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University of Liverpool Library Guide

The school library is undoubtedly one of the best places for students to find information and study; a quiet and positive learning atmosphere helps us improve learning efficiency and develop good study habits. Note that you don’t need to make a reservation to study in the library! In this article, I will introduce the two main libraries of the University of Liverpool: Harold Cohen Library and Sydney Jones Library. Take a look!

Harold Cohen Library

Harold Cohen Library

Harold Cohen Library has a more historical and cultural heritage than Sydney Jones Library and a unique learning environment. It is located on the North Campus of the University of Liverpool; the specific address is Harold Cohen Library, Ashton Street Liverpool, L69 3GE.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

The library is open 24 hours a day. Still, the HCL help desk sometimes has different opening hours, so students should remember to check the latest timetable on the library’s website.

Floor Classification

(1) Entrance hall and lending counter: when students enter the library, they need to swipe in their student card or use the library code inside My Liverpool on their mobile phone to enter; there is an information desk on the ground floor as well as machines for borrowing and returning books.

(2) Study area: Each floor provides a quiet study environment for pupils, including individual study rooms, group study areas, wellbeing areas, etc. There are many comfortable seats and spaces, so you don’t have to fear not finding a seat.

(3) Thematic book area: If pupils need books and periodicals on specific subjects, the library floors will be classified and labelled accordingly, making it easy to find the necessary materials.

(4) Leisure area: There is a well-being area on the ground floor where students can relax.

Online Appointment

a. Go to the book a study space module on the University Library’s website to make a booking; choose the library, the area, the type of space to be booked, and the number of people the space can accommodate.

b. Select the time of use (green for available, red for unavailable, dark blue for the time you have booked) and click submit to submit. Click on the room to see the details.

c. After submitting, you must log in to your campus account to further confirm your booking and give you access requirements. Once the booking is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to the student’s campus email address.

d. Remember to use the check-in code in the email (received a few hours before the booking time) to check in when you arrive at the room. If you do not check in within half an hour of the booking time, the booking will be cancelled automatically.

Book Borrowing Process

Borrowing books is on the ground floor, and the process is very easy. Students must bring their student card and the campus code from the My Liverpool app to the self-service machine. If they encounter any difficulties, they can consult the staff next to them.

Sydney Jones Library

sydney jones library

Sydney Jones Library is modern, with new infrastructure and mostly open and bright spaces. It is located at the University of Liverpool’s South Campus, specifically at Chatham St, Liverpool, L7 7BD.

Floor Classification

There are two floors in total, plus a basement level; the basement level is mainly for group study areas, the ground level is primarily for infrastructure, open study areas and machine rooms, while the first two floors are for some quiet study rooms.

(1) Lower Ground Floor

a. Group Study Room: There are discussion tables for 3-4 people, and you can connect your computer to the screen; reservation is required. Many computers and study tables are areas where you can discuss out loud.

b. Archaeology Library: An area dedicated to archaeological books and journals, with a silent study area and printer.

(2) Ground Floor

a. Reception: You will need a student card or My Liverpool app campus code to enter the library.

b. Help Desk: Any questions can be directed to the Help Desk, which is open weekdays 9 am-9:30 pm and weekends 12 pm-5 pm.

c. Lapsafes: Laptops can be borrowed free of charge for up to 4 hours at a time but can only be used in the library.

d. Self-Service Borrowing: Students can borrow books or magazines from the library on a self-service basis, which requires a student card or a campus code from the My Liverpool app.

e. Click and Collect: If you would like to reserve library printed materials, you can use this service to collect them from this area by checking out the ‘Get it for me’ module on the library website mentioned above.

f. Social Study Area: This is an open study area with round discussion tables and individual study tables with dividers, which do not need to be reserved.

g. PC Area: This is the largest centralised computer area in the library. Reservations are required, and there are two printers.

Online Reservation

– Library Pod (single)

– Study Room (multi-person)

a. Quiet Study Room (1-2 persons)
b. Silent Study Room (1-2 people)
c. KnowHow Group Study Room (up to 6 people)
d. Abercromby Study Room (up to 8 people)

– Group Study Table (multiple people)
a. Abercromby Wing Lower Ground-Group Study Table (max four people)
b. Abercromby Wing 2nd Floor-Group Study Table (max six people)

Borrowing Guide

(1) Borrowing process

Take the book you want to borrow, use the self-lending machine on Level G and follow the instructions (student card required)

(2) One-time loan amount per person

Undergraduate students – 20 books

Graduate students – 30 books


The walk-in access service (Guest PC) is available at the Harold Cohen and Sydney Jones Library during staffed hours. Once you are a registered Member of the Public, you can use this service upon production of your library card. To use this service, please see the Help Desk in either library.

Two main libraries are the Sydney Jones Library and Harold Cohen Library.

It has three campuses: The main campus and the Leahurst campus

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