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Exploring Birmingham’s Secrets: The Top 5 Japanese Restaurants You Need to Visit

Stepping into vibrant Birmingham, you might not immediately associate this bustling English city with exquisite Japanese cuisine. However, tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of the city lies a hidden gem offering authentic Japanese flavours. In this blog, I’ll be taking you on a culinary journey to discover the five best Japanese restaurants in Birmingham. From orthodox sushi shops to cozy ramen joints, these establishments offer authentic Japanese flavours in the heart of England. Whether you’re a devoted sushi restaurant lover or just looking to try something new, this is an excellent opportunity not to be missed.

Sushi Passion

Sushi Passion Birmingham is an exquisite Japanese restaurant located in the city centre. If you’re looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Birmingham, this is a place to try. It has become a favourite of many diners because of its authentic Japanese sushi and unique dining experience. Although the price is slightly higher, every meal is like a feast for the taste buds, which makes some people support it is the best sushi in Birmingham. Every piece of sushi is carefully made, using fresh and high-quality ingredients, with a unique sauce, rich taste, and clear layers. Whether it is the classic eel sushi, salmon sushi, or creative characteristics of sushi, you can feel the essence of Japanese cuisine. Although the area is not large, everywhere shows a strong Japanese style, warm lighting, elegant decoration, and warm and thoughtful service, all for diners to create a comfortable and quiet dining environment.

Business hours: 12pm – 11pm


Great Western Arcade


B2 5HU

Recommended dishes



Philadelphia rolls

Sushi Passion best japanese restaurant in birmingham

Tokyo izakaya

Tokyo Izakaya restaurant is located in the downtown area. With its authentic Japanese food in Birmingham and intense izakaya atmosphere, it has become a popular place for diners to visit. The warm light, traditional Japanese decoration, and warm and thoughtful service in the restaurant make people feel as if they are in the streets of Tokyo. The cleaning standards of the restaurant are also very high. Whether it is tables, chairs or floors, they are spotless, which makes people feel at ease. There are a variety of dishes here. From classic sushi and sashimi to hot ramen and fried japanese food, every dish is full of Japanese flavour. The ingredients are fresh, the cooking is exquisite, and the taste is excellent, which makes people have a lasting impression. In addition, the restaurant also provides halal and non-halal options to meet the needs of different diners.

Business hours: 12pm – 11pm


Unit 3, 4 Lower Severn St


B1 1PU

Recommended dishes

Bento box

Tako Wasabi

Chicken Katsu

Tokyo izakaya sushi restaurant birmingham

Yakinori Selly Oak

Yakinori Selly Oak is located in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, whether it is fresh sashimi, hot ramen or unique fried food, which can make people feel the delicacy and deliciousness of Japanese cuisine. In addition to the food, the service is also a highlight. The staff are warm and thoughtful, and they are patient and caring towards each customer. Whether it is answering questions or recommending dishes, they will do their best to make customers feel at home. Whether you want to taste authentic Japanese cuisine or enjoy a pleasant dining experience, you can meet your needs here.

Business hours: 11pm – 10pm


520 Bristol Rd


B29 6BD

Recommended dishes

Teriyaki grilled salmon

Umi tochi surf & turf


Yakinori Selly Oak birmingham


Although located in a quiet area, Sushido Birmingham has won high praise from many diners with its exquisite sushi and warm service, many of whom come specially from downtown. At Sushido, you can enjoy a wide variety of sushi and Japanese cuisine. From classic eel and salmon sushi to creative speciality rolls, each dish is full of Japanese flavour. The ingredients are fresh, the preparation is exquisite, and the taste is excellent, leaving you with a lasting impression. In addition, Sushido also provides a convenient delivery service. Whether at home or at the office, you can enjoy the restaurant’s delicious dishes with a reservation in advance.

Business hours: 5pm – 10pm


The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield,


B73 6HN

Recommended dishes

Maki rolls

Pad thai

Tempura prawns

Sushido delivery in birmingham

Tsukiji Japanese Cuisine

Tsukiji Japanese Cuisine is a Japanese restaurant in Birmingham. The decoration style of the restaurant is both modern and classic, which makes people feel the strong Japanese style when they walk into the restaurant. At Tsukiji, you can taste a variety of delicious Japanese cuisine. The aburi nigiri set is the signature of the restaurant. This fire-roasted sushi has a unique taste and is very popular with customers. In addition, the restaurant also provides a variety of set meal options. Whether you order a la carte or choose a set meal, you can enjoy a satisfactory dining experience. In addition to the good japanese food, the service at Tsukiji is also a highlight. The staff are warm and friendly and are always ready to help customers. They also provide kimono fitting service so that customers can experience Japanese culture in addition to tasting food.

Business hours: 12pm – 10pm


51 Station St


B5 4DY

Recommended dishes

Yakatori grilled skewers

Mixed sashimi


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In the kaleidoscopic realm of Japanese language, Ichibanya occupies a unique place, particularly in the realm of gastronomy. Translated as “the first place,” the word not only embodies the supremacy of quality, but also conveys a profound commitment to delivering an unparalleled dining experience.

Ramen is a Japanese food consisting of wheat noodles and a meat or fish broth, usually seasoned with soy sauce or miso and served with ingredients such as shredded pork, nori (dried kelp) and scallions.

Teppanyaki originated in Japan in the 1940s, where chefs expertly grill a variety of ingredients, including meat, vegetables and seafood, on a large flat iron plate called a teppanyaki board. What makes teppanyaki special is not just the superior quality of the ingredients or the unique cooking method, but the interactive experience it provides.

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