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What are the Some Popular Student Housing in USA?

In the United States, finding suitable housing is a pivotal aspect of the university experience. With student housing playing a crucial role in shaping young scholars’ social and academic lives. Among the myriad options available, popular student housing complexes stand out as vibrant hubs of activity. And fostering a dynamic community where students from diverse backgrounds converge to live, learn, and thrive together. These sought-after residences often boast modern amenities, convenient locations near campus, and a plethora of recreational facilities tailored to cater to the unique needs and preferences of the contemporary student populace. From bustling urban apartments to serene suburban townhouses, the landscape of popular student housing in the USA is as varied as the individuals who call it home. It offers an enriching environment conducive to personal growth and academic success.

popular student housing in USA

How to choose popular student housing type?

When studying in the United States, it is important to find the popular student housing type of rental for you. You can choose from apartments, dormitories, or houses.

Apartments are usually managed by a rental company and there are different types of units to choose from. These include studio (one bedroom with kitchen), one bedroom (one bedroom with kitchen), and 2-4 bedrooms. Apartments are large, well-furnished, and affordable, making them a popular choice for many international students.

Student dormitories are usually provided by the school and have facilities such as shared kitchens. Although smaller in size and more expensive. However, there are many social activities and you can make friends from different countries. It is suitable for students who like to communicate.

Independent houses are usually rented out by private individuals. It includes a separate bedroom or basement. The number is smaller, the price is cheaper and the facilities are more complete, suitable for students who want to live independently. If you are single, choosing a 2-3 bedroom house is a good choice. If you don’t have a suitable roommate, a school dormitory is also a good starting point.

The factors for you to consider

Selection of Popular Student Housing

Choosing where to live is critical. In the U.S., rent levels and living conditions can vary greatly from city to city. In general, the popular student housing near schools will be more convenient, but may also be more expensive. If you want to save money, consider choosing a place a little farther away from your school. However, make sure that transportation is convenient. Also, find out about the local security situation and choose a safe neighborhood.

Rental Budget

It is important to have a reasonable rent budget. Rent is a significant expense in the United States. In addition to the rent itself, you should also consider utilities, internet and other miscellaneous expenses. It is important to make a reasonable rent budget based on your financial strength and living needs for your best student housing choice

Sharing vs. Live Alone

Consider sharing or Living alone. Sharing a room can save money and make new friends at the same time. However, it may also bring some conflicts. If you prefer a separate space, you can choose to rent alone. However, the cost will be relatively high. Make your choice according to your personality and needs.

Signing a contract

Read carefully before signing the rental contract. When signing a contract, pay attention to the amount of rent, the term of the lease, the deposit, and the terms of breach of contract to ensure that your rights and interests are not lost. If you don’t understand the legal terms, hire a lawyer or learn about the law.

Searching for properties

There are many ways to find the most popular student housing USA. You can look for properties through official channels provided by the school, or on local rental websites and social media. In addition, you can find uhomes for you to find your dream house.

Recommendations of Popular Student Housing

1.Union on San Antonio

Union on San Antonio offers brand-new apartments for rent near The University of Texas at Austin. In the heart of West Campus, it is one of the popular student housing in this area. We offer all the things that make the Austin community unique and lovable. With tons of great amenities and several modern and spacious floor plans to choose from, you’ll love calling us home. We take care of everything – from apartment essentials to entertainment and recreation. The inclusive package at our student apartments helps simplify living and maximize convenience to make your life easy.

popular student housing Union on San Antonio

2.Union on 24th

Union on 24th is a popular student housing   for rent near the University of Texas at Austin. Within walking distance from campus, you are never far away from fun or your classes- we’re at the center of it all! Union 24th wants you to have the best experience possible. There are great amenities and several modern and spacious floor plans to choose from, you’ll love calling our Austin, TX student apartments home. We take care of everything – from apartment essentials to entertainment and recreation. The inclusive package at our UT Austin student apartments helps simplify living and maximize convenience to make your life easy. Your new home includes all the things that makes living in Austin with a wonderful life.

3. The Standard at State College

Say hello to luxurious student life at The Standard at State College. This popular student housing near Penn State are located in the heart of college town, State College, PA. Discover a posh, exclusive student-centered community full of contemporary apartments and high-end amenities designed for academic and social success. When you live here, you’ll find the adventure and the luxury of a resort, with all the comforts of home. Be in the know about our community — contact us today for the latest updates.

luxury and popular student housing in the us

4.The Berk

The Berk offers dorm-style apartments in a variety of layouts near the University of California Berkeley. We’re in the center of all the great things that make the Berkeley community unique and lovable. With two buildings located on the north and south side of campus, it become one of the popular student housing near UCB.

