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Melbourne Airport Travelling Tips

When you arrive at the airport of an unfamiliar city, don’t you often struggle with which mode of transport you should choose to get to your next destination? Here’s a Melbourne airport transport rundown for you to check out.

About Airports

Melbourne Airport

Firstly, Melbourne has two airports. One is Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, and the other is Avalon Airport. Melbourne International Airport is located near the Melbourne suburb of Tullamarine, about 21 kilometres from Melbourne city centre and is the second busiest airport in Australia. It is also the second busiest airport in Australia. Melbourne Avalon Airport is located 55km away from Melbourne city centre and mainly flies domestic flights. All domestic flights to Melbourne will land at Melbourne International Airport, so if you are about to buy a flight ticket to Melbourne, please check the landing airport before you make a choice.


Melbourne Terminal

Melbourne International Airport has four terminals

T1: Mainly for Australian domestic flights and is the exclusive terminal for Qantas.
T2: All international flights
T3: Australia’s domestic flights, Virgin Blue’s exclusive terminal
T4: Australian domestic flights, mainly low-cost airlines: Jetstar and Tiger.
Those flying domestically to Melbourne will arrive at Melbourne International Airport’s T2.

Transport in Airport

There are many ways to get from Melbourne International Airport to the city and other destinations, including SKYBUS, Taxi, Uber, car hire, online booking, Shuttle Service, school pick-up service for new students and private car pick-up.

1. Skybus

Melbourne Skybus

Skybus is the most important means of transport from the airport to the city. It is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service. Getting to Southern Cross Station in the city takes about 20 minutes. (Ps: Airport buses run in both directions; you can also take the airport bus from Southern Cross Station to the airport.)

One-way fare from the airport to the city: A$18 for an adult, A$18 for a family ticket 1 (1 adult + up to 4 children aged 4-14), A$36 for a family ticket 2 (2 adults + up to 4 children aged 4-14).

Tips: When you arrive at Southern Cross Station on the airport bus, you can take a free Hotel Transfer bus to your hotel in the city.

Hotel Transfer Bus operating hours are Monday through Friday, 06:00 – 22:30, and Saturday through Sunday, 06:00 – 19:00.

2. Transfer Points

Melbourne International Airport has three bus stops: T1, T3, and T4. I recommend taking the airport bus at T3 for those coming from China because the first stop is T3, and more seats are available. You can buy tickets in advance online or on-site at ticketing points and machines. If you purchase tickets in advance, you can save time in the queue.

Tickets for SKYBUS can be purchased at https://skybus.umd.com.au/skybus/sales/?full.

We recommend Skybus to those with some basic English, a sense of direction, and whose destinations are in CBD because Skybus can’t take you directly to your destination; you need to choose other transport to get there. So, Skybus is not so friendly to those who do not have basic English or a sense of direction.

3. Taxi

Melbourne Taxi

Taxis in Melbourne are usually bright yellow and silver and are very recognisable. A taxi ride from Melbourne Airport to the city usually takes about 20 minutes, costing between AUD$50 and AUD$60, depending on traffic conditions. As taxis are not readily available in Melbourne City and elsewhere, booking in advance if you travel to the airport is advisable. The taxi will arrive on time at the scheduled location and time.

Tips: Ordinary taxis can accommodate up to 4 passengers, and Max models can accommodate up to 11 passengers. You can book a different type of taxi according to your needs.

4. Uber

Melbourne Uber

Melbourne Airport accepts UberX. If you have downloaded Uber software, you can also try using it to take a taxi. The cost from Melbourne Airport to Melbourne City will be cheaper than a taxi, about $15$20, all subject to the actual traffic conditions.

UberX can drop off passengers at departure lanes and transport hub drop-off areas, while the UberX pick-up area for T1, T2 and T3 is located in the first lane of the leading travelling building. UberX is arguably a better option, but only if you have downloaded the UberX taxi app and have a valid payment method.

5. Hire a Car and Drive

Melbourne Airport has six car rental companies: Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, and Redspot. They are all located in Terminal T3.

