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How Much Does It Cost To Live In London?

To live in London has always been a dream for international students looking for world-class education and an unforgettable experience. However, the costs associated with living in one of the world’s most expensive cities can be daunting.

In this blog, I’ll break down the typical costs of studying and living in London to help students plan their budgets.

A Glance at Cost of Living in London

Cost of Living in London
Type of Cost Category Amount
Tuition Fees Students under 18 £11,545 – £16,500 per term
Foundation Programmes £10,000 per year
Undergraduate Studies £25,740-£36,065 per year
Postgraduate Studies £2,000-£3,000 per year
MBA Programmes £35,000-£45,000
Doctoral Programmes £5,000-£25,000 per year
Accommodation Outside London £12,180 per year
in London £15,180 per year
Living Expenses Outside London £485 Monthly
in London £700 Monthly
Transportation Cost Oyster Card Variable
Cultural & Entertainment Life
Job Opportunities

Study in London: Tuition Fees


Tuition fees for international undergraduates range from £13,000 to £35,000 per year depending on the program and university. 

Popular universities like King’s College London and University College London(UCL) charge around £15,000 to £25,000 annually for arts and humanities programs. Stem subjects like engineering and sciences are typically more expensive.

Postgraduate tuition can range from £12,000 for a basic master’s program to £50,000 for clinical degrees.

London Business school(LBS), which is one of Uk’s top business schools,  is one of the priciest options, with average MBA fees around £40,000.

Live in London: Accommodation Cost

To live in London, housing is often the biggest expense for students after tuition. Accommodation in university halls of residence generally costs £150-£300 per week.

Renting a room in a shared flat outside of university housing averages £120-£250 per week depending on location. Rents are highest in central London.

Many students opt to choose uhomes, live further out in Zone 2 or 3 and commute to campus to save on housing costs. 

Getting your own studio or one-bedroom for student accommodation in London will cost at least £250-£400 per week.

However, having roommates is key for reducing housing expenses in London. You will feel lucky to save a lot with renting tips whether choosing on-campus or near-camous accommodation in London.

Food & Daily Expenses

Basic groceries, toiletries, phone bills, and other essentials cost around £80-£120 per week in London.

Eating out and drinking at pubs will bump up your weekly spend significantly. Most students budget £150-£200 per week for all living expenses.

DIne Out & Have Fun in London

Going out in London can get very expensive. Movie tickets are £5-15, concerts are £20-50, clubs charge £5-15 for entry. 

A dinner out costs £15-30 per person at cheap eateries. Getting around via public transport and taxis will add up quickly too. Setting a weekly entertainment budget is wise.

Commute and Transportation Cost

London has an extensive public transport system, but it comes at a price.

A monthly 18+ Oyster travel card covers buses, tubes, trams and costs £84-£136 depending on zones covered.

Budget £2-5 per ride for Ubers or black cabs if travelling late at night. Trains to outer boroughs and airports cost £5-15 per trip.

Biking can be cheaper if you live close enough to campus. Transport eats up a sizable chunk of student budgets in London.

Live in London: a Golden Chance

In total, students should budget around £12,000-£18,000 per year for living costs in London on top of tuition fees. 

This covers shared accommodation, a monthly travel card, groceries, bills, entertainment and other expenses. 

London is an expensive city, but with careful planning it is still feasible for most international students to live and study here. The life-changing experience is well worth the extra costs for many.


Living in London can be exciting and vibrant, with a wide range of cultural opportunities and a bustling city atmosphere.

Leonard Cohen lived in London during various periods of his life, but he notably spent time there in the 1960s and 1970s.

To make the most of living in London, explore its diverse neighborhoods, immerse yourself in its cultural scene, and take advantage of its excellent education opportunities and transportation system.

$1,000 may not be enough to comfortably live in London for the yearly living cost can amount to £12,000 and above. It is advisable to research and budget accordingly.

London is generally considered a good place to live, with its rich history, diverse culture, and numerous employment opportunities. However, it is important to consider factors such as the high cost of living and potential congestion in the city.

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