideas.

Pure Art Ranking

2024InstitutionGuardian Score/100
4University of the Arts London82.3
6Bucks New University80.2
90xford Brookes79.4

Many students favour the Pure Arts programme at LSE Central Saint Martins, and the College offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in 3-year and 2-year programmes, respectively.

The undergraduate programme starts with several multi-dimensional and different directions of practice, which enables students to learn professional skills in a specific direction and be inspired by other directions. Examples include 2D directions, like painting, printmaking and photography; 3D directions, like sculpture, installation and performance; and 4D directions, like film and video, art writing, performance and sound.

The postgraduate programme aims to develop students’ creativity and artistic practice. Students can choose from various specialisms, such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, etc. This programme is full of innovation and experimentation, encouraging students to challenge traditional art forms and boundaries.


The University of St Andrews, which is always at the top of the list for its perfect performance in “student satisfaction”, was established from 1410 to 1413 and is the first university in Scotland and the third oldest university in the English-speaking world after Oxford and Cambridge.

Guardian’s 2024 UK University Rankings aim to provide a comprehensive and reliable assessment of universities in the United Kingdom based on various factors such as teaching quality, student satisfaction, graduate prospects, and more. This ranking is highly regarded by students, academics, and employers alike as a trusted source for evaluating the overall performance of universities in the UK.

Unlike other university rankings that heavily focus on research performance, Guardian’s rankings prioritize teaching quality and student satisfaction as key factors for evaluating universities. This ensures a more holistic approach to assessing the overall performance of universities and provides a valuable perspective for students and employers.

In addition to teaching quality and student satisfaction, Guardian’s rankings also consider universities’ spend per student, student-staff ratio, career prospects for graduates, and value-added score (which measures students’ improvement during their time at university). This multi-faceted approach comprehensively evaluates universities and allows for a fair comparison between institutions.

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