There are two ways to rent a car for self-drive: to book through the official website of the car rental company and to rent a car from the counter on-site. Generally speaking, online booking is more recommended as car models have more choices. After booking the car online, you still need to go to the counter to fill out some forms and pay the deposit.

For those who have just arrived in Australia and have never driven a car with a right-hand steering wheel, renting a car to drive yourself is not recommended. Because the traffic rules in Australia are very different from those in China, and the speed of vehicles here is faster, so it is easy to cause a big accident if you are not careful. If you want to rent a car, please familiarise yourself with the Australian traffic rules and understand suitable hand-drive cars before you rent a car.

Pick-up Service

Online Booking Pick-up Service

Many people new to Australia fear their English is not good enough to communicate with foreigners, so they prefer to find a Chinese-speaking driver to pick them up. Usually, people will book the pick-up service on Yeeyi.com, Ctrip, iTrip Hornet’s Nest, etc. (Open the website and search for Melbourne pick-up service. (Open the website and search for Melbourne pickup).

As far as I know, the price from the airport to the city is 55AUD and 60AUD to Clayton or Box Hill, which are a bit farther away. The cost for this kind of pick-up service is agreed in advance, and there is usually no extra charge. The driver usually asks you to wait for him at the one-minute pick-up/—drop-off area.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

Several Shuttle Service companies in Melbourne provide airport pick-up and drop-off services. These companies usually offer door-to-door pick-up and drop-off services. The price of this kind of shuttle service is based on location pricing. The airport cost to the city is about 20 AUD / person. Different companies charge differently. You can check the official website of each company.

We will list a few shuttle service companies for your reference:

1. Star Bus (I have experienced this shuttle service; the fare to Melbourne CBD is 20 AUD / person)

2. Jet Bus

3. VHA Airport Shuttle

The green area in the picture is usually the boarding point of the Shuttle Service.

 School Pick-up Service for New Students

All major universities in Melbourne provide free pick-up service for international students; you must apply for the complimentary one on the school’s official website beforehand. This service is only available for new students who have just started their studies. Please check the school’s website for details. New students can consider this free pick-up service, which will take you to your destination and allow you to meet your friends.

Private Car Pickup

There are two kinds of private car pick-up: one is to pick up and leave immediately, and the other is to park the car and go to the arrival hall to pick up people. First, I recommend the pick-up and go because it is convenient and saves money. The pick-up area is the 1-minute drop-off (that is, stop and go) area mentioned earlier. This area is in the middle of the T2 international arrival hall and parking building. Usually, you arrive at this area first and tell the driver your location. There are signs in this area to identify your location, such as 2A, 2B and 2C, so you need to tell the driver where to wait for you. Isn’t it very convenient?

For those who park to pick up their flights, you usually park in the short-term car park of T1-2-3. You need to go up from the arrival hall to the floor of the departure hall and then walk through the sky corridor. It is recommended that you ask the pick-up driver to come and pick you up at the arrival hall and then go to the car park together.

Below is a screenshot from the airport’s official website of the rates for different types of parking for one hour, just for your reference.

FAQ on Melbourne Airport

The contract is in English, and the flat does not translate Chinese.

It is essential to pay attention to the spelling of the name, passport number, ID number, the beginning and the end of the contract, as well as the contract mentioning the fees, confirming the amount of money to ensure that there is enough credit or cash in the card provided.

Pay special attention to the rules for returning, subletting and refunding deposits.

The flat receives your application and confirms that the room is reserved, and a deposit of £200-£350 needs to be paid within a specified period ranging from 2 – 24 hours. Rent is usually paid in full before you move in, on the 1st of August or on a selected date, and in some flats, you can get a discount for paying in full.

Two ways to return the deposit are by cheque or directly to the card. The refund is mailed in the case of a cheque, and the student must take it to the bank and pay it. This method is slower, but most flats choose this traditional way of refunding deposits.

Yes, you can email the flat in advance to request it, and guests can stay for about five days or so.

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