The Berk on College wants you to have the best experience possible. With great amenities and several spacious floor plans to choose from, you’ll love calling us home. We take care of everything – from apartment essentials to entertainment and recreation. Our rental package covers internet and utilities, so you can focus on your studies, enjoy one of our awesome community events or check out what all Berkeley has to offer while we take care of the details. Our inclusive package helps simplify living and maximize convenience to make your life easy.

5.T-H-E Griff

Welcome to T·H·E GRIFF, a community of The Ohio State University offsite student housing that offers students a dynamic living experience. Whether you want to fly solo or live with a few friends, T·H·E GRIFF has plenty of options to suit you. Live on your own in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment or live with others in a two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom apartment. Every bedroom will have a private bathroom and closet space, so no sharing or coordinating schedules for getting ready for class. Floor plans feature open concepts that provide plenty of room for you to live in your shared space. Leases are individual and pricing is by the bedroom. Bring your friends, pick out your favorite floor plan and reserve it today before it is too late!

one of the popular student housing in the us

6.Canopy Apartments

The gym at Canopy is undergoing renovations, coming spring 2024 – we will have brand new state of the art equipment, multiple workout zones, group fitness classes, rock climbing wall & more. Live your best life at our apartments in Gainesville, FL. With two, three, and four-bedroom apartment floor plans, the right vibe for your sunny lifestyle won’t be hard to find. Fully furnished with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hardwood-style flooring, Canopy brings you close to campus in style. With up-to-date amenities and spacious layouts that allow for every moment of life to be enjoyed, Canopy apartments in Gainesville, FL have something for everyone. 

7.The Ellis

Introducing The Ellis, a contemporary and popular student housing USA impresario of apartment living. Embodying a perfect blend of history and modernity, The Ellis is founded on the historic Johnson’s Creamery. Our luxurious apartment suites, furnished for your comfort, offer an array of floor plans – from studios to three-bedroom arrangements. Each unit beams with modern features and finishes that effortlessly align with any lifestyle.

The Ellis provides residents with conveniences such as a well-equipped fitness center, private courtyard complete with an outdoor grilling station, fire pit, and ambient lighting. This, paired with our lenient pet policy, creates an inclusive living experience.

Studio or Sharing House?

Personality and Spending Power

If your roommates has a good personality and is relatively easy to get along with, it will be easy to talk. Spending power is also an important consideration. If your roommate is more frugal, and you may not care too much, it will also bring some problems. The utility grid is an apartment that counts together to pay for the utilities, and then everyone shares equally. For example, such as studying in the north of the United States, that winter you feel cold to open the air conditioning. But your roommate chooses to wear more clothes do not want to open the air conditioning to save electricity. In this way, you need to pay the extra cost of electricity. And it is unfair for the whole housing members. Thus, the ability to consume is also more important.

Work schedules

Because the walls of the popular student housing in the USA are very thin and basically not soundproof. You can basically hear the sounds in the living room from the bedroom. If you’re used to going to bed late and your roommate is used to going to bed early and waking up early. Then your lives will be staggered. For example, she/he wakes up and makes breakfast in the living room, you can hear everything. And it’s hard to say keep it down and get it right because it’s really so clear. If you go to bed late at night, in the living room to speak words she/he can also hear. Don’t think you can regulate your own time, it’s basically impossible, it’s hard to change the habit.

Problems in the public area

Taking cleaning as an example. There are really lazy people never do hygiene, many people share a room a problem is that everyone in the end than lazy. And who can not stand it can only clean themselves. So be careful when choosing a roommate, it’s best if you have a trusted friend who knows the customs of the apartment. Renting a popular student housing is a time-consuming task that may not go anywhere, so start early to get the background, look for a good roommate, and make lots of inquiries to avoid any hassles.


The largest student housing operators in the United States include American Campus Communities (ACC) and Greystar.

Some universities renowned for their exceptional dormitory facilities include Stanford University in California and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, which offer modern amenities, spacious rooms, and vibrant living communities.

 The largest college dorm in the United States is believed to be the University of Central Florida’s Neptune Community, located in Orlando, Florida.

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