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Student Safety Guide: Exploring Top 50 Safest Universities in UK

When international students go out, they have to safeguard their safety and property in all circumstances. The university’s safety will be an essential consideration for international students when choosing a university. Students studying in UK are very concerned about the safest universities in UK and want to know about the security situation around their university. Today, let’s take a look at the top 50 safest universities in UK and how to ensure your safety while studying abroad.

Is UK Safe for University Students?

UK is a very popular tourist and study destination, attracting millions of visitors each year.  Ranked 37th as the safest among 163 countries in the 2023 Global Peace Index , UK is generally a safe country. Overall UK has a good level of security amongst European countries.With the general UK environment safe, let’s look at the top 50 safest universities in UK.

Safest Universities in UK

1. Top 50 Safest Universities in UK(Ranked 1-50 from top to bottom)

Rank Institution
1 Harper Adams
2 Falmouth
3 Royal Agricultural University
4 Edge Hill
5 Bath
6 Royal Holloway, University of London
7 St Mary’s, Twickenham
8 Bath Spa
9 Aberystwyth
10 York
11 Winchester
12 Exeter
13 Buckingham
14 Lancaster
15 Sheffield
16 Cardiff Metropolitan
17 Warwick
18 Kingston
19 Oxford Brookes
20 Cardiff
21 West London
22 St George’s, University of London
23 Leeds Trinity
24 Plymouth Marjon
25 Reading
26 Surrey
27 Keele
28 Durham
29 Swansea
30 Loughborough
31 Nottingham
32 Roehampton
33 Middlesex
34 Imperial College London
35 Worcester
36 Sussex
37 Brunel University London
38 Hertfordshire
39 Chichester
40 Brighton
41 Buckinghamshire New
42 York St John
43 Bangor
44 East Anglia (UEA)
45 East London
46 Gloucestershire
47 Trinity Saint David
48 Goldsmiths,University of London
49 London Metropolitan
50 University for the Creative Arts

As you can see from the above, Harper Adams University is ranked number one as the safest university in UK , with the lowest crime rate and best security around the university.

2. Is It Safe to Study in a Russell Group university?

There are eight Russell Group universities in the top 50 UK’s safest universities, namely:

University of York(10th), University of Exeter(12th), University of Sheffield(15th), University of Warwick(17th), Cardiff University(20th), Durham University:(28th), University of Nottingham(31st), Imperial College(34th). So it can be concluded that Russell Group universities are generally safe

3. Is It Safe to Study in a G5 university?

Surprisingly, only Imperial College is ranked in the top 50 UK’s safest universities of what is known as the elite G5 universities. Therefore, G5 universities may be generally unsuitable for students to study from a security perspective.

4. Is It Safe to Study in a Red Brick university?

As can be seen from the rankings above, of the Red Brick universities,  only the University of Sheffield is ranked in the top 50 safest universities in UK , with the other universities ranked lower. This shows that red brick universities are generally not very safe.

Safety Advice for International Students in UK

1. Choose Safe Accommodation

Generally speaking, British universities will provide their own on-campus dormitories or off-campus student apartments. The school dormitories will be managed by specialized personnel on 24-hour duty. In case of accidents, you can get help by contacting the relevant management.

However, some institutions are unable to provide dormitories due to limited resources, or students may want to rent a room for their own reasons. If students want to rent a room outside school, it is more important to be safe. uhomes.com can provide you with high-quality rental services with a good source of housing. This platform can maximize the students’ safety if you rent rooms outside colleges.

2. Watch out for Property Security

Property safety is a large concern for international students. When studying in UK, beware of being robbed or having your cell phone stolen by speeders. Your personal belongings need extra care wherever you are. When traveling, you must take good care of your personal belongings and do not carry too many valuables or large amounts of cash. If you are carrying an open backpack or handbag, try not to put cash, passports, cell phones, and other important items in one place. Be vigilant when going to high-traffic areas.


3. Protect Yourself from Telecom Fraud

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that telecommunication fraud is widespread these days, which endangers students’ safety. Always remember that anyone who calls you to transfer money under any name should not be trusted, and you should not easily disclose your private information, especially if it involves a large amount of money.

4. Stay Connected with People around You

Keep in touch with family and friends, informing them about your whereabouts and plans. Utilise social media and communication apps responsibly to stay connected while maintaining privacy settings to protect your information. In addition, avoid walking alone late at night. Walk along busy streets or share a taxi with friends.

5. Understand UK Laws and Customs

Familiarise yourself with local laws and customs.  UK might have different laws from your home country, especially regarding alcohol consumption, drug use, and public behaviour. Respecting these laws can help you avoid unnecessary troubles. Pay attention, If you are in trouble, remember to protect yourself by applying local laws promptly.

Useful Numbers for Safety Issues in UK


The emergency number in the UK is 999, which is the police, fire and ambulance numberequivalent to 110, 119 and 120 in China.  This call is free, and you can ask for the police, fire brigade, ambulance, or coastguard. It’s essential to understand when and how to use this service to get immediate help when needed.


This number can be dialed if you or someone else needs urgent medical assistance that is not life-threatening.


This is the UK’s non-emergency police number, the non-emergency version of 999. You can call this number if there is a less urgent police situation around you.


If you want to study in UK, you can refer to the top 50 safest universities in UK in this text. Lastly, we would like to remind international students to choose a safe city and school to study in as much as possible, keep in mind the phone number of the local embassy when you arrive, try not to travel at night, and go out in a group as much as possible. Hope you all raise your safety awareness, stay away from danger, and complete your studies safely and smoothly.

FAQs on Safest Universities in UK

UK presents a landscape where safety, underpinned by a strong infrastructure, vigilant communities, and dedicated public services, allows the country’s cultural and historical wealth to shine brightly. Whether wandering the ancient streets of Edinburgh, exploring the bustling markets of London, or soaking in the serene beauty of the Lake District, doing so with an awareness of safety practices ensures these experiences remain as enriching and enjoyable as possible.

1. Elmbridge, Surrey

2. East Renfrewshire, Scotland

3. St Albans, Hertfordshire

4. Chiltern, Buckinghamshire

5. Rutland, East Midlands

1.University of Northampton

2.University of Manchester

3.University of Salford

4.University of Salford

5.Royal Northern College of Music

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