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2024 Guide To UK Broadband, Utilities And More

Many UK students are keen to rent off-campus accommodation. It’s convenient and cheap!

How to apply for broadband in the UK? How to turn on the utilities and pay the bills?

This guide will help you find out how to open an account for internet, water, electricity, gas and other services in the UK.


01 How Do I Switch On The Internet In The UK?

One of the problems many people face when living in the UK, if they are not renting a packaged bill house, is getting an internet connection for their home.

Many companies in the UK provide broadband services at home. Each says they have the fastest speed and the lowest price.

So, How Do You Choose The Right Broadband Network In The UK?

UK Broadband Network

1. Broadband Network Handling

There are three main ways to get broadband in the UK:

1) By telephone through the network operator’s customer service phone number

♦Call the phone number of each carrier.
♦Provide your address information to customer service.
♦The customer service will then activate your service and make payment.

2)Through the official website of the internet operator

♦Generally, on each operator’s website, you will be asked to enter your street address, zip code, and so on.

♦You will be asked to enter your street, postcode and other address information to determine whether the network covers your area.

♦If it is supported, you can choose a suitable Internet subscription. Usually, an Internet subscription is more favourable than a telephone subscription.

3) Physical shops of network operators

♦If there is a physical shop of the network operator near where you live, you can, of course, do it directly.

♦Over the counter broadband installation will be faster than online booking and telephone booking.

⌈Things To Know About UK Broadband Internet Installation⌉↓↓

♦All broadband internet installations must be booked on the official website or by phone. Usually, a staff member will come to your home to install it during 5-20 working days after the appointment.

♦Broadband installation over the counter will be faster than online and telephone booking.

♦Most broadband services are purchased for 12 months at a time. A 12-month contract will be signed with the subscriber. If you use the service for less than 12 months, the charges will be deducted according to the 12-month contract.

♦When the broadband service contract expires, you need to call the internet service provider to request termination of the service.

2. UK Broadband Charging Method

♦The cost of broadband in the UK = monthly broadband rental + monthly telephone line rental. Before choosing a service provider, you can compare a number of them.

There are often promotions, such as free supermarket cards, half or free broadband in the first few months, etc. Different providers have different monthly packages.

♦Different service providers have different types of monthly subscriptions. There are phone+broadband, phone+TV+broadband and so on.

Prices vary between packages, ranging from over ten to tens of pounds. Some packages will also have a traffic cap.

For example, BT has an Infinity package with a monthly traffic limit of 40G.

Of course, if you don’t download many films and music, you can choose a service with a traffic limit, and the price will be relatively cheap.

3. Money-saving Tips For Installing Broadband

1) Choosing Broadband Deals

Just like other businesses in the UK, broadband providers in the UK also offer discounts during various holidays. For example, Christmas, Black Friday, summer sales, etc. The discounts are very cheap at these times, so choose broadband deals. surely you can save a lot of money than usual.

2) Make good use of the Extrabux rebate network

Many of the major network operators in the UK have collocations with Extrabux rebate networks. For example, BT Broadband, Plusnet Broadband, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

Broadband installation also requires an appointment online or by phone. Usually, after receiving the appointment, the service provider will arrange for an engineer to come to your home for installation during 10-20 working days. Please be patient.

Broadband Installation

02 How Do I Pay My Utility Bills In The UK?

1. Electricity

The electricity supply company in the UK is not a monopoly, but there are many companies operating together. The services, prices and even coverage areas of each company are different. In the UK you need to pay your own fees, either by top-up or bank transfer or by annual or monthly subscription. Delayed or defaulted payments will count against your personal credit record, affecting future loans, etc.

UK Electricity Costs

2. Gas Bill

Gas rates are based on your house. Many houses don’t have gas and use electricity. Usually, big houses will have gas, so don’t worry about that. Many electricity companies provide gas, such as Southern Energy and British Gas; it will be much more convenient if you have gas at home. If you have gas, it will be more convenient, because if you rely on electricity to heat your house in winter, it will be a bit difficult, especially for big houses.

gas bill

Electricity & Gas Bill Opening & Payment Procedure

A. Selecting Suppliers

♦The most typical electricity companies in the UK are the Big Six, which are British Gas, EDF Energy, npower, E.ONUK, Scottish Power, and SSE. These companies cover the electricity and gas needs of 90% of the UK population.

♦But many smaller companies like OVO Energy, Good Energy, Ecotricity, LoCO2 Energy, Flow Energy, and Spark Energy are catching up. Prices and service can be reasonable, too.

♦Choosing a coal power company is not complicated. There is a website in the UK called uSwitch. By filling in the postcode of the address on this website, you will be able to see all the energy supply companies in the area. Then, fill in some information about the house, and the website will help the user to compare the prices and services of all the companies. Isn’t that convenient?

B. Open an Account

Anyone new to the UK will need to open their utility account. Once you have opened an account, your payments and arrears will be credited to your credit. If you fall behind on your payments, it will affect your loan.

C. Selection of Payment Method

      • Direct Debit 

      • Payment on Receipt of Bill

      • Prepayment Meter

D. Coal Meter Readings (READINGS)

      • With a valid bank account tied to the company, how does the company track monthly usage?
      • This requires uploading the meter readings on a monthly basis. So when opening an account, be sure to read the initial degree and fill it in to avoid inconvenience later.
      • Coal meters work on the same principle, reading from left to right and generally ignoring the final red digit.
      • If it turns out that there are two readings on our meter, then the house’s electricity bill involves Economy 7.

Electricity Meter


1. Economic 7.

♦There are many types of meters in the UK. If you see that your electricity meter has two rates, then congratulations, your house is a house with e 7. Between 12pm and 7 am your electricity bill can be 3 to 4 times cheaper, which is what we call a gradient rate in China. Then you can turn on the heating at night with an open mind and no guilt.

 economic 7

♦As shown in the picture above, this kind of meter usually has an electronic display. You take down two rates, usually the big one is the day rate and the small one is the night rate, if there is a big gear-shaped dial, it indicates your total electricity consumption. When submitting, you only need to submit the day and night rate separately.

2. Meter Reading:

♦This is very important for people who are moving to a new home. To reopen a new account or to change an account, you need to fill in the current meter numbers. If you are signing a contract with an agent, you need to check that the numbers on the contract and the meter are the same to avoid any subsequent disputes.

3. Estimated Bill:

♦Don’t trust these companies, they love to send you estimated bill that exaggerates the amount of electricity and gas you use. after you receive the bill, the first thing you should do is to see if it is estimated reading. if it is, immediately go to see the meter, take a copy of the numbers, call the coal and electricity supply company and tell them that you are reading.

♦Tell them about your reading and ask them to resend the bill. Anyway, make sure you know how much electricity you use at home, and don’t trust the company’s bill completely. Everything is based on the meter number and if the other party is wrong do whatever it takes to call and complain or get it back.

3. Water Bill

1). Open an Account

♦There are quite a few water companies in the UK, not as many as there are for electricity and gas. It is divided into different companies according to each region.

♦The procedure is that after you rent a house, you will receive a letter from the water company in your mailbox with an account number. You will be asked to call them to open an account in your name.

♦Don’t worry if you don’t receive the mail. There is a document in the purchase process that states the name of the water company that your house uses. Then google the company’s webpage and call them yourself, quoting the postcode and address. The person on the other end will give you your account number and also ask for your email address.

♦You will then receive an email from the water company, and you can set up your own password for your account, and an estimated amount to be deducted each month. You can set up your own password for the account and the estimated amount to be deducted each month, and link it to your own bank account for automatic debit. It must be a UK bank account.

2). Selecting a Water Company

♦Like electricity companies, there are many water companies in the UK and they are regional . Such as Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent, United Utilities, Southern Water, South West Water, Northumbrian, and Anglian Water.

♦You can also use the uSwitch website and enter your postcode to see what water companies are in your area. Overall though, there is no shortage of water in the UK and water bills are cheap, usually around £20-30 a month.

3). Water Meter Readings in the UK

Again, just read the black numbers and ignore the red ones. Note that a ring in the middle of the meter turns when you use water. If you don’t use water but the ring still turns, then you may have a water leak in your house and need to find someone to fix it.

4). Mode of Payment

♦Bank card transfers. Receive your bill every month and use your bank card to transfer the money by the final payment deadline. It can be a local account or an overseas account. However, there will be an international remittance fee for overseas account transfers;

♦Pay your bills at a convenience store. Look for a small supermarket or post office with a paypoint sign and bring the bill to the cashier, either in cash or by credit card, any credit card will do. However, they generally do not accept only UnionPay bank cards; they want visas and masters. payment end cashier will give you a voucher pinned to the bill, be sure to keep it properly.

♦Handle the withholding on behalf of the payment.

water bill

If you live in the UK, you must be familiar with paying utility bills, gas bills and broadband internet. There are also a variety of insurance premiums; medical knowledge also needs to be mastered in advance.

If You Are In Need, You May Want To Look At The Following Tips For Local Life In The UK.


Can I get broadband without a phone line?

In this forward-thinking era, we recognise the changing needs and modes of communication. Yes, you can get broadband without a phone line. Certain types of internet connections, such as fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and satellite broadband, don’t require a phone line. Many providers now offer exclusive broadband-only deals, acknowledging that the traditional landline is no longer central to our connectivity needs.

Is it costly to switch broadband providers?

Switching broadband providers is not only straightforward but also cost-effective. Most providers offer competitive switching services and may even cover any costs involved in the transition. 

How do I switch my energy supplier, and will it save me money?

Switching your energy supplier is a straightforward process that can potentially lead to significant savings on your bills. It simply requires a comparison of the current tariffs available in the market and selecting a new supplier that offers better rates or services. Rest assured, the suppliers themselves handle the switch, and there will be no interruption to your service.

Are there any incentives for using less gas?

Yes, there are various incentives for reducing your gas consumption. These range from lower utility bills to government schemes that reward energy-efficient homes with reduced tax rates or credits. By diminishing our gas consumption, we save money and contribute to environmental conservation.

What is the average cost of electricity per kWh in the UK?

In the vibrant tapestry that is the UK’s energy market, the average cost per kWh stands as a testament to the evolving economic landscape. Historically, households have seen this figure ebb and flow, generally hovering around 14 to 15 pence – though it’s always wise to consult your local supplier for the most current rate, as it can vary regionally and seasonally.

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